Females and gentleman of the worldwide web,i’m fairly hyper at present, haha. Hes taken some cold flu tablet tablet thingsand hes just a little drugged up. Yeah Im somewhat ill Ive obtained flu so Ive whoooooevery from time to time Im buzzing, Im like dancing around so im rather sorry. Should you noticed my snapchat curb Instagram storyyou commonly already know that, Im very excited. What was in these capsules, Im like areba sorry. At present we’re performing some meals hacks, yes weare Im very interested by these, how excited are you? Very, yeah you appear it, now not as exited as you,Im like whooo, dont fear Im going to crash any minute now, unwell try and keep stage. So you guys sent in some more off the backof that which we are going to check out out at present sure we are. First hack is, no longer Mrs Barry, what is thefirst hack methods to make a Mrs Barry, were going to make a huge chocolate bowl, umm, usinga balloon. Yes thats relatively a legendry hack that ive seenfor a long time but on no account quite tried it, but we are going to try this proper now.Im a little bit worried isnt the chocolate goingto style all like latexy, errrh. Arrrh, first step Im balloon up a balloonwhich is without a doubt rather rough when youve received flu cos you forget to breath by way of yournose, are you able to tie knots in balloon though? I used to have a worry, what of tying knots? Cos of the banging truthfully after I was liketen upwards trying to tie a knot in a balloon I was like I cant do it, cos it going to bang? Balloons dont bang pop, Ive matured now, Ivekind of bought into it. Balloons dont pop whilst you tie a knot in them. See this my inside ten-year self is going Barryyou did it. Balloons competent, urh weve acquired some white anddark chocolate, proper? I do, Im just breaking apart some dark chocolatenow. Nooooo, arh yeah, hahahaha, oh its all staticon my face. Weren’t going to sit down in silence, had been notgoing to sit in peowowow, Im just doing a musical interlude at the same time the chocolate is brokenup, this step is taking exceedingly lengthy.Oh that good-looking fella is watching at me once more,what that thing? Yeah hahaha. Do you suppose you might do anything usefulinstead of just stood there? I preserve singing vigor ballads off digicam, rightwhy dont you go get a baking tray and line it with a some of grease proof paper please. Baking trays will not be in there, whats up? Baking trays are not in there, good they shouldbe, well theyre not they are within the oven.Theres the proof that Ive accomplished it very well. A part of me is a little involved that Amy ishoovering via that yellow balloon we could have to do a further one, umm, yeah you cantuse that, well get a smooth one thats obtained Beckys hair and a little of pug nostril on it. Umm, Im also going to adjust the cabinets inour fridge to ensure that the balloon will fit in, I think like Im urgh. So now we have a ramekin dish right here and sick balloon,we do, have been simply going to sit the nippley finish at the backside, nippley finish? And then Im just going to stay some tapeto style of keep it finish location like that.So its going to sit, confidently, yep therewe go, good do one on the opposite side, it will have to preserve its form, and stand firm to concentration. Just right stuff Mrs Barry. Lets do separately, go on then, well gofor the darkish chocolate to begin with, Its melted but its somewhat bit room temperaturey, rararaey. I do believe which you can sit down it the other way up firstof all so that you do type fairly a company base, as this isn’t entirely heat, its not goingto run off thoroughly.So, have been just going to be certain the top isreally good developed up, youre building up a base with the darkish chocolate, yeah, and youcan do one bit that variety of runs a bit of severe. So, Im simply going to add slightly extra on therenow with the intention to get some more i suppose loopy angles and stuff on it, yeah I reckon so. Women and gentleman of the worldwide web,i am quite hyper today, haha. Hes taken some cold flu tablet tablet matters and hesa bit drugged up. Yeah Im somewhat ill Ive obtained flu so Ive whooooo every so often Im buzzing,Im like dancing around so im particularly sorry. In the event you saw my snapchat decrease Instagram storyyou normally already know that, Im very excited.What was once in these drugs, Im like areba sorry.In these days we are doing some food hacks, yes we are Im very thinking about these, how excitedare you? Very, yeah you look it, not as exited as you, Im like whooo, dont fear Im goingto crash any minute now, ill try to keep degree. So that you guys sent in some more off theback of that which we’re going to try out today yes we’re. First hack is, no longer Mrs Barry,what’s the first hack how one can make a Mrs Barry, had