Tesla Model Y Durability Test – Off Roading on Arctic ICE?!

[Music] so correct now i’m headed to a ballistic army base within the middle of Alaska with two gorgeous tesla model wives behind me this is one of the coldest areas in the us and is the place Tesla does most of their cold-weather checking out this morning it was once poor 20 degrees we’re gonna be dissecting the engineering behind these model clever and see what makes them handle so well in extreme temperatures we will see what lasts longer in the cold me or the cars this video isn’t sponsored i’m one of the vital first folks outside of Tesla to take a seat within the driver’s seat however with a purpose to try this I needed to come out here to the core of nowhere and it has been very valued at it let’s get started [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] so it can be tough to visually appreciate how cold it’s I’ve never performed this before however this is a cup of boiling water let’s have a look at what occurs back up just a little bit and it simply immediately turns into a giant cloud of steam that is how bloodless it’s right now so Tesla’s made this hill with an inch thick pad of ice in the middle which makes it possible for two unique surfaces for the card travel uphill on two tires will likely be on the snowy cement and two tires will probably be on the ice patch most cars on the whole would not be in a position to manage this let’s have a look at what happens with the mannequin why coming up the hill full stop on the ice now pay shut awareness to those two side tires they may be gonna begin to slip at the start however then the auto is intelligent adequate to grasp to switch the torque from the slipping tires into the other tires at the same time at the same time applying the brakes to the tires which might be slipping and it makes it possible for a significantly better control over the torque you could name it traction manage so right now we’re doing an off-road path there’s no asphalt beneath this snow this is simply pure p.C. Snow using with an electrical auto to this point we’re doing beautiful excellent going 20 miles an hour we can feel that traction control kick in i am gonna go up around this blue I consider like i’m very in manipulate of the auto correct now adore it does do what I wanted to at least one factor that is seen between driving this and using my truck is that I suppose like there is just a little bit more responsiveness like as soon as I tell it to make the flip it doesn’t put on with my truck once I’m riding I need to like preemptively turn considering I know it’s gonna take a second for the rest of the truck to register what I desired to do however with this one it’s pretty instantaneous I think my biggest takeaway from this is that the on the spot torque at the same time most people feel that it can be exceptional for velocity it’s even higher in terms of like problematic instances where you want the car to like right and be risk-free and in snow that instant torque may be very usefully utilized so in the back of me i have a model Y and a model three the largest change between the 2 of direction is the scale the variety is roughly equal between the 2 both over 300 miles these are the engineering automobiles we’ve been riding around for the final couple days and that i believe it is the time to take a more in-depth seem on the inside and what makes them both special I are not able to suppose anything earlier than we get into the significant stuff probably the most refined enhancements that I fairly like in regards to the model Y you know they fortify each and every variant as they as they make them is the door handles the door manage remains to be the equal you understand use your thumb and prop it up but if there is ever numerous ice that is overlaying the door typically the door handles can get frozen and this time round that you would be able to press the door control and spoil the ice on either side so it makes it easier to get inside plus the charging port is now heated on the mannequin Y and ice won’t kind around the charging port so throughout the mannequin Y one of the vital largest questions i have is about the cargo area inside so this special vehicle has the five seats but they do have an choice for yet another 7 seats in the back right here in the cargo area the backlash is powered comes up by using itself and going to be shut from the inside and then this seat can fold down as good and when each seats are laid down that you may nearly carry it again right here relatively effectively so i am about six ft tall and i will certainly sleep in the back of my car with the again hatch open there’s sixty six cubic toes of storage inside and if we go round here to the entrance that’s where it looks most just like the mannequin three it has the same 15 inch show and style of the same interior as mannequin 3 there is just extra space extra space basically it has the identical dealing with as the model three like the quickness and the agility but it has more traits of an SUV better experience peak extra head clearance and simply extra space for hobbies throughout the vehicle the mannequin Y is also currently the one Tesla with this exact off-road mode but with Tesla perpetually doing over-the-air updates who is aware of if that characteristic we handed on to different vehicles I anticipate the cyber truck will also have off-street mode however we are going