Testing Viral TikTok Life Hacks with STEPHEN SHARER!!! (Part 2)

– Oh, whats up sharers, what’s going on? Welcome back to my channel. In these days we are going to do a crazy challenge involving this jumbo, Iguess, what is it called, cube or whatever? – [Stephen] Jumbo cube. – Yeah, jumbo dice, there you go. And on each part of this jumbo dice, now we have distinctive TikTok lifehacks that we ought to experiment. Oh yeah, appear at that. Whoever absolutely wins, wins $10,000. And no longer simply $10,000,we’re all hanging in cash. Our own cash from our bankaccounts to make $10,000. So that you fairly don’twanna lose this assignment or you’ll lose your own cash.So everyone, put on your money,mine’s clearly in my shoe. – Mine is– – this is my $three,333. That is a third of $10,000. Okay, there may be Stephen’s. John, the place’s yours? – Yeah, I rather don’twanna lose this assignment. That is about $three,333. – k. So a total of $10,000. Oh my gosh, I don’twant to lose any cash, so I higher win this mission. So who wishes to head first? – [Stephen] i assume you. – k, let’s have a look at. (drum roll) Whoa, okay, get some thing excellent. Rapid cost iPhone. Oh, I fairly quite wantedto see this one work ’cause it can be kinda intelligent. – good Grace, I alreadydid this Tiktok venture on my channel with atomato and it did not work, so you are no longer gonna get a point.- good, this isn’t with a tomato, and that i think this one will sincerely work since it’s with an outlet. How can that not work? – What? – Yeah, come on, let’s go are attempting it. So to do that project, you want a iPhone charger and iPhone. Everyone is aware of I don’thave my iPhone anymore. It obtained stolen. So Stephen, can i use yours? – [Stephen] here is mine. – okay, excellent.So you take the top of the charger, you don’t plug to your phone relatively yet. You come right down to the outlet,stick it in for ten seconds. One, two, three, 4, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. So then you definitely ought to dothis part tremendous quick. You’re taking it out and you plug it in. (gasps) Oh my gosh! – No approach! Is it rather charging? – Oh after which it stopped.- Oh, it stopped correct away. – So like it does work, butit would not cost endlessly. – [Stephen] that’s so cool! – i do know. – now not an awfully effectiveway to cost your cellphone. – So I believe like, sure it works, but i do not suppose I get a factor considering the fact that it would not continue to charge. So let’s head again out. Let’s get some more facets. John, you’re up. – up to now, nobody has any facets, ‘purpose Grace’s did not really work. – i do know, it used to be cool,however, no point for me. – Now it’s my flip, hope I get a factor.Alrighty, 3-2-1! – [Stephen] Go! – Whoa, whoa, whoa that used to be an effortless one. Let’s examine what you get. Whoa, whoa! – [Stephen] Oh, oh, oh. – [Grace] Ooh! Oh, you’ll be able to like this one. – [Stephen] Grilled cheese. – How does this one work? – you are making grilled cheesewith a clothing iron. Grilled cheese with out a cooking capabilities. – So, all you use is a clothing iron? – Yeah, you can like this one’cause you wish to snack. – true. Let’s head inside and see if this works. First matters first, Igot to make the sandwich. – How are you presupposed to make a grilled cheese with no range? Okay, if this works,this will likely be relatively cool. – o.K., there we go.Let’s go get a apparel iron. O.K., watch out. We’re gonna make somegrilled cheese, competent? – [Stephen] 3, 2, 1, go. (boing) – John, you need to plug within the iron. – all right, let’s do that first. (laughs) – You need the heat to make it cook dinner. – Oh, that makes extra sense. – ok. – Is it cooking? Is this the way you do it? – Yeah. Now I feel you’re justsupposed to maintain it, and i consider it would take a little bit whilst. – Oh, I hear it working. You can hear it.