been going to make a big chocolate bowl,umm, utilizing a balloon. Sure thats relatively a legendry hack that ive visible for many years but neverreally tried it, but we’re going to do that right now. Im just a little involved isnt the chocolategoing to style all like latexy, errrh. Arrrh, first step Im balloon up a balloon which isactually exceedingly rough when youve acquired flu cos you fail to remember to breath by means of yournose, can you tie knots in balloon although? I used to have a fear, what of tying knots?Cos of the banging honestly when I used to be like ten upwards trying to tie a knot in a balloonI was once like I cant do it, cos it going to bang? Balloons dont bang pop, Ive matured now, Ivekind of got into it.Balloons dont pop when you tie a knot in them. See this my innerten-yr self goes Barry you did it. Balloons able, urh weve obtained some white and dark chocolate,right? I do, Im simply breaking up some dark chocolate now. Nooooo, arh yeah, hahahaha,oh its all static on my face. Weren’t going to sit down in silence, weren’t going to sit inpeowowow, Im simply doing a musical interlude whilst the chocolate is broken up, this stepis taking noticeably long. Oh that handsome fella is watching at me again, what that thing?Yeah hahaha.Do you suppose you might do something valuable alternatively of just stood there? I keepsinging energy ballads off camera, proper why dont you go get a baking tray and line itwith a some of grease proof paper please. Baking trays aren’t in there, hello? Bakingtrays aren’t in there, good they will have to be, good theyre not they’re in the oven. Theresthe evidence that Ive done it okay. A part of me is a bit concerned that Amy is hooveringby that yellow balloon we could have to do one more one, umm, yeah you cant use that,well get a easy one thats acquired Beckys hair and a little bit of pug nose on it. Umm, Im alsogoing to adjust the cabinets in our fridge to ensure that the balloon will fit in,I believe like Im urgh. So we now have a ramekin dish here and in poor health balloon, we do, had been justgoing to sit the nippley finish on the backside, nippley end? And then Im just going to sticksome tape to style of maintain it end place like that. So its going to take a seat, optimistically, yepthere we go, good do one on the opposite aspect, it will have to hold its shape, and stand corporation toattention.Good stuff Mrs Barry. Lets do one by one, go on then, good go for the darkchocolate to begin with, Its melted but its a little bit room temperaturey, rararaey.I do feel that you would be able to sit it the wrong way up to begin with so that you just do form really a firm base,as this isn’t absolutely heat, its not going to run off fully. So, had been just going tomake definite the top is particularly well developed up, youre constructing up a base with the darkish chocolate,yeah, and you are able to do one bit that style of runs somewhat extreme. So, Im just going to adda bit extra on there now so we can get some extra i guess crazy angles and stuff on it,yeah I reckon so. That you can virtually see it already, its establishing to corporation up, o h yeah,seem at that, there we go investigate that out so thats just going to run down like so, justlet the chocolate do its factor you cant rather manipulate it. Its type of like an out of controlpug.The main bit is to get the highest bit done like so cos thats going to createthe bowl, the leisure is quite similar to funky chocolate shards. In poor health let you know what thatsactually my favorite bit out of all off it, that bit there thats all dripping off, butwhay. Its a little bit unhappy cos that yellow balloon is like that could were me and now Imon the floor. That’s looking mighty, Barrys just going to put it in the fridge, yeah,very carefully, high stress job right now, dont drop it let me open the door. Its goingin the fridge, its going in, good come again to this proper at the end of the video. Thatwas beautiful scary, you know what it appears like a cobweb, looks like a cobweb.So are nextone is, Jesus, you scared me, are next one is eggcellent, yay, thats undoubtedly an eggpun, yes Ive been striking around with you too much, yeah yeah. So we all do it you crackan egg get it your the dish after which theres egg shell in it. Eggshellant, eggshellant,haha I havent completed that one before, ever no. These drugs, dam these drugs. Have you beeneating the chocolate? I havent been consuming the chocolate, you have got you obtained white chocolateon your face quite? Yeah or simply go like that, arh, sorry, now theres various shellin there, no. So we’ve now washed our hands and the hack was about utilising moist fingers topull out bits of shell, so without doubt Mrs Barry cracked that egg pretty badly so theres justshell all over so weve taken the massive chunks out