Fizzy Fruit | Kitchen Science Testing #2

– have you ever desired totaste a fizzy strawberry, a carbonated grape or evena tongue-tangling yoghourt? Well hopefully in these days I’mgonna show you ways, hopefully. Good day every person, hope you are good. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, its Barry. That is the 2nd video in the kitchen science testing playlist. Should you overlooked the snake factor that I made, check that out after this video. Some comments on that, notonly used to be it about well being and safeguard, don’t worry, I’ve upgraded. There is no bare flame today and i’ve bought some respectable gloves. Additionally you guys suggestedsomething referred to as fizzy fruit and we try thattoday for 2 motives, one since it appears brilliant. There’s a video thatyou guys pointed me to from persons known as ChefSteps. Potent channel, determine it out. Go have slightly gandersand extra importantly, was once this Halloween I ordered some dry ice. I wanted to do a cauldron factor. It failed to arrive in time. It can be arrived now so we’regonna do some fizzy stuff.Fizzy fun. (exhaling deeply) looks cool, don’t it? See? Intentionally dangerous ice pun. All right, i will show you whatever. When dry ice melts, itdoes some thing specific to typical ice and i’m notthe smartest device within the field. I didn’t do very wellat science at institution. Which in some way makes me theperfect host for this, proper? When typical ice melts itturns to water, as you already know.When dry ice melts,as a result the cauldron factor I wanted to do, it turnsto CO2, carbon dioxide. So it is like what’s infizzy drinks, sincerely. So this spoon is honestly,that is cold, right? It is particularly bloodless in herebut this is warm compared to dry ice, which isactually minus 70 degrees. Thus my gloves. I don’t know if that you can seethe smoke coming off of that. They are without a doubt dancinga little bit on the spoon. It is like the Riverdance, spoon model.So by using placing this into some water, you get a beautiful cool effectand that was once in actual fact what I used to be trying to do with the cauldron. (dry ice effervescent) I’ve type of made apoor-man’s cauldron, correct? So what’s taking place israther than it melting, that is, wooo, I believe like a witch! Aah! (laughing) it is carbon dioxide. One factor I do not know, if I. (inhaling deeply) Nah, I used to be gonna see i’d burp rather a lot, but, it appears beautiful cool.Oh my gosh, (laughing) is that cool, Rob? – [Rob] that is cool. – Rob’s looking at, going, I’mglad he is obtained the gloves on. Appear at that! (dry ice bubbling) – [Rob] it can be instantly iced up on the spoon. – Yeah. That’s proper Doc Brown withthe DeLorean, right there. Holy shmoly. All right, the gasoline has obtained to stay in there, ‘intent that’s what’sgonna give it the fizz. I’m now not gonna inform you about the whole thing I’ve bought on the board butbasically, to make this work, you desire a high water content meals. So on this board right here, as you can see, there’s some that aren’tgonna capture you by using shock but in addition just a few quirkyones like applesauce. I think that is gonna be effective. We now have received some ice lollies. Now not gonna be rocket science if it works and likewise yoghourt, which surprises me. It has a high water content material,so it can be got a high milk content so certainly there is water in milk.Let’s do it. Here’s a groovy box that I’ve bought off Amazon for a very, very affordable sum of money. Now i do not feel thislid is gonna do a lot but it doesn’t matter. We are going to come on to that in only a few minutes. Let’s get it off. Without doubt this is designedfor like a cool box, preserving your meals cool. The dry ice is gonna be quite a bit cooler than what regularly goes in right here. I do not know how so much so as to add. I am simply gonna make my possess cauldron. Clearly quilt the bottom. Frightening factor is, now i can’tactually see the backside. (giggling) Aaah! Little bit extra for just right success.So we don’t want the fruit, wow that mist is bloodless, youngster! We do not need the fruittouching the ice straight, in any other case it is going to in general cling to it and do nasty things. So we now have put down a tea towel. I’m gonna take my gloves off, ‘purpose i’m feeling sort of protected now and the fruit is gonna go in. Gonna nestle the sauce inthere and the yoghourt.I’m gonna are trying find somewhere where it could possibly, do you know? Type of like on the sand and you place your deck chair in there? That is form of bizarre. Pineapple slices. It is cold in there. Celery. I suppose i am simply gonna get inventive and just chuck the restin and the ice lollies. (laughing) that is so bizarre. Proper, let’s get that sealed up. Lid goes on, apparently, and even with the high-priced,Amazon-stimulated locking device, it’s definitely not sealed sufficient. ‘intent these gases can seep out, k? So we need to fairly seal them in. You guys know how terribleI am with grasp movie. I’m gonna wrap this,not simply around there, lots of instances, everywhere. So i’m going to be certain i’m going to do it carefully, so i do not spill me yoghourt. It right is falling out. If you’ve ever wonderedwhat it’s like to obtain a birthday or Christmas present from me, that is ordinarilly it. (laughter) close to wrapping Rob’s fingers to it. (laughing) – this is gonna lookawkward on digicam, is not it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah.