Testing The Orbeez Spa

Welcome to just right mythical more or beasts hiya let’s assess our voicemail love our voicemail yeah check the woods I just desired to say that hire you are no longer that tall i am six foot nine and that i was six seven your top way again when I was in excessive institution so but I throw a bit little bit of coloration from the balcony I was like in the woods and like how over right here thanks Man Oh Luke come on over man visit me in LA we are able to hold Luke is quite low-key what do not don’t think dangerous about no longer being as tall as him man it’s now not it can be nothing you understand what will cheer you up i will be able to get surgical procedure i’m gonna give you your own Orbeez beard you obtained you these are Orbeez branded spa or novelty objects we’re gonna test all of them out but first we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna chop our beards good beard is just too huge for me so it is a Orbeez hand spa literally it is branded with the aid of Orbeez how a lot is this piece of crap price 20 bucks what a buck man um to listen to it slice me go into the Oh uh-uh you are bouncing so much this one’s for you Luke you know how much we paid for that just 60 cents go away it you gonna go away the leisure oh yeah it can be gonna slowly trickle here chop me let me get him whoa about that i’m gonna offer you why do not we let him have scissors Oh homie we’re fairly gonna ought to squeeze to get more however we received all these toys and this is what we’re planning oh I’ve bursted it on my own myself oh yeah Wow all proper now I bought it somebody on my shirt right here so let’s I imply we obtained these stress balls right here good to begin with this these are throughout my condominium we set the mood cut reduce it reduce your lamps on oh I obtained away will we hit the spa music please where’s the button visit they promote this and assume persons to like does it work and we’ve acquired the meets stick your hand within the factor seem at it appear seem oh thanks my thing you are not supposed to place this factor in Orbeez as a way to then put your hand within the Orbeez right your your beard is still connected to your hair i do know Stevie oh I inspiration that your hair is see you later at this factor you couldn’t feel earlier a exact factor I mean this guy’s $20 significantly my arms too giant I imply i’d be tempted to take this dwelling and let landau play with it cuz he loves this orbit crap however I simply don’t need orbit even more over he is all over my flooring of every i’m announcing I believe that was so this is reducible this one is extra bison being here well this that is that’s a that is sufficient no no that is that is four fingers that is 4 ft but no that one’s four ft is it the identical one I was once speaking when this was exceeded to me I at all times inform this they’re both four feet so I notion it was the 2 ft right here but what while you turn it on it it circulates the Orbeez on top of your feet how a lot does this rate $30 you and your mango footwear wait it can be just about like edible well why do not you try all of it correct you’re taking mine off i do not consider you must put it I believe it purported to be a ground degree [Music] i am just gonna get with one foot [Music] oh yeah [Music] now this sincerely does feel better than the thing with the hand but there is nothing there’s now not really much massage I mean for those who wiggle your toes there may be style of like a massaging sensation I love it Oh we’re like the bully man when the P go away [Applause] [Music] yeah yeah yeah yeah put your hand down there if which you can get it no do not hit it seize him howdy let me use these scissors I gotta or be caught in my ear guys you understand what it will dissolve over time appear at this you thought this was once just a bowl of water oh there may be multiple it can be clear Oh Nanak its approach in there freaking or be in my ear you know the way you get Orbeez out it can be just like glue you’ve it is like gum pit critically you received to stick one other orbit to grab that one buddy a person get it yeah i’m going to suck it up and now don’t suck too difficult i’m serious okay good day hey i’m serious now I obtained it there is no or be stuck in there i’m gonna get it man i’m gonna keep i am like a health practitioner flip this off flip this off i’m gonna keep this why are you gonna get wait let him appear for your ear yeah Lucy do you see it go or be in there yeah what I don’t know if it is good news or dangerous news but I don’t see an or P I swear to you there may be an or B in there all right location this or B position this straw change seats cuz I wish to change these place this straw on the or B whilst you get it satisfactory and secured i will suck on it but gently i’m not gonna suck your ear out i am form of scared so there’s nothing to be worried about you’ve gotten a straw caught in your ear and your pleasant neighbors about a sucker all proper yeah in the event you suck too hard you could choke it might be particularly bad if like either i am gonna go down i’m not in any danger man i am no longer the one who will have to be involved i am involved about me too k now don’t push on the straw it’s no longer gently now ooh oh you why did you blow I did not blow did you blow sucked man you’re crazy see it felt such as you blew I sucked [Laughter] blow is out suck you see I sucked man i am sucking i am sus where i am sucking i’m best sucking on that bellowing it felt love it fairly felt adore it was once blowing no and i consider you made just right content I consider there was once a seal for a second however you acquired to jumpy what does it style like wise’s okay get it get it onto the orbit do not do not do not speak into the straw i’m no longer you’re yelling into the rattling powerful air if you are gonna speak talk that weight and use a whisper hey yeah i am just trying to help you man let your physician help for those who simply let a person support you it could be okay good i am slightly frazzled did you hear the noise I made it whistle what no no no no no don’t don’t try this suck once more what do you hear that noise yeah it is your did you in there it seems like that loud let me i do know let me explain what’s taking place that is coming in contact with the or B and i am sucking and that’s making a noise like a reed it can be now not me i am now not making noise good let Stevie like channel identification no I rather don’t see some thing it is deep what color is are you definite we must go someplace no I suppose the orbit simply dissolves over time good what if I similar to go into a sauna I think I consider it is going to end up a part of your physique if I simply power to the desolate tract with like this desiccated I feel it ultimately simply becomes a part of your by way of physique I imply you understand how those children got Orbeez in their ears proper now thousands correct now what in the event you proper now well should you gave me like give me a cotton swab would prefer some tremendous glue on the top of it no dry out and get smaller fall out a couple days from now a couple of days from now and you’ll simply be jogging along what I virtually I do consider it got here out but it felt adore it used to be nonetheless in there like talk to me whisper something to me it sounded muffled however I actually I clearly believe I idea one flew out and that i inspiration there was a second one and now that i am like sitting right here i’m now not panicking yeah oh you think like there’s no orbit all right so that you might take one more one down okay alright I think i am just right oh just right however I desired you to believe that I suppose that you’d feel was that I used to be just a excellent father but what I relatively wanted you to consider used to be that uh he’s a fairly just right photographer

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