Kitchen Hack Testing 13

– Oh my gosh it tastes like the pink Sea. – Have I simply poisoned you? – [Barry] that’s rest room waste. – That really hurt. – that’s all varieties of incorrect. Ah no. Ooh, my gosh that was once no longer reliable. Oh, my that’s disgusting. I’ve done what theinternet’s told me to do. (vivid music) – Come again. – hiya everybody welcometo Kitchen Hack testing quantity…- 12? – I feel it is.- 13.- perhaps. We’re no longer certain, in the event you’ve neglected any don’t forget to have a Barathon,and examine out the rest. However at present, as perpetually Mrs.B does not really comprehend what we’re doing, with the hacks. And we sincerely want these to work. The last video we did, theywere pretty good weren’t they? – yes, it’s the one before that did not.- sure, lets crack on. – sure.- Thanks. I did not comprehend this asyou may or will not be mindful, Mrs. B wears contact lenses do not you? – I do. – And should you wear contactlenses while you chop onions that’s definitely possiblythe exceptional common hack ever in that you do not cry. – No ‘intent it can be defending your eyes, like a film over your eyes.- Yeah. But there’s inventions,there’s like onion goggles, which can be essentially likeswimming goggles pimped up. – Like glasses?- Like glasses, yeah. Does that work as good? It ought to do.- i can take them off.- can you see me from here? – Yeah, i will be able to see you. – What about there? – I cannot see the digital camera monitor. – What?! I simply realised we were like, "All correct, so now geta really sharp knife and chop up an onion." I can’t see some thing.- i can see proper in front of me.- that you may, are you able to? – Yeah.- and you have got to kinda cry. Okay?- sure. – So this is some bread and what i am gonna do, Idon’t recognize if it can be principal, that you toast it butwe’re gonna toast it, ok? – k and i might likebite, keep it in my mouth, at the same time I chop? – style of yeah, apparently.Any style of thing, good I in reality advised that in the event you stick your tongueout whilst you chop an onion that, that does the equal thing too. – it is rationale your minds beingtaken away from the onion and more center of attention on that. – Your intellect or do you consider,like, the fumes, the onion? – No, it can be all about,I suppose it is all to do, – it’s intellectual?- intellectual. – ok, then, well if you’re like, if you happen to fairly believethat chop this onion now and focus on not crying, there you go. – k. – Are ya crying but? – i’m specializing in some thing else. – good what are you excited about? – don’t need to understand.- God.- Oh, ok.- What? Are you crying? My eyes are stinging.- Are they? – Yeah.- Let me have a look. Let’s have a appear. – i don’t ever have this sense. – What you crying? – No, like the stinging sensation. I continually put on my contact lenses. – appear, toast. Are you able to reduce an additional onion after which we’ll stick this to your mouth and spot if it makes a difference. – proper.- okay. (laughing) I did present to do this. (mumbling by way of the toast) – What? – this can be a sharp knife. – There you go, there you go. – good, you can’t. – well are your eyes stinging? – yes, yes, they’re. I do not. – good its no longer working then, is it? – No.- All right, sorry. K, so we’re gonna crack on. Mrs. B is using a few of that onion and some beef and pork minceto make some meatballs. That’s going to come on toone hack in just a moment. But, also, at the same time that’sstarting the process, you all right? Completely satisfied, are you k? – Yeah, i am first-rate. – i am gonna do somethingelse, a different hack. Involving one of the crucial easiest approaches of making a poached egg, it seems that. (kitchen clatter) – tell me when to stop. I don’t like doing this. – [Barry] Working as just a little of a crew right here. There is some seasoning, yeah. (grinding) – [Mrs. B] discontinue. – this can be a bowl and thehack that i’m about to do is all about this ladle. And i’m a little bit worried considering that this, our ladle, is not steel, right Mrs.B? – proper.- that is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna poach an egg on this. Oh no. (laughing) I was concentrating too much on, I seemed on the digital camera very speedily. Um, no, no, no, yes. – ok, cool. – [Barry] Are you competent forthis, what are your ideas? – i am, i am thinkingis it gonna waft out? – [Barry] good, let’s, no you need to submerge it on the skin, gently. If fact, we could aswell doing it now. – [Barry] it’s just aboutto Simmer, isn’t it? – [Mrs. B] I turn it down a bit bit? – [Barry] just to the backside, like that. – [Mrs. B] Like that?