I Tried Following A Soap Cupcake Tutorial

[Music] hello friends and welcome to another video today I’m gonna be following a cupcake so part tutorial and attempting to make my own delicious looking soap cupcakes they do look good enough to eat but you really really should not now as some of you may know I am a big fan of fancy soaps and schmancy bath products whether that entails actually using them or smelling them or just circling them like a shark watching their every move I mean looking at them I like looking at them so much so that last year I actually tried following a youtube so part tutorial to try and learn how to make my own loaf of snazzy swirly soap my goggles are like I literally can’t see out of my left eye he was sweating sweating out of my eyeballs with overall mediocre results though it certainly was fun to try ooh there’s some pattern in there that’s something and since that experiment while conducting my normal soap watching routine I’ve encountered an entire subcategory of sexy suds that really buttered my muffin soaps that look like desserts like pies milkshakes donuts cookies and of course cupcakes I went to go to there yes that is soap not food I know it looks tasty as hell but it is not food fish are friends not food so fueled by a deep desire to eat soap I mean get a hold of this stuff I mean pretty I decided to try and follow a cupcake so part tutorial and attempt to make my very own batch of bewitching bath treats from scratch I don’t know about you but I’m aroused now as for what tutorial we’re gonna be following I of course am still a beginner so I’m gonna need some step-by-step instructions especially since it’s like we’re dealing with some kind of soap slash culinary magic here this is not our first rodeo but it is our second so today we are once again gonna be turning to the soap Queen herself and Marie hi i’m anne-marie from brambleberry.com and soapqueen.com whose tutorial for hang our swirl soap we followed in our last video and luckily for us anne-marie does have a sparkling champagne a soap cupcake tutorial on her channel that seems pretty close to what we’re trying to achieve today I’m gonna show you how to make these super sparkly soap cupcake as well as all of the ingredients and tools you will need to follow it for sale on her website she’s basically like the Comcast of soap making I mean she she puts the wires in the ground and she also owns NBC yes okay vertical integration at its finest she’s the soap Queen that’s why they call her that she’s got the book the blog the berry and she’s getting that bag Emory is a saucy minx she is and she knows it so after buying all of this know this video is surprisingly not sponsored and watching her tutorial several times we’re gonna try and tackle it today now before we go any further I just want to say that in case this video sparks your interest and you decide you also want to follow a soap art tutorial a quick warning a cold process soap like this is made by a chemical reaction called saponification which occurs when you combine oils with sodium hydroxide lye so all of this cute soap you see here is at its core made by combining an oil mixture with lye water like this is made of oils and lye that is made of oils and lye and yes that is also made of oils and lye and fun surprise by itself light can be pretty darn dangerous like it can burn your skin it can get really hot and erupt out of its container and it can even explode if exposed to the wrong thing so if you’re gonna try something like this at home you’re gonna want to be very very careful fit they say to keep kids and pets away from it and definitely do not get it in your eyes or eat it so on that very positive note let’s try it alright so we are here in our kitchen with all of our soap making items set up ready to try and make some cupcakes so Ann Marie’s tutorial has basically like three separate sections she makes the base of her cupcake as like a traditional cold process soap thing loaf block then she makes these soap frosting separately and then also the pink embed that goes on the top separately now one dynamic with this tutorial is that unlike the last tutorial we tried which was kind of like a one-and-done like aid you can follow the entire tutorial from start to finish in one sitting situation this tutorial has a little more like prep involved so we’re gonna have to tackle this cupcake over the course of two separate soaping days and just to complicate things further I did also decide to change some of the colors and decorative elements of the cupcake recipe just to try and personalize them a little bit I was thinking you know it would be fun to turn Ann Marie’s glittery champagne cupcakes into like a bat cupcake for kind of like a nocturnal cupcake of the night vibe but we will explain everything I changed and also what is