Testing FLEXIBILITY Hacks from Pinterest!

Hello, i am Megan, i’m Sierra, and i am Maggie and we’re from the Cheernastics2. Welcome to TC Tuesday. At present We’re doing one more testing video. Which is testing flexibility hacks. Earlier than we get began, make certain you guys subscribe to our channel by means of urgent the button down beneath, and if you want to become a part of our notification squad then click the bell icon right next to subscribe button. And let’s get began. So, the first hack that we will be doing is the right way to get your splits achieved So we’re each going to show you a cut up that we would not have all of the approach down Then we will through the stretching hobbies for you to both exhibit on the screen Or will be linked down below and then after the ten minutes. We’ll exhibit you our splits and notice in the event that they expanded. Able, set, go Come on, all right. Let’s scan out our splits I think that counts as the entire approach down i did it! Whoop Whoop! Adequate, still hurts, but like i did it. So yeah. Okay, that also hurts really bad however like this is like the place i am bendy at and that’s approach farther and like i will be able to i can let myself all of the method down, so beautiful just right.Total that you could all agree the hack surely work. I’d say the hacks did a relatively just right job of like really focusing in on stretching every muscle that is for your leg like you stretch like everything that like goes into getting your splits down, and you do it for a entire minute So that’s like why I believe it did so good. A variety of them i failed to even think about. I would say it harm. However like definitely its gonna harm it without doubt would push what you are comfortable at nevertheless it additionally used to be a stretch if you happen to desired to push it the entire manner down Yeah Like i would say it like the commencing that damage like due to the fact I was once like not stretched out in any respect and then after we stretched like I wasn’t all the manner down, but I was once undoubtedly means farther, and that i used to be secure and then like undoubtedly what I used to be pushing it down that still hurt but I acquired it the entire means down. Additionally a facet notice. I have never achieved my left cut up in typically over a yr, and Serria acquired it all of the way down So let’s get this hack a thumbs up or thumbs down.I mean we could all agree on that It absolutely worked o.K. So, i’m going to be testing a back flexibility hack Pinterest said that it was once Nia’s from dance mothers so like if thats the case I better be getting flexible we’ll do it with like a scorpion see how well it is and it is five back stretches It would not say how lengthy to preserve them, but i’ll do 30 seconds.- yeah looks like a good quantity as you might tell my Scorpion did get a lot better like now not a lot better however like higher. The stretches harm no longer simply my back however, like the whole lot and a few of them didn’t just hurt my back, they damage my legs, like my arms, they didn’t damage my again at all. Actually, i’m variety of torn on this one but I just must say thumbs down on account that I just felt love it streach like my hands so like you want like an all stretch like do that but also, it is now not supposed for like scorpions. So probably so for what it is supposed for similar to a dance factor it’s just right, however for scorpions. I’d provide it a thumbs down all right, i’ll be trying out out a bow and arrow stretch and due to the fact most cheerleaders do bow and arrows with their left leg up i will even be doing that even though it’s my unhealthy leg So the stretch additionally does not say how lengthy your purported to do it So i am simply going to kind of like get into a just right stretch of each spot, and then like go on for your next step *music* *music* *tune* All right so as you guys could inform my bow and arrow before and after we’re ordinarily the identical and they’re each fairly unhealthy i’m not going to claim this is a hundred% the hacks fault for the reason that I did not stretch over there for very lengthy when you consider that it hurts so bad It additionally doesn’t say how long to stretch, so I? Similar to don’t know how lengthy i’m consider to maintain it? I suppose why I just do not like about it is that like you are stretching it to get your bow and arrow higher, simply via like skewing the bow and arrow Or I feel like it’s extra valuable to love stretch out the muscles different approaches So i’m going to supply this hack a thumbs down just due to the fact I suppose like the stretch already hurt and it was once like only like forcing you to love ought to like pull it which I could do in a bow or bow and arrow anyway, so this subsequent person who we’ll scan that with for back flexibility.And its imagined to support you get your scorpion or your needle? I do not need my scorpion Which has been shown routinely on this channel. My back flexibility is just not just right in any respect so i’m going attempt to use these stretches and spot if i can get my scorpion *tune* i’m completed I are not able to do it my wrists harm my back hurts So I think that whilst the hack certainly helped I certainly like pulled a scorpion And it was for certain higher than what I did earlier the hack itself is just not possible to like keep in it for a entire minute. I got here down like thrice. I needed to stop early and its about how a ways that you could push yourself Into the again bed, and i consider it can be really convenient to be like no. I’m just going to go like Farther open up, and so i’d like push and like chill out for a little bit however I feel that in the event you decide to it, it will work i’ll still give it a thumbs up just for the reason that I certainly was once having no Scorpion – at the least pulling one, so yeah So without doubt this is a trying out flexibility hack video, but let’s be sincere a lot of folks do not like stretching Me included I hate stretching so this hack just isn’t really a flexibility hack however it’s going to make you look more flexible so this hack is sort of a leap hack Kinda.Yeah. It’s, it is a soar hack. The hot button is in case you are no longer going quick ample And your jumps you’re now not going to be equipped to get your legs up excessive enough given that Momentum would not work that way so we will exhibit you love some examples of what we’d like however this speak is clearly to work on it snapping your legs up rapid and your leap and you are going to seem like you will have a greater jump so that you could help you speak make just a little bit more experience to you guys this is kind of prefer to be pretty full of the hack, so if i am just checklist at my leg up slowly this is like as far as it can go I can’t go any extra than that, and that’s love it as well in case you kick it and also you go quick that you may get can get it all the means up right here that’s variety of your whole factor of the hack is should you go quick you’re likely going to be ready to go better and you seem extra bendy *song* *song* The final hack for my part was tremendous super pleasant since you do not have to do any stretching I entirely suppose that this worked peculiarly I believe you could tell a significant difference in like toe touches and straddle jumps and that i nonetheless feel that you just could see a difference of their jumps – it can be just going to be a bit harder I mean that the one predicament with this hack is one assuming individuals don’t seem to be going all-out for their jumps – some folks probably constantly are and then a second factor is solely it’s now not particularly that valuable with each leap it’s in most cases priceless with toe touches instead than serious about pulling your legs up for pike it can be like more difficult if you guys favored this video make sure you give it a thumbs up let’s check out video to a 15,000 thumbs up in case you guys like these hacks Like hack videos comment down beneath what hack we should do wish to be test them and do you guys need to exit and in finding hacks that work after which show you guys? Tell us and you feedback down beneath what we will do And if you wish to have it to be the pin comment for this video, remark down beneath which hack you’re going to check out out? And we are going to see you on flippin Friday.Bye.

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