- Yeah. – Yeah, i’m getting hungry now. – Oh my gosh i can odor it. – Smelling just right. Making grilled cheese. Howdy, maintain it pressed on there and, maybe yet another minute, it will be good to head. Bon urge for food. Right here we go, second of fact. You competent? – i hope it made grilled cheese. – I see some string cheese. (crowd cheering) It worked! – ultimate experiment, John. (Grace gasps) Grilled cheese. – [John] best- [Grace] Oh my gosh. – Oh, yeah. That is what i am talking about. Mm, it is quite good too. – Wow, John, you get a factor, this means that you are in the lead. Stephen, it’s your turn to roll. – Kay, my flip to get a factor. Let’s go Sharers to the again yard. – Let’s go. – hello, supply me a factor. I call this, the kick and pick.- [Grace] Whoa! K. – let’s have a look at. – [Stephen] what is it? – [Stephen And John] Frozen water balloon. – Oh yeah, I’ve noticeable this one. It looks just like the waterballoon gets frozen in time. Will this work? I have no proposal, however let’s discover! Obtained duct tape, scissors,and a colossal balloon that we’re about to fill with water. – think adore it’s an edit that humans do. I suppose like they only pause the video, and it would not clearly work. – we’ll the hose over here. Let’s do this. Grace, once I say go, turn that hose on. Go. – Fill it up. – right here we go. (Grace and Stephen exclaim) that is strong.- Stephen, you recognize that you simply customarily use a natural measurement ballon, no longer aextra massive balloon, proper? – Yeah, I relatively wantthis to be frozen in time. – [John] I don’t know if it’ll work with a balloon that enormous, Stephen. – don’t consider? – [John] we will see. – And, for a little surprise i’ve some thing throughout the balloon. So, we will see what occurs.- What’d you set inside of it? – Oh, nothing. Kay, you understand what Grace? Go ahead and turn off the hose on the way to tie this balloon off. It is high-quality and enormous. – Tie it? – let’s examine. Oh, so much a water. So tie this thing off. Take a section of duct tape, and you are gonna wannaplace this onto the balloon. – Kay. – k. – Let’s hope we get this correct. – second of fact. Kay, let’s go in for surgery, ready? – [John] Yeah. – let’s have a look at. – Get back, right here we go. Three, two, one. – Whoa! (disappointed trumpet) – Oh my goodness! It’s too colossal of a gap! – [John] It definitelylooks like it’s moving. – Yeah. – So looks like no point for Stephen. – without a doubt, keep on. Let me go yet another time. This time it is gonna work. Determine this out. Right here we go, in a position? Three, two, one, go. – i’m standing back. – [Both] Ooh. – provide it a little bit boost. – Is it working? – [John] Yeah, wait, kinda entirely is.Yeah yeah yeah. – [Grace] Oh my gosh, itjust desires a little bit… Oh my gosh! There it goes, it can be working! Look at that! It is like frozen in time. Do you see that, John? – [John] Yeah, whoa! – it is working for sure. – [Grace] Yeah. – Yeah, there we go, I bought a factor! (yells) – Oh my gosh! – [John] Stephen! – Stephen! (yells) My white sneakers! – [John] My white sneakers! – Sorry about that. However whats up, I nonetheless received a point. Frozen in time labored, yeah! – So the score is currently,Stephen has one point, John, you’ve gotten one point, i’ve zero, however that is about to change, considering that it’s my turn to toss the die. – ready? – [John] excellent success! – Get whatever excellent! Oh my gosh, no method – Wait. – Vacuum within the bag. (John laughs) – Oh I’ve obvious this one. – [John] I’ve noticeable this one. – Wait, does that meanI’m going throughout the bag? – Yeah. – [John] Yeah. – Oh my gosh. I’ve received the enormous trash bag, and the vacuum cleaner. (vacuum sucking) Oh boy, i am somewhat nervous for this.