happening on which soaping day as we go so let’s just jump right into it and make some poison cupcakes before getting started with our soapy cupcakes we need to do a little bit of prep so basically what Anne Marie does on day one is that she makes the little embeds that go on top of her cupcakes and she also makes her oil mixture and lye water for her frosting in advance and first up on the to-do list we have to make that pink and bed so basically Ann Marie uses melt and pour soap for her embeds which is essentially like the non-dangerous soap making stuff it’s a five-minute craft so basically she takes blocks of soap that have already been through the saponification process chops them up into little bits melts them down put some pigments in and then pours them into her molds to make em beds so that’s what we’re gonna do starting by slicing up four ounces of melt and pour soap base all right I think I just like do this kind of honestly cutting soap is the best I don’t know why it’s like ruffles pattern I think it’s just for fun we got ridges melt and pour soap it’s got ridges man and then once we have all of that chopped up all right OOP we got a blast it in the microwave it doesn’t take long timeout so make sure you’re melting on 10 to 20 second bursts sorry for microwaves gross is it gross it’s a little gross hello 10 seconds here we go it sounds like 40 goes over here it does it’s making me hungry and once it’s all liquefied ooh it’s a melty we’re ready to add in our colorants and pour the mixture into our molds now um this seemed like a sort of area in which I could have some creative freedom add some customization to our cupcakes so I really went rogue here and got completely different embeds from a Marine I just went ham on Etsy and I just did my own thing so I got a bunch of like bat molds and like Star and moon molds I also changed the color of the embeds instead of going for pink I went for gray and stormy blue so basically this cupcake is gonna be like if you had a sprinkles collab yes so we’ve got a plop our Mica’s into our melt and pour base and really just mix them in there stir up some trouble oh yeah now I’m noticing a few clumps so just do a quick spritz of rubbing alcohol at those little mica bubbles burst see those are those bubbles that andrea was talking about what you have or do they burst four times four times okay two three four I mean that contact chunk from that yeah let’s keep going and next it’s time to pour all right are you are you ready for my jelly yes I don’t think you are I’m really nervous oh yeah that now for this step I’m not really gonna about like sort of neatly pouring because I figure like we can always use like a little like a razor or exacto knife to cut off any excess in case we have some poor over so I’m gonna worry about filling them that’s the Bible Oh see that’s why I’m saying if they get a little overfilled I’m just gonna live with it oh my god okay never mind that’s a lot overfilled that’s oh that’s a little more than usual I’m trying my best we’re not gonna blame it on you we’re gonna blame it on the alcohol right sorry I’m blackout right now what what’s going on all right so I have poured my melt and pour soap into my em bed molds I did not do a good job I literally just I scarfed it I’m not gonna lie but here’s to hoping they turn out okay anyway or at least that I can fix them later so we’re gonna let these guys sit here for a while and then we’ll find out in a second if they worked I don’t know I might have to do this again in addition to prepping the Melton for ahead of time the ingredients for the soap frosting need to be prepped ahead of time as well and basically the reason we’re making our oil mixture and our lye water for our frosting now is so we can leave them in the fridge overnight because they need to be cold when we combine them in order for them to like make frosting Peaks measure and melt out the frosting oils starting with the 3.8 ounces of cocoa butter which sort of conveniently come in like chocolate chip form they call them pastels oh that’s so fun it’s like dippin dots or couscous it’s got a couscous vibe to it it’s got couscous vibes followed by 3.8 ounces of shea butter it looks like goat cheese it does they’re like a hunk of mozzarella oh yeah hunky whoo that’s cheesy it’s kind of crazy it’s dangerously cheesy it’s dangerously cheesy and then finally 3.8 ounces of olive oil and 7.6 ounces of coconut oil so now that we have all of our oils measured out I’m going to melt all of these together in the microwave safe at well do my little friend then give it a quick little mix oh yeah now that’s what I’m talking about that is smooth and then stick it in the fridge for cold use tomorrow and then we’re gonna move on to the Y water for this step which means it’s time to bring out the toxins bring it out bring