- [Barry] Yeah. Just making certain thatwater doesn’t get in there. – [Mrs. B] Oh, k, I thoughtwe needed to put it correct beneath. – [Barry] Yeah, so what’sgonna happen is it is form of, i suppose, cook dinner it. – [Mrs. B] however does it have to be metallic? – [Barry] good I was considering that. – To conduct the warmth. – [Barry] It will have to however thenthis is gonna nonetheless get warmness.I just have no idea the conductionof that verses the steel. Ahhh! – [Mrs. B] I suppose it is safeto say yours isn’t working. – [Barry] Yeah that’s correct. Well, we’ll simply use yours then. Yeah that’s been in thereabout three minutes, now. – Oh, lo, lo, seem, it can be working already. – [Barry] What?! Oh my gosh. Good we are not looking for this then. – [Mrs. B] No.- [Barry] that is exceptional. Seem at that.- [Mrs. B] Wow. – [Barry] in no way idea of this earlier than. The only obstacle is, appear, you’re variety of stood there, keeping it. Where as with a, some ofthe items which you can get they only dangle on the sideof the pan and do it for you.- [Mrs. B] My fingers opening to discomfort. – [Barry] Is it? You wanna tag crew? Here.- i am all right. – [Barry] you are k? – i’ll wait til— [Barry] Has it obtained hot? – now not but. I will wait until it will get hot. Then which you could have a flip.- [Barry] Thanks lots mate. – [Mrs. B] this is the longesttwo minutes of my life. – [Barry] it can be undoubtedly working. It’s just a lot longer than,you already know, what you can hope. This is no shaggy dog story, Mrs. B’sbeen stood there for approximately six, seven minutes now. – was it relatively? – Yeah, I simply appeared on the time, yeah. It started so well, failed to it? – Yeah, it caught reallyquickly across the edges and it can be simply slowly.- [Barry] it can be gettingthere, nonetheless isn’t it. Mrs. B, what you thinkI’m gonna do with this? – Ah, put meatballs in it? – Yeah, good guess.- okay. – So the meatballs, we havegot an ice cream scoop here and it appears, i didn’t recognize this, you can bake meatballs in these. That you would be able to element them up, yeah. And it’ll soak up the fats. – No method. – method. – you are gonna put cardboard in the oven? – good i exploit to do that allthe time with huge food bowls. – Oh, yeah. But you’d wrap them in foil. You do not must wrapit in foil or anything? – No it seems that now not.So that you just use the ice creamscoop to aid get the shape. That is beautiful decent, that’s worked good. And actually put it, component it in there. Like a holster for the meatballs. – What? – i know, it’s crazy proper? – they are going to on the whole be cookedby the time this eggs performed. – is that this the whole video now? You’re simply, like,gonna be cooking an egg, i’m doing the rest on my own? Apparently we will stickthis right in oven, now. You preserve cooking that egg. Good how’s that going? – I need to sneeze, can youhold the egg while I sneeze? I think you are a bittoo eager on the toast. – [Barry] Oh really, yeah. – [Mrs. B] i do not like cold toast. – [Barry] Oh, yeah, thatpopped up about 5 hours ago. It can be bizarre intent it’s type of executed but there may be a bit bit ofegg white simply sat on the top correct with the aid of the yolk, isn’t there? – [Mrs. B] Yeah. – [Barry] it is simply no longer going away. That is like twenty minutes now. – Yep. – [Barry] Day five.Ok, in that time, I’vealso peeled a potato, equipped for the following hack. So we’re gonna get our cold toast and the way will we get it out? What are you gonna do? – [Mrs. B] I was once gonnajust run a knife round it. – [Barry] All proper, go for it, let’s see. – [Mrs. B] well, it can be lovely stable. – [Barry] Is it? Oh no, what if we now have ruined it and it lives in there forever. (laughing) look on the stick of that. It form of worked. But it surely’s no longer coming off of there, yeah. I imply it’s completed. – [Mrs. B] cling on. – [Barry] Yeah, it’s accomplished. Seem at that yoke, it’s well cooked. – [Mrs. B] Yeah, that’snot a good poached egg. – [Barry] No, it’s cooked through a lot that some of it hasgot close to hard boiled. – I was once considering thiswas a relatively excellent hack. I used to be relatively confident. – [Barry] First tenseconds, yeah, in any other case. – Twenty minutes later, mm-mm. – Mrs. B, the other day wemade a devastatingly first-rate, you perhaps able to see itin the heritage, humans, tomato and basil soup.