Factory Pro Suspension Testing & Setup in Portugal | The Privateer S2 EP2

– [Narrator] last time on The Privateer. – it’s no longer time to sit back! It is time to instruct! It’s time to get fit! It’s time to journey your bike now! (excessive percussion music) – [Narrator] that is Adam. Adam was a privateerworking a nine to five job to finance his passion for racing bikes. Last year, components and traininghelped him get approach faster, but success doesn’t occur overnight. This year his programhas been became up to eleven, with full factory aid. Will he be capable to breakinto the professional ranks? We’re about to find out. Adam’s excellent intention isto bounce into the pro ranks of the EWS. But for that to occur he needs to show that he can dangle with the great. High 30 finishes are critical to getting noticed via staff managers.That’s no effortless feat, so Adamneeds to be flawlessly in tune together with his bike. Any individual with cash should purchase a high-end bike then fly around theworld to do enduro races. However what money cannot buy is access to the world’s fine suspensiontechs and professional riders. Adam has flown down to Lousa, Portugal to take part within the FOX checking out camp to get his new setup dialed in. Adam has a brand new bike anddifferent suspension components this year, so there may be a lotof setup work to be done. – principal thing I’ve come here to discover is how much rapid the orangefeel to the black ones. – need to find out, I have no idea. I am now not simply gonna let you know secrets and techniques! Are you aware what you weigh with package? – About 192 kilos. – so you had no quantity spacers, which I think that’s pretty average, but for an individual that’sgonna race enduros, we’ll as a minimum with one for 174. Basic rule of thumb is psi per kilogram. You’ll be able to most commonly go up fromthat, but when you’re low.This was once at sixty six and half. So beautiful low. – [Adam] And one more 80kilos, it can be virtually 80 psi. – Yeah. In view that we simply went up15 psi, 20-some thing, we’ll change rebound to get it shut, so it is gonna be just a little scary. You’re virtually spot on sag, you’re 27%. So that is lovely good. – that’s good timing. – You wouldn’t wanna go any more impregnable. – No. – however you’re bottoming out so that suggests that you’re most commonly gonnawanna add a volume reducer. – right, yeah. – [Jordie] we now have got alot of changes to make so the bike’s gonna get a lot better.- that’s high-quality news. – Yeah, you’ll be able to be stoked. Dangerous factor is you’ve got toride it like this first. (laughing)- For a couple of rounds. (mid-tempo track) tell me what you did,what you probably did last night time What you probably did final night Put the fire out On and on, accomplished and executed What you did last night time Put the fireplace out On and on, executed and done – [Jordie] I think rightnow it’s a ways off. – it can be a way off, yeah. – Yeah.- i am nonetheless a method off and i have never fairly ridden this so much. – [Jordie] Yeah, it can be a brand new bike– – it is a brand new bike.- it is a brand new track, you’re customarily jet-lagged. We are going to open it up and get you kinda shut and it would take you alittle bit to get used to it.I promise you it’s going to befaster and not more fatiguing on the end of the day, but it surely does, the bike feels a little bit bit wild to start with. Don’t forget when we have been nonetheless in tuition And your girl’s boyfriendfriends was once continuously tryna holla now not lots transformed sincethen but they don’t need These problems, letthe prime fold, trip sluggish Let ’em understand I bought you on no account been insecure butI do not play about you do not care who you were beforeor what they say ’bout you We fresh like an open loop We didn’t come toofar, there isn’t a fluke when you on my arm you seem great Let ’em hate ‘motive they on mute – It felt really just right, to be honest.- just right. – i’m entering the swing of it now. But I consider i’m in a position forall the secrets now, Jordie. You wanna supply me those? I suppose next step you’re definitely making use of full travel on the shock. – [Adam] Yep, yep. – we are correct sag so we don’twanna go up in air stress. – [Adam] right, yeah. – [Jordie] So I suppose we’regonna add a volume spacer. – [Adam] only one? – [Jordie] usually one at atime and simply allow you to believe it and notice what differences it makes. – [Adam] See the way it goes. – [Jordie] Yep. – [Adam] Yeah, something else, or that’s– – separately as a way to feel it and we are going to understand precisely what we’re doin’. We have usually made a transformation, a horny drastic trade, every run.We generally have one or twomore changes to make for the day and then we will be pretty close. (exciting electronic music) – It felt quite just right genuinely. I rode, I do not know whetherif it used to be the bike or me, however I rode somewhat extra stepped again, there was once a lot more manage. Whether it used to be figuring out the track or whether I would brake better. – Yeah. I imply it is traditionally alittle bit of both, so. You are now not fairly utilizing fulltravel which is pretty excellent.This monitor is not vastly journey intense. – [Adam] No. – it is just rough and steep. Now we have improved pressurequite just a little in the fork. We have opened compressiona little bit on the fork. We have added a quantity reducerto the shock, speeded up rebound, I suppose now we will openhigh-pace compression just a little bit on the shock, get you just a little more braking grip and dispose of a littlebit of the harshness from one of the vital square inch hits. (hiphop tune) We’re gonna add anothervolume spacer to the shock and see if it will get him what he wishes or if we now have long past a little bit bit too some distance.This is gonna make theair chamber a bit of smaller, make the shock ramp up slightly bit extra. A bit of bit more bottom out defense. For persons that living for the weekend The variety that wanna be dreamin’but not ever bought to look them What a boring story, beingworried about conforming Working and snoringwould come to be forcing me correct off the deep end I got here to obtain a brainand make a couple bucks provide for thosewho been driving shut Yeah, that is only a plus i’m condoning going forit for those with a rationale Undivided center of attention opened allthe roads we’re taking up try to get in the zone, gottago grind, i’m higher alone Fuck what they tellingme, i am a better me I have no idea why but I fly on my possess Now i’m feeling up, Idon’t feel i am coming down Even stars theirshining after they underground Lamborghini dreaming meaningthat nobody can discontinue me started spittin’ sloppy, nowthey all coming to watch me Made a lane that keptme staying on my own this is my throne, that’swhy i’m taking the high avenue – i’ve been looking across the booth at the entire top secret stuff.Appeared in all of the drawers,I still have not determined Aaron Gwin’s rebound matters. But is there a variety of the alterations we made are matters that a normalrider can trade themselves? – that is exactly whata common rider can do. There isn’t any change. Your product came outof a box onto the bike and now you are gonna race it. And that’s the case with 99%of the riders we work with. What did you get out of it? Do you believe such as you– Are you completely satisfied you got here andyou bought some thing legitimate or do you think youcould have executed the same? – i’d say I reallyfelt like I was profitable simply being right here.(laughs) considering it is February,we made a lot growth in one of these short time which, like I say, I mostly, i would maybe getto the same final result however it’d be six months time. And we rather speed up that method ‘intent we’re heredeliberately specializing in it. And together with your potential, youwere competent to get my settings dialed in rather rapidly andthis, I have no questions, i am no longer like, oh, should this be that, ‘motive Jordie stated run six clicks.- that’s good.- or you simply went and did it. And you’re like, try this. – And it labored.- and i’m like, oh yeah. That felt really just right whenI went out and demonstrated it. So yeah, the arrogance this may give me going into the leisure of the season is pleasant and that i truly don’t feellike i’ve many changes now to the setup and i will be able to justconcentrate on riding ‘purpose– – that is what we wish. It is tough enough.- that is taking all of the questions out. – good. (hiphop tune) – [Narrator] next time on The Privateer. (severe percussion music) – Oh yeah! He’s acquired it! He’s nonetheless acquired it..

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