them out first suit up for safety gloves long sleeves long pants kids pets from gone in the other room and of course the always protective goggles all right so I am going to start off by putting six point three ounces of distilled water into our eight cup mixing bowl and we’re using such a huge bowl for such a small amount of water because I actually have a cap for this one so we can put it on our fridge with a cap on but no one cares so let’s just do it well it’s just to let everyone know that we’re trying to be safe here I’m just I’m using a cap I’m using protection why are you so defeated no one cares about why I’m using a big bowl I don’t know I just thought it would be better leave me alone all right that’s good that’s six point three on the dot baby I’m talking about distilled water baby and then next up we need two point eight ounces over the big baddie so I am going to take my layout of its biohazard bag its hazmat suit it’s just you know it’s the universal sign for danger but we’re doing it anyway and after we measure it out we’re gonna add our lye into our water now I’m gonna be stirring my lye in slowly with a stainless steel spoon this will cause a chemical reaction and it’s gonna get hot in there so just know that but it’s not gonna stay hot because we’re gonna put it in the fridge so I’m gonna cover it up and stick it next to our oil mixture and that is gonna wrap up day one of our soap cupcake making adventure so first up on day two is to make the proverbial stump of the cupcakes the cake part yeah if you will all about that base the but for which we’re gonna need pigments fragrance oils and lye water which we’re gonna combine and pour into our special soap cupcake mold start by dispersing our colorants now anne-marie uses white green and blue colorants together to make like a teal cupcake but I was thinking since we’re going for sort of a nocturnal vibe with our cupcake why not go for something a little darker hmm so I picked up this where is it it’s literally right in front of me there we go this orchid micah which is like a deep purple pigment so I was thinking we’ll just use this add one tablespoon of a light weight oil into three different mixing containers now for the sake of the recipe I figured we should just use the same amount of oil 1 to 20 quarters 3 and the same amount of pigment that Ann Marie does but it’s just all gonna be orchid mica and then it’s time to mini mix them together oh those are your fitted spinner it does alright they were good to go great alright so now that my pigments are mixed in I can retire my mini mixer for the time being and move on to our fragrances I believe I’m going to measure out my champagne and my white rose fragrance oil from brambleberry.com so that everything is ready to go I should put them somewhere right they should go somewhere ideally yes let’s put them in here this blend is 1.5 ounces of champagne fragrance oil and one ounce of white rose fragrance oil or I’m gonna start off with the champagne mmm that smells amazing actually I’m not even that big of a fan of champagne but it smells like our car air freshener we used to have oh damn really it smells like sprite that is the best thing I’ve smelled all day you just owe me all day I’ve just been smelling Tyler all day and he smells like uh you know what do I smell like you smell like a roasted ham oh the white roses way anticlimactic now yeah it’s just got kind of like a soapy grandma’s house smell together it’s a wonderful fragrance alright so those are my fragrance oils prepped and now we have to move on to making the oil mixture for our bases alright so for my oils I’m gonna start off with two point four bounces of sweet almond oil Oh 2.4 on the dot on the dessert people don’t do that anymore do they no one ever did that all right I’m gonna pretend that didn’t happen followed by four ounces of coconut oil four ounces of olive oil 4 point 8 ounces of palm oil and then finally 0.8 ounces of shea butter oh yeah that is a crinkle-cut goat cheese slice that’s what I’m talking about man and with all of those melted oh my god it’s hot it’s hot and then mixed together our oil soup is ready and it’s time now to make the lye water for our base it’s poison part 2 Bret Michaels strikes back so I’m gonna suit up for safety again hair is up goggles are on and gloves are on cats are gone singular cat cat is gone just me Tyler and some toxins let’s do this now unlike for our soap frosting of where the oils and the lye water need to be cold when we combine them for our cupcake base we’re gonna mix them when they’re at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit each so we’re gonna have to wait for our lye water to cool down all right now it’s at 181 degrees Fahrenheit so we got a second here and also microwave our oil mixture to be warmer yeah let’s do that