have been looking for these tini ones thatyou traditionally get proper? Yeah which can be particularly quite problematic to search out, and there are somein there.Yep i will see two. So apparently the hack is that you just use moist fingersand thumbs and more often than not for those who, look in poor health try to do it yeah with my, ill have dry arms,go in then, seem truthfully, impossible it is like, I cant even think it, but you recognize whatits like its like glue in there youre gripping it and its I dont know you cant get it. Soapparently by way of wetting your fingers, let me go this then identity moist your fingers and thumb,oh its heat, has it bought to be heat or can or not it’s bloodless? Does it subject if its heat orcold? No I dont feel so. Competent, yeah, lets go, there’s a tini speck, thats bloodless, noyour supposed to seize it, oh huh, you obtained it? Yes, oh my gosh that was so convenient, holdthat up let me see let me see, that used to be so handy truthfully you couldnt suppose the like gudgeynessof the egg in any respect. You got to pinch it, oh there we go pinch it, wow. Now that’s nota fencing masks that Mrs Barry is fashioning there, um thats in reality a kitchen gadgetthat weve bought, Ive not ever shown it on a kitchen device video considering the fact that a number of peopletend to have them, yeah, Ive found that rather a little bit, um.I consider this is one of the firstones you ever purchased, yeah it is surely useful. Should you dont understand what it is its basicallya instrument that can slice and core an apple, yeah, in reality often various the time it missesthe core, do you to find that as good? Yeah I do, its like this is first-class after which youreeating it and you get all of the pips for your mouth yeah, but it appears you should use iton a potato to make handy potato wedges. Before we get started on the potato hack, this isa damp kitchen towel just straight down there like that so supply it somewhat shimmey.Huh,seem at that we sincerely use that in quite quite a lot of our videos. That doesnt move, itdoesnt, except you go ugh, not even now, do the miming look, dododo, performing arrh comeon. Proper, any how potao machine factor, well designed for an apple accordingly the apple thingon it. Yeah and we tried to get a potato that was formed as most like an apple as we couldyeah and thats truly really a difficult thing, it was, Ive not ever analysed potatoes so muchin my lifestyles. We had been hunted through the poato tray, yeah, going does that look like an applpe,no too long, ask someone excuse me have you obtained a potato that appears like an apple? Soif youve received a bag of potatoes cos you under no circumstances get potatoes watching the equal in a bag ofpotatoes, thats right yeah, so possibly this hack would handiest work with circular potatoes?No it might work with long ones as good youd just get longer wedges.So these ends arerelatively sharp so do watch out if you are doing this, your going to put it righ in themiddle like so, and you’ll need just a little of drive, right here we go, errrgh. Wow, checkthat out, thats so cool, so they can pull these out expectantly, if Ive pushed it down a ways sufficient,there we go. We’ve got obtained are selfs some selfmade potato wedges in a flash. And do you knowwhat? Thats so a lot better than mine when you consider that theyre all equal dimension. Yeah which does helpthem prepare dinner even cos generally in the event you go yeah sick make even sized wedges you always getthe enormous thing. And then you definitely get this bouns core, urgh, definitely do not forget the kitchengadget the apple corer that creates some thing like that. Put olive oil, salt and pepperon this and these wedges bake them for roughly thirty minutes on the temperatures on thescreen proper now, surely wonderful primarily this its variety of like a potato cigar.MrsBarry used to be so excited via that last potato hack that shes just foraged some extra potatoesright. I have, Ive observed this small one, wow ok its style of like a wrinkly crinkly bottomone. Yeah you need to have a go? Yeah. I cant even push it through, put some elbow greasein to it, put your weight on it, i want my stall, hahaha, i would like my stall its like yourmagic wand.Come on in a position, arrh. There may be that moment when you suppose such as you would chopa finger off while you do this. Oh yeah appear it does work, yeah, small ones. So it doesntmatter what size potato you utilize, youre simply going to get a lot small wedges, but againgreat meals hack consider to wipe the starch off, are you able to consider the starch on that? YeahI can do not forget to wipe that off before baking them it will make it fairly just right. Hi there Im hungryme too, right, how are we going to cook dinner these two pizzas even as? Are