Hard use testing: Zero Tolerance 550

Hello all! Hard Use checking out of Zero Tolerance 550 knife A knife used to be despatched to me through my viewer from Russia mainly for this it’s a bit used, no longer brand new however in ultimate condition and with none issues I sharpened the threshold retaining manufacturing facility attitude it is pretty sharp now good, what else can i say earlier than we begin… Mannequin 550 is probably my favorite from the whole ZT line, nonetheless I have no idea how it’ll perform finally Blade steel is S35VN and it is the first time that we’ll test this metal so difficult Very interesting… Sharpness determine effectively push cuts the paracord And we from cable reducing I cannot say it’s easy. Blade going through lovely rough I must put all my weight to do a push cut cutting edge without any problems moving to some thing more severe – opening a can Very effortless. Very-very handy i don’t even be aware of what to say however it went by means of this will so quite simply like no different knife I’ve proven earlier than. But cutting edge has some stupid parts reflecting light.Here. Investigate on paracord There are still areas that can do a push cutting but these are areas that weren’t working hard on a can. Damaged areas are not push reduce on paracord Shaving of aluminum handle on this knife is comfy as a result it is beautiful effortless to work with it i can take off significant pieces of aluminum It used to be excellent on aluminum, I favored it And no harm on a leading edge, the whole lot is exceptional good, relocating to a anything even more exciting – lock tests body-lock. Frame is going lovely deep and shutting the knife excellent we’ll see… 5 backbone whacks i’m going to maintain the frame with my finger as it is designed and put additional stress on it like this body simply pushed my finger away… Fascinating… Exciting. But now I held the spring robust it hasn’t moved and no any deformation. I even amazed sure.It’s maintaining very-very strongly here are marks on wood Now hit with a front aspect five strikes and excellent result. Body is caught very strongly there but i don’t see it as an hindrance Blade is headquartered the whole lot works pleasant. Wow, that is very cool it is most commonly the satisfactory lock yet we are going to relocating to a tip tests start from zero.8mm galvanized metallic I even did a couple more strikes however tip is most likely undamaged No deformation in any respect good enough, move to 1.0mm galvanized steel 5 punches and i do not see any problems. Tip is undamaged. Good, moving to 1.0mm stainless steel Two strikes pay attention, i like this S35VN very a lot Working properly, tip is unbroken. I don’t see any dulling and even the very apex of the tip is left undamaged just robust well, let’s do some timber deciding on there is a gap I checking if there is no bending on a blade but judging on a blade centering, everything is thoroughly first-class This ZT550…I would not have phrases… The whole thing is exceptional, tip is undamaged and straight it is rather impressive good, move to chopping I don’t know what to say… Obviously no blade play, zero. Just chopped by means of this wood that’s how deeply it entered into a timber it is only left to check the batoning it is just slicing via this timber… No deformation on a lock Blade is fully nice Let’s verify the remaining sharpness… It effectively slicing through paracord. This means that a knife has fully working sharpness.For some type of wood shaving…No problems in any respect Let’s try push reduce With somewhat cutting motion it goes via simplest cuts a little bit with a pure push reduce it is simply some thing unreal in most cases I repair knives after a rough Use exams I sharpen them, take them apart, bend anything, and straighten them up but Zero Tolerance 550 would not want any of that It did the entire duties and remained within the equal might be only some dulling, you will discover a gentle reflection in some spots however total, the influence is simply mighty particularly i have never anticipated such efficiency from a frame lock I constantly regarded that it has weaknesses like right here within the cutout however now we see that if a frame lock is done proper, look how far it can be going against the lockface It holds very-very strongly and it is particularly problematic to bend it No batoning nor other strikes…And overall Zero Tolerance….Even no Zero Tolerance however this precise mannequin confirmed that it has a right to be called a "Tactical Knife", "hard-use folder" or any of these names This knife means all this Blade is centered frame goes rather less but going deeper in the course of hundreds, that you would be able to hear this sound Blade flies like at the beginning, just amazing I don’t know what to assert, it is a new favourite, new leader swiftly, S35VN worked fine and nil Tolerance proved that not for nothing they do such significant folding knives It wouldn’t happen of path without Rick Hinderer I consider not all knives, even from ZT are capable to perform the equal however 550 is solely tremendous. That’s all, i hope it was fascinating to you Thanks for looking at, see you bye bye I wanted to show you whatever more This hammer used to be new after I took it for this test It just cracked from powerful strikes this is to make it easier to recognize how difficult I was once smashing to this knife It just cracked And anything more so as to add I recounted it just a little for the duration of the experiment, however ergonomics…This knife has flawless ergonomics. Flawless. It simply fills your hand first-rate and not pushing into your palm so the toughest mission are performed easily it can be more often than not worth to buy one other ZT550 to collection To be on the secure side in they’ll exit of creation that is all, see you bye bye hello all! Every week has passed considering the hard Use trying out of this ZT550 knife I watched the video often trying to take into account my emotions however still I can’t recognize how this lock held so good under loads i.E.I knew that body-lock is a good locking mechanism but I did not imagined that it can be so tough and secure thus I decided to do yet another investigate due to the fact I in my opinion need it in order to think that each one this wasn’t an accident frame goes deep towards the lockface I even push it a bit with a view to get it stick you could hear it sticking. This sound. I’ll push it to have ability of retaining the knife on the butt and no longer touching the lock And we do a pair more backbone whacks Now I consider it.I recognize that this is relatively powerful lock Three very tough whacks and no problems I had to do that assess with the intention to be sure that all used to be validated actually for the reason that many individuals know that that is my favorite knife from Zero Tolerance thus i don’t desired that there will probably be any doubts that is all, now not i know that everything is okay body lock completed proper. Cutout constructed from the "correct facet" Lockface is machined with the correct perspective frame going deep, sticking this is what’s needed for a just right, risk-free body-lock that’s all, see you, bye bye..

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