Hello, it is Sandi! Welcome back toCutePolish. At present, Juli can be trying out out the Azure Dip Powder Nail StarterKit which is presently the highest dip powder package on Amazon! We’ll have a linkfor you guys to this dip powder kit within the description field beneath. Ff you aren’tfamiliar with dip powder nails, practically they’re easy to apply athome, nevertheless there are a variety of steps. However it’s valued at it considering the fact that the manicureends up lasting for weeks until you’re ready to eliminate them! Additionally,dip powder is tremendous robust so that you may even add false suggestions to your nails and thedip powder will keep them on. Hiya, it can be Juli! Now let’s soar right on into thevideo. So whilst you get your Azure dip powder set, this is what its gonna looklike. It is available in a gorgeous big field and now we’re gonna take out the contents and notice what’s inside of! So of course you get your little paperproducts just like the directions and the shop you get it from on Amazon and theinstructions on this are very thorough and i love that they’ve pics foreach step.You get two nail records. One is lovely coarse for buffing down layers ofthe dip powder and the opposite is delicate. And also you get a cuticle oil, a woodencuticle stick, a brush to wash off the excess powder… Which I fairly like.You get one clear base dip powder and three colors as well because the 5 stepliquids. So as you will see, you rather get everything you want for a whole dipmanicure! Okay, so step one within the instructions is to use the 1st step whichis bond and that is mainly a dehydrator. Next i’m going to go aheadand simply take away all the seals from the powder while that’s drying on mynails and i fairly like that every one of those did include a protecting seal sothat i know that they have not been used.Next i will be applying the step twoliquid which is a base to my nails. On the grounds that prior to now this has driedreally rapid for me, I did this one nail at a time. So I utilized it and then Idipped it into the clear base powder. So normally previously when i’ve donethis, the base liquid dries tremendous duper rapid, which is why I do it so speedy! Butthis base surely has somewhat little bit of a drying time so i realized that it tookmaybe thirty seconds to wholly dry. So I wouldwait somewhat bit and then dip it into the powder. So i would follow it, maybewait 15 seconds, after which dip it in. Otherwise i noticed that once I woulddust off the powder, which I additionally endorse waiting a little bit earlier than you dirt offthe excess with the brush, i might certainly dent the dip powder which I’venever had happened before.But I type of like that the bottom does take a littlebit longer to dry than other dip powder kits I’ve tried. I additionally discover that thebase powder utilized very evenly and it stuck to all of the ingredients of the baseliquid that I utilized. So i am getting a little bit in the back of, but subsequent I utilized thebase liquid again and then I dipped it into the colour powder. So first i’m doingthe crimson and that i did that on my index and pinky now and subsequent i’ll dip itinto the red powder and be certain because the directions say should you get any ofthat base liquid for your dermis to remove it earlier than dipping into the powder andthe instructional materials also say to dip your finger into the dip powder at a45-degree angle after which pull it out. I like to tap off the excess powder once more,wait 30 seconds, and then dust off the surplus that’s on the skin and the nailwith the brush. So the crimson powder and the crimson powder seemed to be almostopaque after the primary coat however with the glitter I might tell that it was once likedefinitely going to be a full coverage glitter! And unluckily, as that you could seehere, this is the place i spotted that I had to watch for the powder to dry a littlebefore dusting with extra given that as one can find it picked up some of theliquid and the powder and it received caught to the comb and that i on no account used to be able tofully do away with it.The directions say to go back in with an extra coat repeatingthose steps so that is what I did. After I applied two coats of the dippowder, I gave it a thorough dusting and then Iapplied the activator liquid. The instructional materials say to let this dry for twominutes and then that you can transfer on to filing. So subsequent I used the coarse gritfile that came within the package to file down the bulk of the powder and then Iswitched over to the softer grit one to just gentle out the skin.As you cansee here as I used to be filing and a little little bit of the powder chipped off. I am no longer definite ifthis is on account that I applied to the base liquid unevenly and it picked up in moderation in that area, but that did happen on the purple colorednail. I also discovered it very unusual that the instructions failed to say to dip yournails back into the clear base powder after you applied the color ones.Ilooked in every single place on the instructions and it definitely did not say to do that.In the past that’s what i have carried out to seal in the colour in order that when I’mfiling it, i don’t by accident file the color powder. After which once I was happywith the filing and the whole lot was smoothed down, the directions say toapply one layer of the top coat and allow two minutes to dry after which apply asecond layer of the highest coat. For me, every time I’ve used dip powder kits, thetop coat is not quite like a top coat. It smells like nail glue and it does drywith a sheen but it surely’s not like a glossy high coat.So i am on no account utterly satisfiedwith the shine of the highest coats for these kit. However this one was lovely great!If I were to use like a gel topcoat over high, I consider it would appear further vibrant and really lovely! So total I think this package is exceptional forbeginners and you really do get everything you want for a entire dipmanicure. In order for you to watch extra important CutePolish movies which you can clickon these boxes here and make certain to click on on the circle to subscribe to CutePolish for a new video per week! If you want to investigate out my individual nailchannel that you can click on on the circle here. Thanks for stopping by using and we’ll see younext time!.

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