Brian Cox visits the world’s biggest vacuum | Human Universe – BBC

This is Nasa’s house energy facility near Cleveland, Ohio, and it is the world’s largest vacuum chamber it’s used to scan spacecraft in the stipulations of outer area and It does that through pumping out the 30 plenty of air on this chamber until they’re about 2 grams left This I’ve bought an eccentric building. Which is part of this historical past it used to be constructed within the Nineteen Sixties as a nuclear scan facility to experiment nuclear Propulsion techniques and That meant that they built it out of our [mininum] to make the radiation easier to care for aluminium just isn’t the best thing the strongest material to build a vacuum chamber out of so that they built out a Concrete skin which is a part radiation shielding and part an external strain vessel so this thing can take The drive that is gift on the outside when it’s pumped out to the stipulations of outer area Galileo’s scan was easy he took a heavy [object] and the sunshine one And drop them while to see which fell fastest Now in this case the feathers fell to the ground at a slower rate [than] the bowling ball on account that of air resistance So so as to see the proper nature of gravity we must eliminate the air It takes three hours to pump out the 800 thousand cubic toes of air from the chamber We drop to millet or in the final 30 minutes, however once it’s complete.There is a near-ultimate vacuum inside 6104 guide 10 percentage [orbit] Station One go for [Drive] PCB 30-1 pressure set point at 240 PSI. We’re go for drop and 9 eight seven six 5 four cameras on two one liberate Yeah, seem at that. They got here down exactly this precisely, not gonna silent precisely only a feathers. Don’t move nothing seem at that. That’s just extraordinary Isaac Newton would say that the ball and the feather fall seeing that there is a drive pulling them down gravity What einstein imagined the scene very otherwise? The happiest proposal of his lifestyles used to be this: the purpose the bowling ball feather fall together is when you consider that they’re not……Falling they’re standing still there is no drive appearing on them at all He reasoned that should you couldn’t see the again gravity There’d be no manner of realizing that the ball and the feathers have been being accelerated toward the Earth So he concluded: They weren’t.

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