to must look ahead to that overview to discover now so far as experience peak goes we’re gonna determine exactly the difference between the 2 so measuring the ground clearance how’s the mannequin Y appears like we now have roughly seven inches three it is roughly 5 and a half of so there’s an inch and a half of extra floor clearance on the mannequin Y and the bottom clearance is most important if you are going off-street or driving in snow coming around to the again of the model Y and this rectangle plate right right here pops out for a tow hitch and along with all those physical facets it has the normal you know sensors all around the external the autopilot and the whole thing else that Tesla is legendary for [Music] the designated concoction of vigour inside a Tesla is made of batteries the whole thing is electric and as we know batteries don’t work very well in cold temperatures Tesla’s have a detailed capability to warmth and funky the huge battery underneath their automobiles to hold it at that comfortable temperature we’ve easily been driving round in temperatures less warm than a family freezer for 2 days and as you can see the cars are doing just first-class they quite imply like stable blocks of ice so one of the vital principal things to have when riding in severe weather conditions like this is just right tires the 2nd principal thing is traction control now the improvement that electrical cars like this model whi have over gas-powered cars is that the torque is instantaneous gasoline-powered cars most effective have one motor even as this electric model Y has two and let me provide an explanation for why that’s a benefit so i am with the Tesla engineers right now and this is one of their development automobiles which allows for us to show off the motors in my opinion so for educational functions we’re gonna see what occurs in a rear-wheel pressure car and a entrance-wheel force automobile the natural water Y is have traction manage enabled at all times but we became off the entrance motor turned off traction manage and this is what happens in a rear-wheel drive when I speed up the rear of the car simply spins out automatically and we do a full like donut which is rather enjoyable if you are seeking to spend donuts deliberately but not when you are trying to be a safe driver so now we now have the rear motor turned off and simply the front motor engaged and we can see what it is like using a entrance-wheel drive car and not using a traction control and so once I slam on the gasoline or the acceleration I have no turning capabilities the car is solely moving in a straight line which also is not tremendous trustworthy if you’re on public roads so that they can see that the vehicle reacts in a different way relying on which motors engaged however when now we have both motors going even as the computer within the automobile is intelligent ample to cautiously distribute the energy between the entrance and the rear to hold the cars capable and going the path you want it to the whole time and on top of that the auto is ready to interrupt each and every of the wheels personally slow it down and discontinue it from spinning so you will have even more control it can be a specific combo of hardware and program that to this point we’ve got only obvious in Tesla’s if you’re riding a gasoline-powered car and you go pedal to the floor it takes a minute for it to accelerating however with the Tesla or an electrical automobile that acceleration is instantaneous and that identical coronary heart-stopping acceleration characteristic that individuals think is so fun is the same function that is retaining everyone nontoxic in these extreme climate conditions so this might all look like fun and video games but there is truly a ton of testing and information elements and engineering occurring behind the scenes information that they may be gathering from the car even as these assessments are being carried out truly we’re looking to inflict a lifetime’s valued at of stress on these engineering cars so we know how so much they can handle and how well they can live to tell the tale one cool thing about Tesla is they have over one million cars on the street proper now and every a type of vehicles is supplying distinct information aspects at all times that Tesla can analyze and use to create a greater fleet of cars someday or enhance the automobiles they have got now over-the-air updates aren’t simply cute matters like romance mode or video video games on the core screen they can include variety increases efficiency increases software fixes just about each a part of the vehicle will also be managed via application and will also be adjusted over-the-air absolutely not every Tesla proprietor is going to be pushing their auto and doing donuts on ice circles like we are however you want to understand that Tesla has engineered for success in these severe environments so regardless of the way you appear at it there’s a limited supply of recycled dinosaurs available in the market however an unlimited give of solar wind and you recognize renewable electrical energy and as we can see the mannequin Y handles just first-rate in cold weather i would say it handed the sturdiness experiment should you loved this video supply it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and thanks ton for staring at we are going to see you around

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