acting isterrible, you could put one on the highest shelf and one on the backside shelf.You might oryou would do this hack that we are not to, have been like why dont you just get two trays?Well had been going to check out this out, apparently which you could prepare dinner two pizzas whilst.Are you aware what, no no no, this is just right in case you are looking to cook dinner pizzas and chips orpotato wedges at the same time and youve handiest received two shelfs to your oven, yeah , then thisis a fairly rather excellent hack for that cos I continually to find that once the children are roundwith. Im sulking now you cut me off half approach by way of my sentence, I notion you were justtelling me your existence story about the way you bought your oven procedures or something. No, andthen commonly, when the ladies have acquaintances round from school and your seeking to cookloads of things without delay or a occasion, youre doing it once more. So weve acquired a tray and twopizzas and Barrys going to reduce the pizza in half yes like so and we are going to take a look at andfit each of these pizzas on this one tray.Apparently one goes like this that aint goingto fit, that aint going to suit. Then the opposite one goes, no, oh no, our tray is too smallfor this. Oh Mrs Barry your just correct there all you might see was once your head then goinglike this, umm weve just concept urg, we just notion that the genuine tray that the balloonis on, yes, we are oing to use that, its rather just right, its our favourite tray. We have now do wehave a favorite tray as a loved ones? Apparently, if in case you have a favourite baking tray let usknow down beneath in the comments, wed love to peer it, dont fail to remember to ship us a pictureon twitter.Oh the intellect boggles, seem oh wow, correct we’re definitely going to preserve thatin the fridge that used to be surely worked, Im going to consume that now. One like that yep,one like that, ok fairly over lapping yes sure sure, and then good enough yeah its now not too dangerous.Its excellent appear best somewhat over lapping on the crust, my different again up pan for that wasto really reduce it much more in to like plenty of wedges sort of like a puzzle so it likeall joins together. Thats a rather excellent suggestion if youve only acquired a square one like us thatswhat you would do, yeah that was once my back up but we did have this higher tray. So thatwell we might as well cook it now nevertheless it does work. Its potato for lunch youngster, its what?Pizza we just put pizza in the oven why are you saying were gonna, the drugs are wearingoff. Whys that so humorous? Why did you, we didnt even rehearse that although we didnt, we dontrehearse that you may most of the time tell.Oh my gosh, Im spending an excessive amount of time with you. Whoa whoawhoa Mrs Barry, look at my high, you could have just overlooked an extraordinarily funny scene correctly i’ve capturedit on are vlog channel with a purpose to be up the identical day that is up loaded. Look, I was once, yeahlook, I appear over we all know Mrs Barrys been munching on the chocolate there did I justdo that whole pizza scene with this on me. I dont understand, it wasnt there look go like thatso men and women can see as well. Look I havent been eating it I promise, its where I moved it.I suggestion has Mrs Barry one way or the other developed a mole, no, recollect we moved the tray andI had all of it on my hand and it somehow received on close my mouth. Did you set the tray byyour mouth? No I wiped my face like that, youve been eating chocolate , no I havent.Our subsequent one involves cream, it does, our next two sincerely they do yeah they are goingto come collectively earlier than the finale with the balloon ball. So for this hack you want apaper platew and a electric whisk which Mrs Barry did not accidently turn on off cameraand nearly chop her hand off right.No I used to be looking to get this out. So what you do isyou pierce a hole by way of like that and i suppose we ought to type of, do we need to lineit up roughly? We do dont we, yeah, we are in any other case have been going to have one particularly far off and one no longer so, lets get one in. Errh, its about there watch the cream, there wego correct so its like this apparently. In it goes, o.K. Im now not yeah part of me thinksit’s simply going to fling the plate off but they’re pierced in fairly good, oh yeah thatswhy youre holding it and Im going to run. Im relatively well if Im keeping it Im nontoxic ifits coming off its going straight for you just right call. Kind of like odd job from JamesBond. Able? Oh you didnt put them in tight sufficient, you donkey.Sure that one works a charmno splatter we put it in a deliberately smaller bowl once we, whats the topic, nothing, wasjust about to claim Barry its