Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #3 (TEST)

– What happens while you puturine via a water filter? – Let’s speak about that. (upbeat digital music) excellent mythical summer. – we are goin’ on tour.- Yeah. – Get tickets to peer usin Indianapolis, Omaha, Milwaukee, Detroit, and extra. Go to rhettandlinklive.Com. – yes, now we have now had plenty of enjoyable striking non-water components by way of a water filter and you realize what? That good has not run dry.- Nope. – So we gone do it again. It is time for placing things in matters, water filter model phase three. – Yeah, just like thelast time we did this, we are going to be using the Zerowaterpitcher, now not a sponsor. – sure, here we sit on theborder of uncharted territory. Slightly below this filterlies untapped discovery. I think our lives would beabout to be transformed perpetually. – Let’s faucet it. – espresso filters make coffeebut what kind of coffee does a water filter make? Okay, we now have received death wish espresso, which is self proclaimed asthe world’s strongest espresso.Let’s filter it. – Do you consider they callit a Zerowater filter because we’re placing zerowater by means of this thing at present? – [Rhett] almost certainly. – They do it in particular for us. Nice sluggish even pour. Exceptional job, Rhett. That is why i am your pal.- I obtained a lotta. – ‘purpose you are a good pourer. – i am such a excellent pourer. – All correct, it’s alreadystarting to filter a bit bit however lets wait and get the entire outcomes. Filtering entire. So let’s pour this out after which evaluate it to an unfiltered espresso. – [Rhett] So I’ve obtained the unfiltered right here. – [Link] it’s still dark, but. – radically, it’s actuallykind of hard to tell on digicam however looking down in thetop right here, it is lighter. I’d say.- but demise, i assume loss of life wish espresso.- a couple of colorings lighter. – Is a horny dark espresso. – Let’s do that first earlier than we try the unfiltered dying wish.Tepid temperature, notoverwhelmingly powerful, nutty, that’s a nutty espresso. – i would not, i wouldn’t. Oh, that is warmer. – good, yeah, I think this thing, this filter, oh yeah, itabsorbed a variety of the heat so if you are one of those individuals that is like, "i’ve toadd a few ice cubes "to my espresso." – just put it by way of a water filter. – just put it by means of a water filter.- It made it weak espresso, man. Style it back to again. – that is, that is somestrong friggin’ coffee. – It made it, I suppose itmade it standard coffee. I think what it did is itmade it usual espresso. – It made it tepid, regular espresso. So should you have been simply gonnaput tepid commonplace coffee through a water filter, that’d be stupid. – Who knows what’ll occur? So which you can purchase theworld’s strongest espresso and turn it into common espresso, or which you can simply purchase general espresso. The alternative is yours. – And that you would be able to write united states of america letter and thank us. – do that anyway. – Pickle juice is like agothic clown orchestra, it ain’t for everybody. However can pickling, can pickling? We’re no longer gonna pickleit, we’re gonna filter it. Can filtering pickle juice,or pickling filter juice, make it more greatly appealing.Did you see how I with ease did that? – Piltering, piltering,we’re gonna pilter this. It is whilst you filter pickles. And you realize what, simply throwall the pickles in there. They is not going to go by way of. – Oh yeah, that’s a just right thought. Yeah, appear at that. Pickle dropper. We’re a bunch of pickle droppers. All proper, throw the lid on there. It is startin’ to filterand we just take a seat back and let it do the work. – What if a pickle gets by means of? Now, tremendously, onepickle did get through. Look at that, squeezedright by way of the filter. – Yeah it did. – I put that one in there, hyperlink. – i know you did, I used to be right here for that. – k, oh, all of the otherpickles are nonetheless up right here. – Yeah, you already know what, you do not ought to, I did that, you don’t need to do this. – it can be made adequate.- We do this whenever.- okay, here we go. So this is the filteredpickle juice we’re preparin’. The piltered juice. Well, they seem very similar. They both seem like Mello Yello. – Yeah they do. – So we wanna drink thefiltered first, right? And then transfer to the robust one. – you adore pickle juice on the whole, proper? – that’s not pickle juice, my friend. – No.- maintain on, gimme the pickle juice. – What? – It took the vinegar out. It took all the tang outta pickle juice however none of the seem. It looks exactly the equal. Now that you could play that pickle juice prank that you have been wantin’to play on uncle Phil. – you realize what it’s? It is cucumber water.- Oh, like at the fancy eating places. – on the spas, at the fancy spa. It can be, taste it. Don’t use your eyes, ’causethat’s what you do in the spa. – i will be able to additionally shut them. – They put, like, coldtowels over your eyes. – It tastes like ancient cucumber water but it surely does taste like cucumber water. – are you aware how theymake cucumber water? You do now.- well, now you do. So again, you could go to aspa and get the actual thing or which you can put picklejuice in a water filter. – And you are able to do asketch and mail it to us. – Thanking us. You ever been drinkin’ a margarita and inspiration, "i would like to runthis via a water filter."? Us neither.So let’s do it. Havin’ difficulty? – it is difficult to pluck the lid off. – i am gonna do a fast dump.- ok. There it is. – [Rhett] Get the salt in there. – Oh, yeah, just right suggestion. Wait, don’t, don’t do it on the aspect, do it down within the thing. There ya go. – [Rhett] Let’s put thewhole glass by means of. – don’t. Okay, so we are going to use that afterwards and now we wait. And it can be filtered. All correct.- Pour. – And i will pour. Oh, we’ve got already obtained the. – [Rhett] Oh wow. – [Link] seem at that. – [Rhett] Oh wow, it took something out. I do not know if it wasthe marg or the arita but it surely took a part of it out. – I believe it simply. – taste, taste and notice. – Did it turn out to be vodka? – You no likey?