- We did. – We made way an excessive amount of, as most soups. – Yep. – So we in most cases preserve it in the fridge and work our approach throughit, often the freezer. And it was close to like asign for this next one. – It used to be. – it appears, thus thereason we did the potato, if you– i do not relatively,i do not like this suggestion rationale it’s a quite best soup.But in the event you over salt,like insanely over salt, a sauce or a soup by using shoving in a potato and letting it simmer it down, the potato will absorb the saltiness. – i do not wanna smash my soup. – The people need to be aware of. – k. I used to be really lookingforward to consuming this. – well, confidently, ifit works, you continue to are. That is the factor. So let’s get it in. That’s relatively, rather bloodless. That is no longer very pleasant in any respect. – satisfactory cold soup. – however, are you aware what it wants, Mrs. B? It desires an unnecessarylarge mountain of salt. – that’s sufficient. – good, oh my gosh. I’ve carried out what theinternet’s instructed me to do. What persons despatched me, appear. Ah, I’ve gotta scan it now, haven’t I? – Yep, you do.Did I do this factor when you’re feeding yourchildren and also you go. – GAH! Oh my gosh, it tastes like the red Sea. – Have a simply poisoned you? – Gah, Jesus! My lungs consider likethey’ve just long past, boing. – you might have had like your weekscontent of salt, sorry. – Let’s get this hack to work Let’s have a seem. – Oh, why seem. Seem like they’re quite prepare dinner, yet.But you will see. – [Barry] Oh, they lookamazing, no, no look at that. – [Mrs. B] look, you will see the fats. – [Barry] Oh, wow. Yeah the fat been absorbedinto the packaging. That is what we wanted. – [Mrs. B] possibly weneed to show them over? – [Barry] Yeah, let’s takeem out and turn them over. That’ll be enjoyable. Oh, look at them. – [Mrs. B] That needs to cooking a little. – [Barry] Yeah, it needs abit of browning on the top however it’s still, it can be now not purple. What other cardboardcan we put in the oven? Discover for your self,let us know down under. Go to your recycling binand get some cardboard out and bake it. So we’re letting it simmer. I just suppose we simply keep it going. Like, maybe about twentyminutes, we provide it that? Oh my gosh, keep there. Truely, appear up proper, sluggish.You’re wearin the hat. You’re sporting the sombrero, appear. The cardboard reduce out, Homer Sim– Let’s divert from thatand do something I believe, i am rather optimistic will work. – ok. – Um, you make caramelprimarily with sugar and cream but in addition there is a hack the place that you may get some condensed milk, which is the tin herefrom the tremendous market, pour it right into a microwave proof jug. Microwave it for,apparently, five minutes. It would fluctuate relying onyour wattage of microwave, ours is 800 watts. In order to provide usinstant, pourable caramel. – [Mrs. B] Oh, oops. – It did say five minutes.So let’s supply it that. – Oh please, that is a brand new microwave. Let’s no longer spoil the new microwave. – [Barry] What’s that, yeah, really, this is a brand new microwave,I failed to tell anybody that. That is sincerely the identical model. We received a new one rationale I kindof destroyed the top of it. Oh my gosh, oh shit! It is black! Sorry bout that. Oh wow, could want abit more time on it now. – [Mrs. B] Why? – [Barry] I have no idea.I have no idea what we’re doing rather. It can be all just a little of a guess,is not it? Oh my gosh. – [Mrs. B] What occurs if it’s too. I suppose we’re gonna maintain stopping it. – [Barry] good, yeah butit’s gonna burst once more. – well, what will we do if it does that, put it in a greater bowl? – [Barry] that’s like theend of a Eastenders episode, i’m waiting for the do, do, do, do. I have no idea. But my factor is it’s gonna brown quickly but then I believe that brown factor is getting very close tobeing burnt very quickly as good. In different words we mightneed a new microwave once more. What we thinking? – Is it intended to be golden brown? – well, it is supposed tobe brown, it’s caramel. Good we do have a low wattage microwave.Yeah, maintain going, maintain going. We have not precisely given it a fair crack of the whip have we? – a few minutes? – [Barry] Yeah. What the heck? – it is effervescent. – [Barry] good that’sgood, we want it to bubble. Oh, appear, there’s a bit of patch there. – [Mrs. B] Oh, can we hold going? – [Barry] Yeah, let’s go. That’s the first traces. It’s the primary traces of caramel. – okay. (laughing) – [Barry] Yeah, you don’t care.Ah, go on then, straight in there. Stir that around. – [Mrs. B] Oh, appear. – [Barry] Oh my gosh. – Jesus, that’s like a, like, a quite, really bizarre texture. – [Barry] that is like burnt rice pudding. – [Mrs. B] Yeah, I’mnot certain we must of. – [Barry] Whatcha meanit’s now not accomplished, it is burnt. – What, no it’s now not, that is caramel. – [Barry] that’s not caramel. That is rest room waste. It’s consider to be a smooth caramel sauce. – look, it’s great. How long had been you supposed to put it in for? – [Barry] 5 minutes. It’s been in there about eight now. – possibly we had been intended to putit in for 5 and then stir it and it might had been first-class and caramely. – Nah it mentioned five and then just right. – identical to that? 5, good.