Barbie Car Turbo #2 Testing and Driving on the Oregon Coast 4K

[Music] exactly a more cost-effective and like potentially less pleasant pump however it has a maximum stress score of a hundred psi that one’s designed to drift three.7 gallons a minute and i don’t know what its maximum pressure ranking is however when seeking to flow three.7 gallons a minute by way of all these tiny passageways it cannot handle it and shuts off that is rated for 4 liters a minute so so much much less so long as it maintains flowing and doesn’t shut off it must be a lot of float for the turbo that came with a bunch of bizarre i know if I was once looking at that like relatively bizarre super low cost like what the heck we got the purple handles which would typically mean constructive on a inexperienced wire and black handles which might more often than not imply bad on a red wire so we’re kind of guessing that that is confident right here this is constructive i am gonna go together with the color on the clam ok so crimson going with most individuals are gonna look at so we’re going with a inexperienced wire is optimistic [Music] [Applause] that seemed like something explode there’s our point of failure mobilephone a hundred psi pump with the two despatched attachment yeah it sounds as if so the very first community to respect grind difficult plumbing corporation in the channel was once the redneck engineering reddit so in appropriate redneck engineering fashion does this rely so we obtained the right dimension nut that fits the banjo bolt welding it to the nut that fits the pump exactly it can be gonna be excellent it is gonna be ideal step one to scan your oil pump heat up oil not a endorsed procedure good day that’s just right that is beautiful just right [Music] Barbies on jack stands we bought new oil thinner oil completed the dumped pipe and we bought the new oil pump which stays on and works well so yeah works significantly better oh yeah and on the plus side additionally it is lighter by a stroll yeah much smaller less energy draw seems a cheaper crappier pump was once absolutely higher who would’ve thunk it can be equipped for a uh ready for a test run [Music] so correct now we’re gonna take it out on the driveway for a few laps and see if she’s capable to rock and roll then we’re headed to the Oregon coast and it is going to be ridiculous good the oil coolers working as a minimum yeah sizzling contact it way it manner sizzling oil circulating by way of it so far as i can inform though it is not no longer fast at all as in like like slower than it was when it rolls a lot slower than it used to be before definite it might be wrong so that is what it seems like so on the initial power neither of us would hear whatever spooling so maybe it’s simply because the exhaust we’re gonna pop the exhaust off and notice if it can be nonetheless spooling yeah I imply perhaps I must take it for a lap without the exhaust maybe that dumped Heights too restrictive yeah [Music] haha this sounds a technique cooler with out the exhaust oh yeah it was the exhaust phase the entire change man I failed to I idea that pipe was once relatively decent in dimension however i suppose now not is it faster than it was once Wow on dirt who knows however i assume I have got to make a better dump pipe day after today quite a lot of time on that one yeah and it appears super dope final-minute adjustments earlier than we hit the coast the Barbie automobiles on three ton jack stands right now i don’t think they are quite strong ample yeah if it falls out on you it’ll typically kill you yeah so the dump pipe on the barbie automobile is too restrictive and we do not have a entire lot of wider pipes so we already threw away the relaxation of the exhaust from the Tacoma but I believe it can be gonna be the perfect size so i am simply gonna reduce a bit out of what’s nonetheless there and we’ll use that to make the brand new dump plate yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all correct well i’m Steve heseok we’re at Sand Lake in Oregon and that is the 300cc drifty Trek thing go see what it does the Sam [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you received it however yeah it’s strolling like quick due to the fact that I acquired water in the air filter I believe [Applause] all right Barbie turbo simply isn’t working for us Ethan switching it over to n/a correct now and confidently it works confidently we failed to do some thing too unhealthy to the engine however we’re about to find out you’re so defeated now you’re so stone [Music] [Applause] this is hilarious that is my favourite part for it on for crime here I feel you are gonna be the primary individual i’ll gladly pepper well genuine grind difficult trend we’re completed when all of the toys are damaged i suppose so the rapid used to be now not successful I mean it used to be continuously an scan and that used to be the factor used to be have fun and spot if we could do it it did not work it ran all proper for a minute it failed to fairly have any extra vigor but then it began blowing oil and just you understand i do not are aware of it’s it doesn’t have a water jacket on it also you’re sucking fuel through the rapid that’s as a rule dissolving one of the crucial oil and sucking it into the engine and maybe messing up the seals it’s not best nevertheless it was once a fun scan yeah and we bought some ingredients for something else precisely truck so that is excellent in these days was excellent I imply loopy stuff like this it doesn’t at all times work however [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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