- No, I find it irresistible. I’ll put it to you this fashion, everybody in the Mexican restaurant is gonna be very upset.- proper, it’s like youtook all of the fun out of it. Is there alcohol on this? – I believe there’s somealcohol left in it. Is that how you say it? Let’s do that. – I honest don’t know what that’s. And i’m havin’ a rough time rememberin’ what happened once we put wine via it. After we put wine via, did it make it tastes less alcoholic? – it can be, it’s like heat vodka. – it can be like there was a celebration.- it is tequila, i assume. – after which the following morning, an individual left their margarita glass that had a lotta iceout and you were like, "good, i am thirsty." – Yeah, this is not enjoyable.I believe what we did waswe turned a margarita right into a agua not so fresca. So, if you wanna do that, then write us a letter and thank us. – correct. – In that brief little momentthat title card was up, we bought a bit nail filing. I love your thumb.- i like your thumb. – It looks so blue on the nail vicinity. – okay, so we’re gonna actuallyput nail polish remover, the strong kind. – Yeah, extremely powerfulCutex care, seeing that 1911. – With acetone or with out acetone? – folks been, I do not know, man. It is best print. – [Rhett] it’s poison, man. – it is fingernail poison. Yeah, look at that. Boy, that is some strongsmellin’ junk, man. – ok, you will see that, proper off the bat, that is cloudy.- what’s that? – and likewise it either put some stuff on, I feel it took one of the most plastic out. – So I poured the, simply the usual, and we did detect that this ninety eight% acetone.I’ve already poured it right here and look at how so much cloudier that is. – it is cloudy and it is somewhat bubbly. – Now, so, simply as a whole comparison, i am going to wash mine off. I am gonna remove the nailpolish, i assume they are saying, and, growth, there it is. – [Rhett] Get a few of this. – As you can see, utterly smooth, back to hyperlink thumbnail conclude. – ok, here’s the filtered. Ah, nothing. – Rub it man. – i am rubbin’ it dog. I am rubbin’ it so rough. – It deflowered the nail polish remover. – No, no, no, that is now not the right time period. It destabilized it. – It uneffectifized it.- yes. It made it, whoa, now it’s dripping on me.Oh gosh. It is no longer potent. So, you realize what? I am just gonna paint the leisure of my nails and have a time of my existence. – for those who wanna play a prankon your next manicurist, convey in a water filter,after which write us a letter ‘reason we wanna hear the way it goes. – sure, ’cause we deserve it. What, there comesa time in each episode the place you should put gloves on. – We’re at that second.- that time has come considering the fact that i’m holding a hundred percentpure meat fed coyote urine.That is what it says on the again. What else would coyotes consume? – I did not understand that coyote. – i like ’em broccoli fed. Okay, if I pop the top.- A coyote urinate meat. – this stuff is to, youknow, like mark boundaries and preserve predators out. It smells horrible, so get capable. Every body in here is acquired masks on. – well, it does not preserve predators out, it simulates a predatorand continues rodents out. – [Rhett] What about predatory rodents? – Oh gosh it is dark. This need to be meat fed urine. – This guy desires to drink more water. – k, so, keep about half of of it. – I wanna have some saved, so, all proper. There ya go. (disgusted exclamations) Did it get ya? – it is like bad pancake syrup. – Oh, when it hits you, man. I am no longer even a rat, ugh. – k, it has taken alot longer to reach at this dark puddle of madnessthat we have at the backside here, however it’s in the end filtered. And it’s finely filtered. So, i’m gonna do this in entrance of you.- i’m gonna do the fashioned. Gosh. – Oh, it is, whoa, it one way or the other appears darker. How did it get darker aftergoing via the filter? Yeah, I believe it broughtsome of the charcoal with it. – what, the charcoal, it took the charcoal with it. – It made it so indignant in there that it sucked the life out of it. – i’m simply really cautious now not, I just don’t want it to spill on me. – Oh gosh, ok. Now, i know what you are thinkin’ and of direction we’re not gonna drink it. – We’re, we’re now not, do not fear. We’re not gonna drink it. – however we do need to odor it. But we must smell inthe chem lab 101 means, and that is by wafting. – Yeah, however you should bringit away from the real one. – ok, so that is the real thing. – You wanna double waft? – Oh no, that is the filtered one.- The waft brothers. – Yeah, let’s do the waft brothers. Hm, now not dangerous. – k, k, I acquired it. Ok, it is bad. It can be unpleasant but.- it’s no longer unhealthy. – it is no longer that unhealthy. It is now not as dangerous because it would be. – it is now not dangerous in any respect. – that is more than wafting, brother. – i am just right, i am excellent with this. – All correct, here is thereal, actual waft brothers.(disgusted grunts) – it is, I imply, it makesa dramatic difference. So if you’re a rodent, a pest, or some other sort ofvermin that needs to move via gardens in my yard, then convey the sort of with you, and filter that coyote urine. – Now, you’re gonnahave to talk the coyote into peeing directly into that, which is gonna be difficult. However, you place some of that meat in there, these a hundred% pure meat fedcoyotes will probably be everywhere it. – that is true and what? Whilst you do it, write us a letter and let us know the way it went. – that’s proper.- And thank us.- Yeah, and thank youfor liking, commenting, and subscribing. – you recognize what time it is. – i am Sara.- i am Lucas. – we’re from Portugal.- And we are at the beach. And it’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality.- The wheel of mythicality. – Emphasis on at the seashore. Click the highest hyperlink towatch us play snipper clips in just right mythical more.- And to discover where the wheel ofmythicality’s gonna land. – [Narrator] fine matters are available in pairs. Get the LTAT mug and teenow at mythical.Store..

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