and after a few minutes they’re both out around the right temperature so they’re pretty much ready to be saponified mix the lye water and the oil all right so now I’m gonna pour the lye water down the shaft of my stick blender all right now pulse your stick blender while stirring oh she’s I forgot how aggressive this thing was until you get to a nice light trace now whilst blending ann-marie mentions this thing called trace which is basically a term that refers to the thickness of your soap batter like once you completely combined your oils and lye water you can stop blending pretty quickly to get a light trace or a soap batter that’s still liquidy and or continue to blend to get a more viscous medium or thick trace and one thing I learned the hard way last time is if you over blend your soap you can’t really control Z it and make it a lighter trace again oh no so we’re gonna be really careful this time and try and get a super light trace to start with do you think it’s trace yet okay I would give it like a couple more bursts because we’ve been burned before it definitely looks like it’s all combined it might not be trace yet but let’s just put in our pigments now and then if it’s not Trace enough we’ll just mix it more later yes right light trace is a perfect time to add fragrance and colorants alright so now we go pigments okay and once our color is fully mixed in ooh that’s pretty that’s super pretty we have to put in half of our fragrance blend as well and mauritius eyeballs it so as she says we do maybe that’s about half one more little spritz continue to blend until medium trace or a thin pudding OSHA’s okay we’re good I think maybe we need to eat more pudding to become better so pers cuz like what is a light pudding versus a medium pudding versus like a flan like I don’t know once you’re out of thin pudding trace pour this into the mold and tap for bubbles alright I would say that this is good to pour what do you think I think so great let’s do it alright so I have my cupcake mold I say let’s boogie boogie central I have to remember this isn’t like actual baking where you’re not supposed to fill it to the top Chiz really okay yeah of course I just don’t know how to get the last bit out you go spank smack that as a con says nay demands smack that all right so now that our mixture is in I’m going to jiggle it a little bit to get rid of air bubbles and to like settle the soap into the mold alright did we faked it I feel like we shaked it you shook tit and then it’s time to move on to our cupcake frosting which surprisingly and intimidatingly is the hard part move yourself out of the way and it’s time to work on step 2 soap frosting okay yeah so for our frosting we’re basically gonna be hand mixing our now solid oils sort of like butter in a buttercream frosting and then adding in our cold lye water and fragrance as we continue to beat so that we come out at the end with a smooth pipe herbal frosting all right ready yeah this is a pretty good I see some hard chunks and I’m just gonna break them up negative in Rose in there I actually am gonna be doing this for like five to seven minutes Oh perfect I want everything to be nice and smooth here I feel like I’m trying to like ride a wild stallion okay I’m okay oh you know what you’re kind of doing like the bucking bronco at a bar yeah this is my mechanical bull this is it all right let’s let’s take a look at this I think that we might be pretty softened we basically just need it to be soft enough so we can like fold in the lye water and then start whipping again yeah I think I’m feeling that from it so let’s bring out the lye now Anne Marie basically says if you’re feeling daredevil ish enough you can pour the lye water in while you’re hand mixing like with the electric mixer but I am nervous that I’m not good at this so I’m gonna fold the lye water in with a silicone spatula as she says it is fair to do it sounds squelchy doesn’t it just to minimize any lies splashing you never ever ever want to splash light and anywhere it’s not an iconic duo lion splashing no so it’s better to be safe than sorry and just makes it very very slowly the lye water is kind of like sort of cooling at the bottom a little but I think I’m getting it I will have a very buff hand by the end of this one one buff hand are you into that Tyler I’m gonna have to be once your lye water is fully incorporated turn on the blender and mix for another probably five to seven minutes Oh right so all of our lye is at least in the bowl and attempted to be folded in so let’s turn on our hand mixer again and just blend the crap out of this thing let’s get those muscles babe all right let’s do it here we go here we go it’s happening it’s happening you’re really looking for your icing to be able to form and sustain peak Ann Marie’s keyword here is definitely Peaks