Hard use testing: Lionsteel SR-1

Hi all! Tough Use checking out of a Lionsteel SR-1 knife This knife is a little used; I’ve carried out slicing assessments with it It was re-sharpened but it’s in an perfect leading edge is at 20 degrees per part it is extremely strong angle And on the whole, when you inquire from me, SR-1 looks like an tremendously robust knife I are not able to name it as "cutter", it’s real "pry-bar" knife and i believe it must be confirmed As I stated, I re-sharpened it myself and it is very sharp Doing push cut on entire aspect length start with cable No injury on a cutting edge This knife has one peculiarity.It can be most aggressive cutting part of the threshold is at this curve. I have no idea why but it cuts tremendous aggressively with this part. Good, proceed with a can i want to exhibit you something seem on the hole that it makes because of a colossal blade width, it is rather hard to maneuver during this circular reduce besides that you could notice that something is going down with a coating It comes off. It isn’t a metallic particles from a can it’s the coating that comes off involving the innovative leading edge is chipped off just a little obvious chipping check the paracord No push cut This entire field chipped off sudden for a D2 steel by and large i’m hoping it can be seen now i suspect that this D2 is hardened around 60HRC so i guess these chips are expected habits. Move to shaving of aluminum I believe it is going to be enough let’s examine. Some stays of aluminum particles right here commonly, the chips don’t seem to be improved No degradation detected Chipping stayed on the identical stage.I used to be afraid that they might end up higher but no… Well, moving to a more intriguing part – lock trying out we have now an aluminum body lock here, with a metal insert on 2 screws And of direction Italian "Rotoblock" turn it on five backbone whacks first It folded I had a feeling that it folded… But how? It is unusual… No. Adequate. Now it’s for definite adequate, i’m going to count that’s did not folded at first strike How is that occurred Rotoblock bought some deformation I have no idea if it would be obvious but it has been lifted this way You see, at correct now that tenon is not propping the frame consequently a knife will customarily maintain folding now Yea, it folds effectively Very unusual outcome of rotoblock behavior I didn’t expected that at all Let’s are attempting strikes on a entrance side Folded thrice you recognize, honestly I anticipated extra from it the one just right thing here is that the body itself hasn’t bent or damaged It just slips off the lockface And a rotoblock is vain, it just swings freely there incidentally, blade is loosened we now have a blade play, which you could hear it hence i will be able to push the frame to the reverse side I believe it may be eliminated by tightening a pivot screw Yea, body action is much less now ok, the whole lot concerning the lock is obvious.Might be better. Knife remains to be realistic. The thought of body being held in grip continues to be working as a result let’s transfer to a tip trying out Punching of galvanized metal zero.8mm here it is quality. D2 works because it should fine habits, obviously no damage at a tip good, relocating to a 1.0mm galvanized metallic I must word that even at 0.8mm it was very hard to surely punch by way of And on 1.0mm it’s clear. Lionsteel hits are right here, here, right here and here i.E. It didn’t punched by means of, only a rough hit The leading edge on a tip is chipped a bit of Small field of about 2mm chipped off it’s evidently obvious now total if we seem from a backbone, we nonetheless have a tip, have some thing to penetrate with. Let’s are attempting 1.0mm stainless steel I hesitated a little bit earlier than hitting my hammer by contrast glass breaker What we have now on tip? The tip is thoroughly quality No degradation and it is entertaining it is left precisely as it was once after hitting 1mm galvanized metallic good.Next – wooden choosing Knife is folding in my palms it’s not good here is is locked and right here it is unlocked we now have a hole. It can be a primary thing Tip is in quality condition. No problems. No blade bending not unhealthy perhaps it is something that will have to be checked finally, what has occurred to this rotoblock i’m so curious to peer what occurred there but this handle is one-piece construction and cannot be disassembled. However i have a torx screwdriver so let’s attempt to take a look Sorry for pausing the scan right here is how it looks like from inside of Nothing damaged on an aluminum The rotoblock itself is also appears undamaged however some thing occurred here strange. Well, he have more intriguing matters Couple extra tests subsequent now we have a slicing Knife developed very massive vertical blade play seem at this! Deformation of aluminum going on there within. This stop pin began to crush the aluminum.There is a some style of excrescence How should I exhibit it… Right here it’s! Stop pin has moved from its position And one can find that it is crooked relative to a handle itself Screw goes straight and the pin itself is like this regrettably this is style of injury that can not be repaired via user on the grounds that the essential handle building was once affected good, and finish as continuously with batoning Lock stopped functioning body simply ceased to move on a lockface it’s difficult to work when a blade swings freely good… Batoning hasn’t destroyed this knife totally. That is good. But more issues regarded. Problems with a lock. Frame is weakened very much and the manage jam from