ELECTRIC FAN REPAIR PART 2 | Thermal Fuse Installation and Testing After Repair

What’s up guys one excellent morning, noon or night to you masters i’m back once more the return of master dorbus to proceed the mission we left in the past considering we haven’t any thermal fuse that is why we are unable to continue this but now on the grounds that it can be my break day let’s do this and the thermal fuse I ordered already arrived here that is too many I’ve ordered lots to utilize the delivery price to save money that is how we are Filipino form so earlier than that allow’s drink espresso first it is scorching All proper join me in doing this we’re gonna install the thermal fuse but earlier than that permit me introduced myself first there you go masters earlier than we set up the thermal fuse i’ll exhibit you once more the way to assess the thermal fuse in view that in my earlier video now not very noticeable have got to be clearly obvious on which you can comply with easily that is why I already made these two wires with alligator clips on both ends in order that we will without difficulty clip here in the prongs of the plug correct now there isn’t a fuse open i’ll just show you so that you’ve proposal there guys to examine we need to set to the ohmmeter on account that we gonna examine a resistance must be pointing here here with the ohm symbol then let’s clip to at least one prong there you go already entangled then on the opposite one anywhere considering that it is resistance there is no polarity then the opposite one here to make it quick then on the other prong of the plug i will show you right here it is already connected there then the other one need to be once we press this we should learn a resistance let’s investigate there nothing open open also there open so later after we set up we examine it once more for you to see the the difference so let’s there you go masters let’s set up the thermal fuse now however before that lets it first to ensure it is ok to check that, it need to be continuity continuity experiment let’s decide upon once more to the ohmmeter to determine the continuity it wishes to be right here have to be pointing here given that that is for checking the resistance diode continuity and capacitor so must be the symbol is like this continuity there complex to place let’s just keep it guys tricky to position let’s just hold it there it means adequate good sign all right, let’s set up it now I’ve discovered whatever right here to tie it up here i’m now not sure if it is going to work or no longer let’s try it then that is obvious or else considering the fact that it is gonna blow it can be quite difficult to relaxed seeing that it’s already brittle let’s just try it out masters there isn’t any damage in trying there you go guys we’ve got already tied up but i don’t seem to trust it it’s loosening we would not have this form of strap there you go let’s attempt to use cable ties instead here we go guys, let’s bring together but earlier than that considering that we already opened this let’s smooth it that’s it guys we already assembled again so that is it the moment of reality let’s tape it right here to see if it quite spins let’s plug it in so are you in a position guys hope it works here we go! Number one quantity two and number three Bingo! So let’s install again it can be fan blade and make it fly let’s turn it off first earlier than we set up again its paraphernalias I close to forgot let’s determine once more if what it appears like having a excellent thermal fuse here lets set again to ohmmeter resistance meter let’s connect it once more the alligator clips There! Then at the plug’s prong as earlier than this one guys nevermind it can be for earth impartial there you go grasp like that, let’s maintain this one the multimeter let’s do the resistance investigate number one there you go master the reading is like that if the thermal fuse is ok you must be reading a resistance number two there you go and quantity three so like that guys, if like that it means the thermal fuse is fine so o.K. Masters let’s assemble back it’s paraphernalias, the fan blade of the electrical fan adequate guys let’s smooth this up, too so there you go master i can’t connect the blade first considering the lock right here in front is missing in view that i am now not the one opened it so I have no idea the place that lock went what issues is we’ve got enabled this you see tips on how to investigate the thermal fuse folks who have under no circumstances watched part 1 of this the link is at the description under on how we troubleshoot if how we learned that the challenge is the thermal fuse so i am hoping you discovered something howsoever so All proper then remember to subscribe my channel and click the bell button to get notified if i’ve newly uploaded videos so, as much as this factor goodbye

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