- [Barry] Yeah. – it’s sizzling. – [Barry] Did you prefer that up? – No I simply stick myfinger in it to taste it. – [Barry] Why?! – simply that relatively damage.- [Barry] Are you k? – No. – [Barry] All right, don’t fear again motive your caramel’s competent. Oh, my gosh, no. No, no, no, that is all types of flawed. Look at that. Disgusting. – [Mrs. B] I believe it wouldwork. I feel it used to be us. – I suppose you are proper. But I think it, why is the video sayingfive minutes leave it when– – possibly it used to be, we have been supposed to when you consider that when I stirred it before all underneath was once brown, itdidn’t seem brown on the top. – Yeah. Just realised that themeatballs are still in there. Howdy, at the least they’re gonna be achieved. The meatballs are competent. We mainly forgot about em. Appear at these. So just right. – can you see the fats? – i can, seem, it’s allabsorbed in the box, yeah.That is top notch. Yeah. So whist that shenaniganshas been taking place this is diminished down notably. – well it has rationale nowyou can see the potato, see what you imply. I turned it over and theside that was once within the soup was once soft however the other aspect was once rock hard. – k, if it’s rock rough that implies it’s not gonnaabsorb as a lot of the salt, is it quite?- No. – motive it needs to be– – needs to be?- Shall I scan some? Oh my God. No. Yes, do definitely preserve that simmering up. Actually, we often slicethat potato into quarters so it cooks down faster. I consider it wants to bereally softened via. If that’s gonna work. That still tastes just as bad. I feeling very confidentabout these meatballs though. I’m gonna like, pickone correct out correct now. Mmm, yeah that is just right. Prepare dinner via, excellent. I like that there. That is pretty intelligent. – I consider so. – I do not know if we’d ever do it once more. And that i can’t style the packaging both.All right so this is the last one even as we see if that simmers down and becomes moderately less salty. What do you think? I don’t feel it’s gonna work, nope. – i’m now not hopeful. – however this last one, have you ever been inthe concern Mrs. B, the place you’re like, "I really need to make donutsbut where’s my donut cutter?" – sure, everyday. – perhaps you are able to do it along with your own selfmade donut cutter factor.Undergo with me. This can be a bit weird causeyou have to get a bottle where it’s narrow on the high due to the fact that you need the narrow bit, ok. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh that used to be now not riskless. I’m simply gonna get this off to begin with. So there you go. We’ve got got, ok, a circular bit. – that does not seem much like a donut. – i do know, that’s, yeah, welldone we now have accomplished a donut. That is now not it, but, k. It will get better. What we do is we glue this into that after which you may have acquired a ring andthen a, like a, like an egg.I was gonna say whatever else, look. Ya see? That is a excellent donut cutter. – Oh the donut, I see the donut form now. – Yeah, you glue this on there. You glue that on there after which this becomes likeyour little stamper thing to raise off. So that you can just do just whatI’ve performed together with your bottle. – No thanks. It is a little bit lopsided. But this to begin with,wants to be glued onto that. – can i ask a question? – yes, why are you raising your hand? (laughing) We’re not a school. – Are we, are we making donuts? – we are. – Are we? – [Barry] There you go, sothat goes down on there. Sure, you see, there we go. So now you will find, it’sall glued and dried. Now you have got got your little stamper thing that you would be able to decide on up. And also you obtained your circleinside your circle. – I do not feel it’ll work. – one of the simplest approaches to make donuts if you are in an absolute rush,I mean it can be now not reliable, however in a position made puff pastry.This does absolutely work although as a little bit get out of penal complex hack on the grounds that you could fry it andit’ll self-praise somewhat bit. Kinda like a cronut. – I’ve in no way visible this before. – well I’ve in no way achieved itbefore but it surely does work. – ok. – I saw it on the web,similar to all these hacks. What would go incorrect? Here we go. It can be now not gonna be themost accurate form donut. You might see how it might workish. Probably no longer. – I imply I simply, take this bit out? – I have no idea what we’ve carried out.The center bits colossal. That is why I thought the bottle lid and that is no longer what the hack advised us. We now have finished what the hack stated. Yeah. It can be a donut.