she wants Peaks the whole peak and nothing but the peak peak peak peak speaking abilities it’s getting fluffy fluffy it’s getting fluffy actually I mean I feel like this is pretty frosting EE I think that it is sustaining peaks so I think we could be ready to put in our our fragrance oil shall we yeah pour the rest of the fragrance oil blend into the icing notice this kind of decreases the peaking ability you’re gonna have to blend some more probably another five to seven minutes I’m trying to make sure I get it all get every inch of this thing show it no mercy you want your make sure to be soft enough so that you can actually put it into the frosting bag but yet it needs to also be strong enough to hold whatever frosting Peaks you create oh yeah ty that looks like a peak what do you think about that a peak it’s so hard right now what what this is a really kind of fine line to find all right I think that it can sustain Peaks I think so chill I think it can because I feel like take a look at this yeah ignore the incredibly messy Bowl it works with frosting it looks peachy I think we should go for it all right let’s do it so now I am going to spoon my mixture into my frosting bag and then drag my cupcake bases into the frame and we’re gonna try to do this thing man just gonna scoop a couple scoops into my frosting bag my hand is literally shaking cuz you’re nervous no because I’ve been hand mixing for so long oh damn Ann Marie must be secretly buff dude not so secretly Ann Marie’s definitely bought it there we go hold firmly with one hand and then guide it to the middle of the first cupcake and just put a dollop of frosting in the middle of that cupcake well it’s the moment of truth everyone time to frost mom’s sphaghetti Saffy I’m going for this one okay that looks okay no it’s incredible that looks okay right now move on to the next one we’re going for a dollop in the middle of each of our cupcakes all right here we go we’re dolloping Tyler maybe give them a little bit more she kind of gives it like two Joneses like a bigger dollop like this yeah okay yeah that looks better to me perfect we’re gonna build around these all right all right all right are they holding their form dude definitely cool so what I need to do now is do one circle around the base of that dollop once again I’m going for the same one okay oh oh oh oh good okay okay good too bad Tyler I don’t know move on and do all of the cupcakes oh this provides an excellent base to build gorgeous soap frosting Peaks okay boys stay frosty here and now it’s time to do our peaks all right so I’m gonna go for all the marbles northwards if that makes sense let’s go north I’m gonna go towards the sky okay I’m so nervous start going around your dollop of frosting there we go now we’re building it perfect oh dude it looks like an amateur Yogurtland experiment okay but it’s not a fail no it’s not it’s sustaining peaks look at that peak right there right look at that that’s like a cupcake he’s discovering itself all right let’s try this one too oh the little rogue squirt I did start off with a rogue squirt that looks pretty solid Sofia all right I’m almost not exhaling I’m so worried that these are gonna fall but they’re doing great the good thing is our windows are open so it’s kind of cold in here which is supposed to help the peaks stay yeah nice good height it’s kind of like a nipple yeah yeah it’s exactly like an apology it was literally a nipple there I love the height we’re getting on this this is just fantastic know when you get a little grasp with this guy go a little higher should I make this one tolerance out you’re trying to say hate this guy mr.

Frosty or whatever like that yeah okay who’s our really tall now yeah it’s the Lizard King you’re gonna regret the day you ever messed with me I’m the fuckin Lizard King you don’t even know my real name I will not be blackmailed by some ineffectual privilege defeats soft penis debutante you don’t even know my real name that is what anne-marie is gonna say when she calls our house later I’m The Lizard King alright so it would be stupid for me to try and add more frosting to any of these right this one looks like it could use a little bit more but at the same time I feel like if I fit up worse now I’ll be mad at myself okay so I should just not put it down all right I’m gonna put the frosting bag down put the bag down lady now just the last final few touches time for glitter cuz everything is better with glitter now anne-marie uses sort of like a plain white glitter but on brambleberry.com I found some silver hollow glitter damn that’s a good good and I figured we had to get it oh yeah now let’s have your sleeve oh now I’m just covered in hollow glitter didn’t think about that and then finally gonna top with those really cute pink and beds from earlier alright so now we have