6 in 1 Energy Meter Testing and Setup

Adequate let’s do quick scan for my new bundle this is 12v solenoid valve and 6 in 1 ac meter this is the 12v solenoid valve the place is the negative and optimistic adequate that is coil handiest and there is no polarity let’s do speedy scan, resistance we now have 38.8 ohms there is not any polarity sorry for my dirty arms motive of my printer strainer the plastic quilt is damaged that’s pleased with me this is 430 php and this one is around 500 personal home page ac energy meter 220 volts it has no current sensor how can we test this however i have different vigour meter that’s why i purchase for the reason that this is damaged it was once mounted in my sun this is the photograph when it’s working it has vigour but flickering so i have a current sensor this is virtually the equal however this one has no frequency and energy aspect but they’re each logging that’s one just right feature that’s damaged when it can be hooked up on my sunlight setup on my Inverter I used it to watch how so much i used or converted 220 volts it is like a watt meter i purchase this to interchange my broken one this one is you ought to push set to roll to the opposite price like current or present this one displays it all and has a backlight I believe in poor health will use it on my tutorials then sick buy once more for my sunlight setup i’ll double assess my order if it has a current sensor cause this one is more cost effective than other marketers that is most effective 500 personal home page other seller has around 700 php however what is the sense if it has no present sensor i just checked it from the vendor there may be fairly no current transformer that is why it’s more cost-effective however the others have that is the wiring diagram number 1, three and four are simplest utilized in his manual we are able to see it has an alternative of a hundred amperes wiring it have a present transformer on terminals 1 and a pair of this one is our setup if we haven’t any present transformer but considering that i’ve a broken one who has a current transformer we are able to scan this which will wire the 100 amperes score but i’m now not definite if it’s suitable if we assess the percentthey’re one of a kind i’ll put link on the outline the place to buy and the opposite person who has a present transformer that i am anticipating but it surely’s my dangerous let’s experiment this and put energy now we now have the plug on terminal three and four let’s plug it we have 60Hz and 221 volts ac voltage on multimeter let’s assess the outlet voltage we now have a small difference let’s put some load that has no present transformer now it’s wired the burden is in terminal 1 and four the energy wire continues to be in terminal three and 4 the light socket has no bulb but let’s plug it with watt meter so we can assess the difference adequate we now have a 1.4 watts consumption on watt meter that 1.Four is the burden (6 in 1 ac meter) if we check the specs it has lower than 1 watt i has over 1 watt let’s put some load this is a 13w led bulb 14.2 watts on watt meter thirteen.Forty seven it has a small difference ok rationale we now have a additional wattage 1.Four thirteen.4 + 1.Four 14.Eight 0.06A a hundred and twenty milliAmps this is 60 milliAmps let’s assess it with clamp meter ac present 2 Ampere variety simply put on one line of the light 600 milliAmps I imply 60 milliAmps identical with the 6 in 1 meter cause this a hundred and twenty milliAmps already detected the 6 in 1 meter the standby present of this we have a eighty three milliamps that’s the burden of watt meter let’s try the 9 watts led too adequate it has equal studying .49 49 milliamps 0.05 is 50 milliamps on watt meter is one hundred milliamps purpose it is studying the 6 in 1 meter if i put off this clamp meter is zero and right here wattage 8w here 7.Fifty four now let’s test with this present transformer this is the 2nd setup i already wired the present transformer the present transformer from my other meter I wired it in terminal 1 and a couple of the plug continues to be in terminal three and 4 I separated the load as a way to see if the studying healthy with the wattmeter and this is the load one line is on the current transformer that is the bulb socket bulb one wire then plug this might be handiest plugged on watt meter the watt meter can’t detect this the consumption of 6 in 1 meter now we plugged the weight trough watt meter no studying that is our setup with current transformer probably it’s since of impartial i’ll are attempting the other orientation still no studying my vigour has no impartial (line to line) probably it’s since the current transformer will not be suitable the current transformer of this that’s simplest four in 1 let’s try it when linked to one another now this setup is there are all connected this is the wire of the load going to bulb socket where the current transformer is and then the neutral is on the opposite wire of the burden then our plug continues to be on terminal three and 4 current transformer is on 1 and a couple of let’s energized it again if this still not work it quite means that it is not compatible cause first i did not comply with the diagram iv’e wanted to separate the circuit but i suppose that setup must work we nonetheless have no studying that means the present transformer just isn’t suitable however the 20 amps ranking in our first setup the 20 ampere ranking is ample it’s high enough we will see this in future initiatives let’s check the setup i wired it like before the primary mounted where the burden is in four and 1 our plug is on 3 and 4 let’s plug it once more let’s are attempting the setup (settings) it has just one button click ones the backlight will flip off/on one among it is just right function is data logging even supposing we unplug it however this one shouldn’t be but verified on my older one is logging we will use it as a submeter and it may be reset just push the button for five seconds and this one has a feature overload vigor the wattage will blink just push the button for 2 seconds there four.4kw we do nothing it will go to the following digit itself as per handbook it did not let’s are attempting again now it’s blinking, to move to the subsequent digit we have got to push 2 seconds once more there you go that is in kw value thousand watts now the over energy is ready to zero watts and the watts is blinking it can be handiest blinking nothing extra if we reset the whole kw 5 seconds there it is reset when blink let’s put it with 10kw we just do nothing and it will return the blink has gone, the over energy is about to 10kw that,s the only feature then the rush button is just one and it has no guarantee so purchase at your possess danger for me the one with present transformer is better why? Reason it can be safer to wire yes the 20 Ampere is ample but when we used it to outlet or our most important’s line for monitoring of wattage so we can use thicker wire the disadvantage is the small connectors but if now we have a current transformer it can be simpler to wire like my sunlight setup that is it i’ll put link on the video description where i buy this and the other one that includes current transformer thanks for looking at where we used this in a mission

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