- it is a donut. – however the specific donut hole is better than the precise donut itself. – Yeah however you may have obtained two types of donuts. – sure, that is precisely what we’ve got performed. I mean it’s style of working. We’re making bizarre shapes and stuff. However I’ve bought a littlepan here with the oil. We’re just gonna shallow fry them and just hopefully make em work. That’s relatively various center for a donut. I wonder if we should fry those as good. – [Mrs. B] I feel so. – seem, they’re softened now. If we go away that anymore thepotatoes gonna go into the soup and i am seeing traces of burn mark. Oh my gosh. The potato will go into the soup and it can just tastelike mashed potato sauce. So i am actually gonnalift out the potato. I’m gonna test that. I am gonna see if that is salty itself, if it has absorbed whatever.That’s one option to really scan it, i assume. Oh, wow. – [Mrs. B] appears like an onion ring. – [Barry] It does, doesn’t it. All proper, so we’re just makinga very base cinnamon sugar. I gonna feel these aremore like churros, without a doubt. However I imply, it is the same style of idea. And over right here, now we have gotour donut frying away. I consider we will dunk thisnow, let’s have a appear. It’s obtained a exceptional colour on it. Straight within the cinnamon sugar. Oh, is it burnt? No that is the cinnamon.- No that is the cinnamon. – Woooo, this is fun. Oh, that is got some good color on it.Yeah, let’s simply get oneof these on there as well. Seem at that. That is fun. Ok, so with themslightly extra drained off. Little rush around in the cinnamon. – [Mrs. B] Oh pleasant. – seem at that, that is first rate. Ok it can be time for a bitof pleasure and ache. I think like that is gonnabe the pain bit first. Go on then. It can be now not a cake, blowing out the candles. – It tastes like I’ve swallowed the sea. – it’s no longer just right.- That has no longer worked. – No, oh my God. How did you even no evenreact more than that. Oh my, that’s disgusting. That’s actually likegetting a entire bathtub of salt and going agrf. – that’s horrible. – but, let’s just do some test to peer if the potato tastes of salt. Yes it does. – Does it, wow. – sure it does, wow. – So perhaps there used to be (laughing). – try that. – No thank you, I think you. – it can be similar to anyone’s got a chip and simply completelydumped salt everywhere it and it’s over pro it. Wow. Anyway we now have obtained somethingmuch nicer than that, now we have received.- We made pastry donuts. – we have now on no account performed this before. That is unique, thiscould be a new thing. I am gonna are trying a little circular one, one of the holes. Do you need one? Oh, no, purpose you’veeaten three off digicam. – Two, most effective two. – Two, even as I virtually burnt myself. – I do believe a bit in poor health. They do taste like those donutsthat you buy on the fair. – Yeah, that’s worked relatively, particularly good. It can be like a burdened pastry. But as a hack, quite a few peoplethat as a get out of crisis to make emergency donuts. And that is pretty good.- they’re excellent. – so much less salty than the soup. One more batch of hacksdone and within the bag. I consider there’s a pair that if we did what wethought we would do, just like the caramel onewith the condensed milk, if we did stir it. Now not like what the video instructed us to do. It potentially would have worked better. – I think so. – i’m trying to think of person who was, I imply the donuts were k.They style amazing. – The meatballs, I wasreally shocked at that. I didn’t ever believe you might do this. – The meatballs and ifyou bought quite a few sufferers, the egg one, perhaps oil it quite. It is going to kinda work. However the meatball wasprobably the best one at present. – I feel so. – for those who wanna see some even worse ones examine out the relaxation of the playlist. But the last video we did,they’re in reality beautiful excellent. There was once a few intriguing ones on there. If you happen to seen any otherhacks do ship them in.Do have a Barathon andsubscribe if you’re now not already. And good we acquired some soup to consume. Blahhh. Check your degree participant it doesn’t matter what your style The kitchens for me, sideburns, moustache,goatee probably or three I’ve carried out what theinternet’s advised me to do..

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