Test of 12 glue sticks (ENG Subtitles) – Testing #1

Hi. At present I all set for you a quick experiment of glue sticks. I in comparison them in 4 methods. 1. Fee 2. How effortless is to apply it? 3. Is it obvious after drying? Four. Is it powerful ample? I made a table with all those knowledge. I took colored paper and that i made separate fields for every glue. I utilized glue on paper to see if it’ll be obvious after drying. Subsequent, I glued a section of paper… …Piece of cardboard… …And second piece of paper. I wrote my ranking of making use of of each glue. I used 3 symbols. " + " = superb " o " = excellent " – " = unhealthy I left glue to dry for entire day. After drying, I investigate which glue is more obvious than others. Additionally, i tried to separate glued portions. At final I wrote prices. Now i will show you the results of my exams. Now it is as much as you to decide which glue is best for you. Personally the primary is sturdiness of glue. It is fundamental job for glue to effectively glue matters together.For me can be major visibility of dried glue. Whilst you gluing small ingredients, your glue must even be comfortable to make use of (it must be effortless to use). Last inspiration: higher price now not invariably imply a greater pleasant. Please provide a like to this videoand subscribe to my channel.Thanks for observing! Bye bye..

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