earlier test is a serious harm for this knife intriguing that rotoblock now began to keep the frame, I can’t open it.But i do not realize what happened to it for the period of batoning If I tighten the rotoblocks screw in a closed function… Anything nonetheless occurs and it fails you’ll find injury on a body from the within right here Let’s check the remainder sharpness Italians make a first-class D2, I knew it It is not going to do a push reduce of course No push cut, handiest a commonplace chopping but total cutting edge is in working condition So i will say a couple of words to summarize My tripod has damaged, everything breaks at present 😉 Undoubted plus is that a knife remained in one piece did not fell aside everybody end up very sensible after the test, including myself 😉 but i will say that despite having all must haves to go this experiment flawlessly i.E.The control and a blade look very difficult here, frame with rotoblock, minimal screws all this gave the impression very impressive however still I had some doubt that i couldn’t eliminate i could not wager on it and say that i am definite that it will be good With all of the expertise from prior exams I cannot say that however deep within I used to be hoping that it’s going to participate in good A outcomes is commonly under my expectations. I expected a better outcomes. However you noticed what this knife can withstand Rotoblock upset me. It is tightened now Let’s unscrew it slightly Disappointment. It broke literally on a primary hit and that i believe that aluminum construction hasn’t proved itself on such knife it’s good for EDC.I.E. To squeeze a "pry-bar" knife to a pocket knives section it’s good enough. However you see the trade-off It used to be for building toughness both poor and positive hundreds on a blade stop pin is moved from it is situation The body itself is simply kind of weak I do not know, perhaps it can be bent back These screws are untightened hence metal insert is moved from it is situation If we tighten the screws it would be fixed however overall result…Knife is in a single piece. I should notice that a blade itself here is solely best steel, warmth-therapy, behavior, geometry nothing intent censures right here All claims are boiled right down to control And that is the outcome we have now received i’m hoping it was once intriguing to you Thanks for watching, see you, bye bye Accidents almost always happen in the course of the difficult Use checks but if knife breakage is some thing relatively expected this time something unexpected occurred, I don’t know if any individual noticed it or not around the finish of batoning, some muscle cramped on my again it was once insanely painful so if I groaned an excessive amount of, now you recognize why 🙂 Now i am good enough, did some stretching I took the knife apart and wish to exhibit a couple of exciting things to you related to the washers there are numerous complaints about sturdiness of teflon washers And here you will discover that washer deformed a little bit under hundreds however overall it didn’t misplaced its kind and residences The second washer also has a mark here however total it isn’t whatever that may have an impact on knife performance certainly taking to consideration, which loads it took If it’s a exceptional teflon.I feel that if different knives use thinner or scale back fine material, it’ll affect next, on a lockface we can see damage here on the edge i can say that it’s chipped And thus if we look at the metal insert it is usually lapped up Blade left some severe harm on it you will see how it crushed i have anything to claim about each and every element of this knife now Pivot screw is deformed I believe it may be noticed visually no longer a tough deformation, i.E. It hasn’t affected the screw-thread on within the screw twists till the top conveniently but a sleeve itself is not straight stop pin is undamaged however aluminum deformation on the inside can also be observed very good What led to skewedness of this pin And final factor is concerning the rotoblock I failed to figured out in the beginning about its construction Nothing damaged right here this sort of enamel is moving throughout the cutout and one goes over the frame Like this however the hindrance is in a spot that rotoblock is hooked up on Pay concentration how so much it’s weakened The metallic itself is far thinner than here this cutout weakens the construction very a lot Tiny isthmus here and this is the one what’s left hence in a second that body pushes again, it simply with no trouble bends this You see how it’s bent upwards accordingly in spite of rotoblock being on prime of the frame, it stood too much high And of direction it hasn’t fixated nothing I want to exhibit you rotoblock deformation when entirely assembled appear the way it bent this way as a consequence of direction it stopped functioning but it’s apparent that this thin aluminum simply can not withstood decent drive therefore obvious challenge right here i hope that titanium rotoblocks are made higher that’s all, now you noticed the whole thing What it could possibly do and what no longer, the place are its weaknesses I suppose it can be an awfully demonstrative difficult Use that is all, i’m hoping it used to be exciting thanks for looking at, see you, bye bye After assembly we’ve got a knife that appears pretty useful i.E.It can be opened, closed, cut some thing with it however unluckily a lock stopped conserving the blade rotoblock is vain And an extraordinarily gigantic irremovable vertical blade play that’s all, see you, bye bye.

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