Mesa II Longbow Review and Testing

3Rivers Archery Your Longbow and Recurve professionals hello, i’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery. In these days, we’re going over the brand new Mesa II Longbow. This is a 60-inch longbow so it’s extrashort. Particularly just right for the bow hunter and people looking for prime efficiency. Just being 60 inches it is going to be higher in the woods for shooting or if you happen to really need to get all of the performance which you could out of limbs. Specifically at a 28 – 29 inch draw this is able to be a first-class bow for you. It is a a hybrid design where it is obtained a lot of reflex and Deflex developed into it.What that implies is when it can be unstrung the limbs no longer straight. Like a typical sort longbow. It’s received numerous curve to it. Although when it is strung up, it is nonetheless competent to keep the long bow profile of the place the string would not touch the belly of the bow. So this is a quality watching bow. Uses, sorry, chestnut brown action wooden Which exceptional thing with action wooden is you get numerous grain pattern there. So relatively excellent colours to it. Fine maple accent strip there. Yet another part where this bow rather "americaquot; the performance degree.Is it has bamboo and a carbon core. So there’s a strip of carbon that goes the entire means. Carbon is pleasant for stability of the limb and make sure that it can be working collectively so that you up your efficiency. After which bamboo, it can be mild and it snaps again fast. So you are quite gonna get some just right speed out of this. It is kind of a medium grip to it. Now, with the title Mesa 2, it takes from where the Mesa used to be still maintains a bit of the profile, however slims it down somewhat bit. You do not need the large locator gripthat you have got on the commonplace Mesa. Nonetheless feels rather good in hand when you’re drawing. And then black glass to keep the fee down, and have a excellent appear for these mainly watching to hunt with it. Additionally, up in the efficiency of being shorter and adding that carbon and bamboo. Compared to the historic Mesa. So! Talking of performance. We’re gonna go up on the variety and put it by way of the capturing desktop and notice how it does.Ok, I’ve got the Mesa 2 strapped into the capturing machine right here. We got our chronograph about 6 feet roughly difference from the back of the bow. I’ve received, it’s a 50 pound bow. It can be a 7.5-inch brace height. I’ve checked it. It is drawing exactly at 28" 50 kilos of an designated, on the laptop right here, 28 inch draw. I have two arrows. One weighing 500 grains. One weighing 400 grains. So to represent a 10 grains per pound, like a looking weight, and eight grains per pound, like a target weight.I’m excited to peer how she shoots. Let’s get to it. First shot 181 (toes per second) 2d shot. Duplicate 181 (ft per second) 0.33 shot. 182 (ft per 2nd) alright, with the searching weight arrow we’re watching at 181 – 182 (toes per 2d). Excellent stable performance out of the bow. Let’s are trying the eight grains per pound (of pull). First shot. 198 (feet per second) second shot. Reproduction 198 (feet per 2nd). 0.33 shot. Reproduction 198 (ft per second) again okay, 198 (fps) all three times. Stable efficiency. That is what you get with having carbon in the limbs keeps thoselimbs working to their very best efficiency to it working together. So getting excellent consistency out of the bow. 198 is pretty darn rapid. Alright. Lovely bow.High-quality shooting bow. Rough to ask for more. Thanks for looking at. In case you have any feedback, please comment below. We are going to be joyful to answer them. For those who appreciated the video please hit the like button. For those who quite loved the video, please hit that share button to share to share with friends and loved ones. I am Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery. Thanks for looking at..

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