long past in all places. No its now not it has labored, but I feel we shouldadd some icing sugar now. I used to be almost to say that I suppose we will have to simply do a bowlof icing sugar anyway cos it just goes far and wide.If this works we’re going to do this loadsgoing ahead and men and women will be like what after which we can refer back to this videothen theyll be like oh. However we do really need the cream still for are ultimate hack sowere going to finish whipping that up first. However sorry for the period of that whipping stage as Ishowed you, how excellent does this pizza look, that was notable, excellent yeah. You weregoing to do that one, Im abit busy, very well then unwell do it. So had been going to check out givethis a go with making some butter cream which after I make it icing sugar goes in all places.Clearly if you want evidence of how cloudy it will probably get the video thats going up on Tuesday,our Halloween video thats a just right illustration of that.Adequate, equipped yeah go. Hahaha its style ofworking I got shot icing sugar at to start with however I think in case you did rather preserve it downgo on then alright. I cant, the only crisis is you cant virtually see whats happening inthe bowl so I cant see, yeah youre just whisking one point. Very well go again, preserve that bitdown there. Thats now not working, no, and where im moving the whisk its making the holes biggerso bits of icing sugar are coming out. The icing sugar hasnt long gone far and wide up in thesky, no, no however I imply its just long gone down wards so its simply long past in a single spot, yeah yourenot inhaling it your simply antiquing it yeah. Our next hack includes the cream that wevejust whipped up correct oooh yeah it does. So Ive obtained a mug of hot chocolate right here and acookie cutter, what could we be doing? Putting cream on high of the cookie cutter, yeah, letsdo that. Im simply going to place this in the market, Im going to must maintain that whilst scoopingcream so you cant do it on your own cos if I was just to let this go, let it go no, yeahit wouldnt rather work so well, its just going to sink.And you also stated that the whippedcream the spray stuff might work better. Sure, we do have a few of that, we will we would haveto are trying that. We got the spray cream there just in case to at least one part, adequate dangle on, rightIm simply going to dollop it in like this, yeah simply let it raise. Its so sizzling its simply goingto melt, oh no, perhaps I ned to place it in just a little bit, go on then put it in. This isntreally working no this isn’t, I consider we might must are trying it with squirty cream ohwow weve received a floater. Were try it with the errh spray cream alternatively hahaha correct wevegot to be doing whatever fallacious what we cant let the drink call down seeing that that woulddefeat the item of having a sizzling chocolate proper elevate that off, errh no thats a funnyshaped coronary heart.Its simply become a giant blob of cream, errh it does sort of appear likean iceberg so tremendous themed hot chocolate, iceberg right forward. Doodoodooo oh yeah, itdoes honestly appear like a scorching air balloon it looks like Halloween cos its an orangeballoon and its, that doesn’t look like Halloween no nevertheless it looks find it irresistible might be used forHalloween. Shes obsessed with it, shes like, I like it its very cool, shall I preserve it orsomething? Ohhh, arrrh, sure yes I should of often performed that upside down but sure youshould of, no its caught to the cello tape. Its very well look, but can we get the balloonout? Oh yeah hahaha, alright so might be it hasnt been left in so long as it should, yeah maybelike overnight would of giving you a perfectly set, yeah, however the theory it does work, turnit upside down and pop it before you do that we just wanted to get it out.And likewise theballoon continues to be stuck in the bottom, it has, so fill it with ice cream, cake cream, allthat stuff. Have been going to position ours within the fridge which will truely use it and no longer wasteit however um its beautiful cool. I believe the ladies will love this once they get house. Yeah youcould do it on a mini variation with like water balloons in fact Im going to position that in mysecond cook dinner guide hmmm. There we are then persons hope you loved these hacks if youve seenany others do get in touch with us on social media or down below let us know.Sure and youcan also follow us on twitter, Instagram, snapchat, fb all over the place for all thebehind the scenes bits so simply comply with us for your social media of choice and dont forgetto subscribe for standard videos and our different channel the Barrys so thats it good see younext time proper, bye..

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