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– Now that we know that GTA VI is actually happening, there’s going to be endless speculation about where the game will take place, what it will be about, and when it’s going to come out. As you probably already know, there have already been a ton of leaks that have pointed to release dates, map sizes, playable characters, and much more. One can only imagine what GTA VI is going to look like when it finally does drop, but there’s no reason why we can’t take a hard look at the hints we’ve gotten so far. That’s why on today’s episode of The Countdown, we’re going to be covering everything we know about GTA VI so far. Number four: content. Obviously, GTA will always contain the usual elements: cars, guns, crime, you know the formula by now. That being said, Rockstar seems to like to mix things up with every new game in the series. In GTA V, the ability to switch between multiple characters was introduced for the first time.

Now, fans are wondering what Rockstar might have up its sleeve with GTA VI. Although nothing is official, one of the most popular rumors details players being able to control both a criminal and a police officer throughout the game’s story mode. It might be interesting to rob a bank and then play the detective who is trying to solve the crime, almost like a GTA/L.A. Noire mashup. Another interesting theory is that the GTA VI map will be able to evolve in real time. We saw hints of this in Red Dead 2, where buildings would be constructed throughout the game’s story, and even individual NPCs would have their own subplots that would affect how they would appear in the game. Some are speculating that GTA VI will take this to the next level, as skyscrapers could be built over the course of the story.

In-depth random events could take place as well, such as protests and festivals. Some even think the GTA VI online map will gradually change in real time. Obviously, this is all speculation, but Rockstar did lay the groundwork for these changes in Red Dead 2, and we’re sure they’ll try to bring things to the next level with GTA VI. Number three: release date. There have been an incredible amount of rumors regarding the release date of GTA VI. First, the game is rumored to be looking at a holiday 2020 release date, lining it up with the release of the next generation of consoles. This rumor grew when an Australian retailer posted GTA VI on its website for pre-order, with the release date listed as 2020. Then, a GTA forums user who correctly predicted the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 hinted that GTA VI would be announced late March, but that didn’t happen.

Well, not exactly. Most recently, in a report by Kotaku, Rockstar explained that GTA VI is still in the early stages of development, which means the earliest release date is most likely not until 2023. So, while GTA VI is actually happening, it’s probably going to be awhile before we see anything official. Number two: a smaller game. What might surprise some people is the idea that GTA VI might actually be a smaller game than GTA V.

In the same Kotaku interview, Rockstar explained how the company is working to eliminate crunch during its production process, allowing developers to live healthier lifestyles and work shorter weeks while still developing great video games. One of the solutions is to make GTA VI a smaller game, then add updates frequently over time. Before you freak out, it’s important to remember that GTA V is one of the most massive games of all time. So if GTA VI is smaller, it’s still probably going to be a pretty big game. This also isn’t the first time that Rockstar has done something like this. GTA IV might have better graphics than GTA: San Andreas, but San Andreas actually has a much larger map, despite being the older game. We’re expecting GTA VI to do something similar. The game might be a bit smaller in scale than GTA V, but it will also bring things to the next level as far as graphics and gameplay is concerned.

Number one: setting. Obviously, whenever a new GTA game comes out, the map is going to be a huge thing on everyone’s minds. After GTA V took place in an incredibly large and detailed location, people have been spending a lot of time thinking about how Rockstar might be able to set the bar even higher. Could the game return to Liberty City or Vice City? Will it bring players back to Los Santos? Or will Rockstar come up with an entirely new city within the GTA world? Some rumors have even hinted at GTA VI taking place in London or Tokyo, where others have indicated that it could give players the option to travel between Vice City, Los Santos, and Liberty City, all within the same game.

Previously, a leaker even came to Inside Gaming claiming that the next setting would be Vice City. Considering the popularity of the original GTA: Vice City, and the fact that we haven’t seen the city in a game since 2002, we think this could be the most likely setting for GTA VI. To further back up this Vice City theory is the Project Americas rumor, which is the theory that GTA VI will be a drug smuggling game, where players hop back and forth between the US and a Latin American country. To further validate this rumor, within the Diamond Casino update’s racetrack, many players have speculated that there is a hint towards GTA VI’s setting. Various areas of the racetrack resemble parts of the US, including Florida, Michigan, and the Texas-Mexico border. This has led players to believe that GTA VI will allow you to travel across several smaller locations instead of one large map.

And now you know everything that we know about GTA VI. What do you hope to see in the game? Let us know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to ArcadeCloud News, right here on YouTube. More of the best news and lists in gaming. As always, thanks for watching! (cool midtempo music).

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