- I feel that is gonna be hilarious. – Yeah, enjoyable for you! But now not me. – Hop in. Do not do this at dwelling, Sharers. This, is for authorities most effective. – Kay, here i’m going. No turning back. K, i’m in, now I ought to sit down down. Ah, ideal. – keep it tight, and simply don’tlet it go above your head. – Kay, tie it. – Tie it. There, ready? Three, two, one. (screams) (vacuum sucking) (all exclaiming) – [John] (laughs) It labored! – That feels so weird! Oh yeah, I get a factor.Seem a that. (screams) Whoa. I get a point, whoo! K, who’s up subsequent? – John, that is you. – every person has one point so far. This is my flip to get within the lead, capable? – Tied recreation, let’s see what you get. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, k. K, let’s see. Is it a good one? – hold going. – Oh my gosh. Whoo! Yes! Cotton sweet.- Cotton sweet. I like this one, it can be so satisfying. – Yeah. – Let’s go within and give it a shot. Obtained the cotton candy. – [Grace] Oh my gosh. – let’s have a look at what happens. – That appears so yummy. – able? – Yeah. – [Stephen] Three two one. – (gasps) Oh my gosh! – [All] Whoa! – [Stephen] No method. – Oh my gosh. Look at that. – Whoa. – Oh wait, appear. Oh my gosh, it similar to, whoa! Oh my gosh! – And it can be long past. – it can be gone. – [Stephen] similar to that. – Wait so, just– – that’s the coolest thing ever. Seem how blue the water is. – [Stephen] are trying some, John. – should I style it? – [Stephen] Yeah, for definite. – [Grace] Oh my gosh, that is a jumbo cup.- [Stephen] (gasps) What’s it style like? – Whoa! It’s like sugarycotton sweet water. – Oh my gosh, I wanna taste it. – Do it, it is so just right. – ok, let’s examine. (gasps) Yum! Oh my gosh, it style’s so excellent. John, that’s surely a factor. – Oh yeah, this is apretty enormous factor, too. – ok, good let’s getback outside so i can spin and get an additional point. Let’s do that, Tiktokchallenges, here we go. Time to get my 2d point. Everybody be careful. Hello-yah! – k, obtained hit there. – [John] What you get? What’s it, what’s it, what’s it? – Tattoos! – [John] Ooh! – you’re getting a tattoo. – Tattoo, assess it out.Let’s go get the point. This one’s certainly gonna work. The perfume tattoo Tiktok existence hack. Investigate this out, this is justa average percent of paper, with a share the love logo one it. We’re gonna flip this right into a tattoo. So all we have got to do is take this, we spray it with some perfume. Beautiful respectable, like this. Gotta get it super moist. Identical to this. After which, peel this off, andyou stick it in the water. – [Grace] okay, cautiously. – similar to this. – [Grace] perfect. – Then, I take the fragrance,and i spray my dermis, identical to this, whereyou wanna practice it to. – [Grace] that is coolif this is going to work. – [John] Yeah, i might be amazed,however it’d be quite neat. – Now I cautiously grabthis out of the water. I want support. Right here Grace, you snatch it out. – Kay. Now, location it down. – moment of actuality. I’m a about to get ashare the love tattoo. Able? Correct there, a bit of extra down. Similar to that. – ideal. – And, let’s have a look at, capable? – [John] Yeah, i am hoping this works.- Three, two, one, go. (disillusioned track) – [John] Wait. – Nothing. – failed to even come off. – So bizarre, it didn’t work at all. – Nothing. – For some rationale this one, is a fail. – [John] Yeah, it didn’t work. – Darn, I fairly desired that one to work. Well, there is six facets on the dice, and that was six rounds,so it looks like John, you’re the winner. Me and Stephen misplaced our ownmoney that we worked for. – [John] All right, hand over the cash. – So now, next vlog is goingto be a particularly crazy vlog, because i have never toldStephen my secret yet. So I better inform him. So stay tuned for subsequent vlog, and until then Sharers,you know what to do. Stay exceptional, and share the love. Peace. – Wait, what secret? (thriller rating).

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