Testing Viral FASHION & BEAUTY Hacks | #SkinCare #Fun #ShrutiArjunAnand #Anaysa

I had received Viral trend & beauty Hack last time this time too…. I’m going to win as…Successful….Is in my nature!! Chachi Mam appear this woman she’s announcing wear scarf making a tube high like this this Ma’am is announcing we can make a dress with a plazo pants like this now its performed you are watching like Gangu Bai your daughter?? No..My housemaid ok…I’ve yet another Now what you gonna to show us Mam now i’ll let you know such an hack which surely would go there is no have to prove it..Its already handed however why?? What’s on this?? "you do not have got to state the apparent" exhibit her step by step first wash your face with wow skin science Ubtan face wash now you ask what’s on this it clears away the entire impurities out of your face & your dermis will turn out to be smooth and glowy then Gently therapeutic massage your face with Wow Face & body Scrub which exfoliates useless cells and maintains your refresh, recharge & may also aid in tan removal after scrubbing will follow Wow Ubtan Face & body percent making use of this Spatula it makes my skin clear & even tone mine hack too obviously will cross sure i know you could have concern with these Bra straps so that you may put on strapless bra or tube or you can modify like this i will make Lip Balm making use of crayon so this ma’am is announcing first heat up the oil then add crayons in it you then have to wait until the crayons get soften seem this girl is applying lip balm on her eyelids then glitter over it to make Eyeshadow i do not suppose it’s going to work…What if your glitters will fall out when lip balm bought faded i’ll exhibit you learn how to make a costume using each these shirts and the winner is…. My baby my Munna….:-)).

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