Driver vs. Driver 2: Judge Testing

Let me get the Magnus. I am a fade player,I lined this up and i believe like i’m gonna draw it. Simply the looks of it it’sreally square to me. It can be not that it does not match my eye, but i love how itcomes off the face. Excellent feel incidentally, the suppose is robust. You really hopethat they like your Driver considering you know they may be the judges, they are the headhonchos. Recall I sent Tim through You didn’t consult together with your fellow judges. And hitting it JR, what is the sound like on that? You know, i am no longer you know i am no longer a huge fan of the sound i like something a bit of bitmore stable.I know each club is hole, but I don’t need it to sound hollow, thatsounds hollow to me. It can be high-quality to have him hit it and complicated to not knowwhat exactly, his ideas are anxious of direction. Unless you’veactually hit it yourself you are no longer rather sure the suggestions.Is it true? I’m gonna in reality hit it one of the vital preferred picks: Cortex. Wow that is pounded Rick. That sound to me is the sound. That is what you’re looking for? That’s the absolute sound for what Ineed it to be. I was once joyful with what I think I saw by way of the video. I’m gonnahit the Launch Pad. My one question once more after I keep enthusiastic about that like ata golf save or in a retail environment, how are you gonna call out all of thattechnology, "under the hood" as we now have been pronouncing? I’ve invariably questioned whetherthis hood is gonna pop off. I am gonna try to make it pop off. It sounded such as you did! Sounded terrible. You do not want something for your intellect when you are hitting a golf ball, but that is gonnastick in my mind. That one scarred you? That scarred me.There may be nothing to do but attempt to readtheir body language to investigate if they’re digging it or now not, and a part of medidn’t even need to take a look at to take a wager at any of that..

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