(laughter) – Oh, that gap in thebottom of it is cold! – Is it rather? – Yeah! Now you’ve acquired it. – This is like a fairly badversion of the scene from Ghost. (laughter) Gotta quite, yeah,that is pretty just right, man. Do not consider much gonna escape from that. (Barry huffing) here we have now it and asI showed you prior with the water and thedry ice moving into there, the gas, that’s basicallyhappening right in right here and the one manner it could possibly relatively go, it appears, is into our fruit. So we’re simply gonna depart this in a single day and spot what happens and i’m gonna take this wig off for the tasty bit. See you day after today! Ouch! (poultry crowing) Oh, morning guys. I am excited. I am now not gonna lie, I ain’tbothering about the wig. It can be no longer about that today. I am so excited to open this. I’m now not carrying my gloves on account that i’m actuallybooked-marked a recipe that is developing nextweek, a new playlist.Expectantly you’ll be able to be excited for that. As we left final night,the fuel or some air, might be, just a giant air bubblewas bulging out of this and Rob and i type of had this feeling. We have been like, is this gonna explode? Is that sincerely the CO2 escaping? We’re no longer like, burping. So expectantly it’s nonetheless in there. I am in most cases particularly excited. So let’s open this up. For those who guys have loved the video, remember to subscribefor commonplace recipes and meals enjoyable and of courseif you just like the science test stuff, let me comprehend down below any cool ones that you already know. We would have sincerely doneour own selfmade dry ice. I style of avoided that. I failed to understand when you guys wanted to look it but, being in England,it can be fairly difficult to get it. So possibly I could exhibit you learn how to get it, and this is rather high priced. So, any ideas, let me recognize. It is now not cold. It is like, it’s warm.I do not, you gotta see this Rob. I don’t know, I cannot workit out if it is labored or no longer. Well the ice is gone. I believe it’s worked, ? – The. – The yoghourts like– – They appear weird. They look extraordinary.- They appear bizarre. – They look extraordinary. (coughing) – Oh my gosh, there is stilla little bit of fuel in there, but all of the ice has goneand it’s, it’s touchable. So, Rob, come have a bit appear. We are going to peruse earlier than we get it out. – [Rob] That appears frozen. – [Barry] Yeah, that is relatively bloodless. – [Rob] extraordinary. – [Barry] The yoghourt is like, curdled. I have no idea if the yoghourthas taken all of the, considering that’s like, that is rock-difficult. – [Rob] Is that rock-difficult? – Yeah.- It appears rock tough.- [Barry] It doesn’t lookfrozen although, does it, as much. So i guess, oh seem, what’shappened to the lolly? It is kind of– – Disintegrated.- Disintegrated. – [Rob] It died. – And this other one’s contracted. I dunno. I hope this has worked. (upbeat music) Oh my god. That is like consuming a SodaStream. (laughter) – Ahhh! Oh, that’s bought it. That’s relatively got it. – These are going to taste grape. – Mmmm. – Yeah, it’s type of.- rather fizzy, it tastes a bit of like gardens. – it’s made them sweeter, however it’s like yeah, sweet gardens. Yeah, sweet gardens. – this is literally all Ihave left of the ice lolly. Oh wow.That is blimmin’ amazing. (sproinging sms tone) Woo! (laughter) – Whoa! That is in there, that’s in there. – Oh my god.- Whoa. (discontented groaning) – So robust. – That tastes like fizzy mud. – it can be the weirdest dessert ever. – An totally limp piece of celery that a person’s already had a bite of. – I already like celery, anyway. – Yeah, you set a bitof ice lolly with it. (laughter) it can be like summer time. – I hate cucumber. – Oh, that’s bloodless. That is actually solid. Oh. – that is disgusting. I can’t eat it. – Some fizzy applesauce. Oh, hoh hoh, that’s in reality relatively excellent. It can be rather just right. It kind of like, and once more,it is love it makes it into some kind of pudding or some thing. – Ooh, that’s fine. That is changed into like apple sherbet. – i’m gonna have a huge spoonful. – Mmm. That’d be really exceptional with ice cream. – Yeah. – it is simply bloodless stuff. – it can be very cold. – Wow, believe I might go to the dentist to get my teeth checked,’cause that’s, howdy, whoa. – Strawberry. Ah, that is quality. That is, I feel that’s the fizziest one, for me to this point.Once more, it would not tastelike strawberry anymore. It’s like completely anything else, but yeah, that’s quite exciting. – that you could believe it is gonna be fizzy. It feels humorous, do not it? – they’re, um. – Feels all– – Squidgy. So cold. – it’s like eating a cactus. – Wow that strawberry is likeeating a stinging nettle. It would not even taste excellent, so it can be taken the entire strawberryness out of it and simply shoved it filled with carbon dioxide. – Would you like a blueberry? – thanks.They seem utterly natural. Wow. – Cool, yeah. – So fizzy. I admire that.- You get successful afterwards. – it’s bizarre, it can be weird but it works. Looks adore it’s bought frostbite. Smells like cheese butlet’s try the yoghourt. Oh excellent gosh. Urgh! It can be like eating fizzy baby food. – something left? Would you love to try the yoghourt or now not? – well I dunno in case you wanna are attempting a little bit of this sweet ice lolly. (laughter) Mmm, i like ice lollies. – Thanks for watching then, guys. I am hoping you loved the video. Bear in mind to determine outthat sugar snake video, if you haven’t visible it already. If you happen to do try this, in all seriousness, please, please watch out. It is rather dangerousstuff but it’s very fun. So, i will see you next time.

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