our embeds we pop these guys out a couple of hours ago what’s going down I’m yelling timber just in case we needed to redo this entire step but thankfully a lot of them came out pretty well like most of the stars oh my god it’s cute some of the moons oh wait it’s actually I would even say this is hella cute and even a couple of the bats oh so cute and fun came out looking pretty good or at least medium oh the back is messed up but the front is okay and the ones that I completely scarfed with my bad pouring job we’re at least salvageable with an exacto knife now that’s what I call surgery they’re going under the knife what is this the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills yes I’m not gonna apologize for that I’m just gonna let it let it sit so we’ve got a fair amount to work with in terms of what can go on our cupcakes so what I’m gonna do is sort of treat my frosting like clouds in the sky with my stars and moons peeking out from behind the clouds and the bat sort of flying in front Caroline is pulling it off yeah I do like that obviously I have no idea what I’m doing here but I’m just trying to let the muses guide my hand also based on the nature of the soap cupcake once you place an embed you can’t really move it so I just got to be okay with wherever they end up it’s kind of like Pringles but you know the fun does stop right once you pop it the fun does stop yes absolutely all right so those are all of our embeds placed into our cupcakes I’m honestly pretty pleased with them this is my first batch of soap cupcakes and I feel like expectations were pretty low okay so I’m gonna stick my cupcakes in the fridge for a couple of hours woohoo welcome to bootytown what that means I do not know just so the frosting really sets I hope everything goes okay in there all right I guess we should clean up now probably all right so it’s the next day the cupcakes have been sitting in the fridge for a couple of hours and then out of the fridge for many more hours and it feels like it’s time to pop them out of the mold so they can cure in the air not those bottles yes it’s time to pop these bottles it’s time to clap these cakes what time – nevermind is it a butt thing as I said it it’s yes I think so yeah all right I’m going for this one don’t is do it so the way it works if you pull gently away from the side you’re really working to release this air lock obviously I have to like push it up and then grab it from the base oh my god I think I just put my nail in it oh oh oh oh oh it’s out did I put my nail in it too bad a little bit I can just smooth it though right it’s so it’s fine it’s so all right that looks pretty nice the frosting is the asymmetric it’s some interpretive modern flowing it’s like a gaudi house but besides that it looks like a cupcake to me I mean it’s off it looks pretty good so let’s get the rest of these out here and see how we did across the board Oh Oh not bad not bad not bad that’s cupcake number three Oh Tina boot boot in the boot now there are a couple of these that are a little less lumpy a little more straight up and down but in general I would say that they are cute sufficiently badi still intact but not very uniform in fact if I had to describe my cupcakes it would be homemade with love but not much skilled I think you should just go the route of modern art and just go everything’s intentional right exactly it’s duck meant it I put my nail on the side meant that to that rogue squirt right there all part of the plan so with that in mind I hereby present to you our finished cupcakes now in order to actually use these guys as soap bars we have to wait about four to six weeks for them to cure or for all of the water to evaporate out of them I’m so nervous how do I even do this oh it feels so beep but they did last all of those weeks sitting in our kitchen despite almost being destroyed by a rogue sriracha bottle and although we were able to get a nice lather going oh there we go oh yeah okay I will say they are kind of a strange shape to wash your hands with because I’m not exactly sure like how I should grasp them and I also feel a little sad using them because I want them to stay perfect little cupcakes you know so I feel like these will probably end up being more like decorative bath treats rather than functional ones but nonetheless I feel very accomplished having made these on my own or at least in Anne Murray’s shadow because it was overall pretty hard especially for a soap peasant like me thankfully now the only challenge left is to not eat them so I’m off to get a real cupcake before things get ugly thank you guys so much for if you liked that video make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to chumash ID subscribe button a big shout out to Katie for watching thanks for watching Katie and I will see you guys a next time