Testing Area with 6 in 1 Power meter and start stop function

Good day and welcome to this video tutorial on this video we can make uhm what i name this, testing field with 6 n 1 meter and let’s put begin discontinue perform with run/jog i will put vigor meter right here that when I plugged something there it will immediately read that is my venture and that i made a diagram this i will use a 6A breaker this then we will be able to use a panel box i already put some holes i most effective recycle this panel field that’s why i decide upon it reason before it has already holes and the watt meter and breaker will match i enlarge the holes to fit we will be able to put toggle change for run and jog then i already made a start discontinue station here i used an amco field it equipped and i put cable gland i acquired this from this panel earlier than it used to be there the opposite end of wire goes here for the and stop toggle swap for jog and run if the switch is on it is on run position and i push the begin button that the time that the outlet have a vigour the some thing that plugged within the 6 in 1 meter reads one of the crucial aspects is jog when I push the start discontinue button isn’t essential just switch off the breaker but i put discontinue button anyway when is pushed in jog role it signifies that the outlet will handiest powered while we’re pushing the button when we free up it the energy is off that is the jog perform, then the run after we pushed the button the vigour will probably be there then it will be off when we push the stop button the cause of the jog is when had been checking out a now not definite appliance then that is far off that is long cable wired we can scan away even the object were checking out is already plugged we can step again then we can and discontinue we will be able to use a magnetic contactor i choose from this two here 4A fuji or equal fuji from aircondition this one is from my previous venture it’s small i opt for this motive it has a screw terminals, this one is only plugged in, spade connector now it is wired transitority with manage circuit when I’m wiring i constantly start with manipulate circuit to be able to test instantly that the contactor is working this is a simple begin discontinue wiring with a jog and run function when the change is off or jog role the contactor is not going to hold when on it is on run position, excellent for checking out right here is the begin stop station wire goes here then the plug is here, let’s vigour up adequate there now were on jog function run stop, start adequate now i’m going to give an explanation for maybe any person will ask that i used a skinny wire it’s ok due to the fact it’s simplest a manipulate circuit it only carries coil of the contactor the this contactor have a 3 important contacts 1,2,3,4,5,6 then 13, 14 that’s the auxiliary contact this is the coil and that one with purple wire our task is single segment best that’s why i used line 1 and line 2 and in the maintaining contacts i used the one predominant contact, we can use the auxiliary or fundamental or any no hindrance then the coil can join in any option to the line 1 and a pair of or line and neutral how much present will cross right here in ac let’s verify on one of the coil let’s power again there it has best 36 mA that’s passes our wire, that’s why it’s comfortable with thin wire intent on this venture i used a small contactor thin wire is okay let’s proceed with the power circuit with 6 in 1 ac meter now it can be wired quickly making use of a plug let’s power up once more my extension cord already has a energy now on the vigour meter already has a power that is the begin discontinue station it is on jog cause the toggle switch is off the concern is that if we run it begin stop we can hear the contactor rick sound however we should not have a sign that we now have a vigour on our output motive the vigour meter already has a energy it’ll no longer inform that the output is already on or off why motive on the diagram i made right here the energy meter line 1 and line 2 is on high of the magnetic contactor or direct to the breaker so it can’t detect it self now we are able to see we now have a 0 amps and 0 wattage it only reads frequency and voltage we want indicator gentle for it to inform that the output has a vigour indicator mild 220v it’s 220v ac 10mA my obstacle is it can be too colossal on my panel that i used definitely this is the first-class but in this video i will use a 5 mm led i will use a mobile cell charger 5 v and a 220 ohms resistor if you know how i calculate the 220 ohms resistor for this 5 mm led i’ll put link on the video description and right here in our ohms law tutorial i mentioned it just watch it 220 ohms i am now not utilizing this anymore it’s a 5 v 500mA so its excellent i’m going to just solder wire here then i will put it here then this goes to five mm led i’ll cut this and put the resistor the vigour i will hook with the coil of contactor it can be plugged now let’s unplug good enough on adequate i already put wires and shrinkable tube and the led now it is will go together with the coil of the magnetic contactor let’s put it right here i’ll use glue gun then this 5 mm led can be here let’s glue this ac meter too why, motive whats with my ac meter 6 in 1 ac meter the field i used is just too small so the wires are pushing each different indicator mild already established let’s test once more it can be wired briefly let’s put power breaker on the indicator gentle is there it can be no longer on discontinue now we have a small extend on indicator light when stopping let’s experiment the jog flip off the toggle swap on why it’ll not off immediately on the grounds that of capacitor on the vigour supply it is good enough as a minimum now we’ve got a indicator gentle as an alternative of the first plan, nothing we will install it here this is the outlet that i’ll controlling you will find we have now the primary outlet circular and flat then the second it has a flat with a grounding this is the wiring of it right here is the line 1 and line 2 even linked vice versa no main issue i’m going to just wire this now lets experiment it i already wired it we haven’t any vigor right here i’m going to put my wattmeter right here now let’s put mild nothing on we now have a reading will we see it? Adequate digicam can’t see it let’s do other position there let’s attempt to off the backlight 221 v 60 Hz right here nothing why? Considering the fact that it isn’t grew to become on let’s are trying on there now we have a vigor on watt meter proper watt meter and 6 in 1 normally have a energy when the breaker is on now let’s switch to latching or run start now now we have a green indicator mild we have now energy on real watt meter and the two outlet stop it can be off and the indicator gentle is off now i alter the function i just adjusted it so the digital camera can see right here in it can be most function on there we can see the watt meter it’s plugged however no studying the multimeter is ready to ac nothing have been on jog role, on i am just urgent it we have a display on real watt meter and here we have a small difference on voltage 216 right here, 217 right here 219 right here, small change no hindrance with me i’m going to unlock it the indicator gentle already on and off now let’s put it on latching function now this is the long cable stop on now let’s put light i’m going to switch of the flash light this can be a 9 watt led bulb let’s plug it within the proper watt meter jog role jog what’s the studying cannot see too much gentle let’s adjust it the 6 in 1 already has a reading proper watt is delayed somewhat motive of its powering up we’ve eight.2w and 7.5w so we have a small difference let’s put on latching good enough let’s are attempting with a better vigour i do not know the wattage of this on now we have a energy let’s put light on actual watt i’ll put on quantity 1 400 watts we will scan it just turn this on whether it is damaged or now not, let’s are trying jog that’s how that’s the purpose of my jog operate let’s do this flat iron i’m going to leave the thermostat within the middle let’s plug it where i put it? Jog handiest jog the watts is blinking it is good enough purpose of over wattage i’ll fix it earlier than it was once 500 watts zero.5 kw, now i put it on 1.5 kw on once more this flat iron is rated 1000 watts we’ve a 900 watts here 8800 watts i mean 800, 886 watts that’s it thank you for gazing when you like this video push the like button and you probably have questions simply comment down bellow and i’m going to attempt to reply it if you need the wiring diagram i made i will put hyperlink on the video description thanks very a lot for observing 🙂

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