#1 Designing and Testing For Lead Screw Machine #1 / C-Beam Lead Screw CNC

Adequate so this computing device is running about as wellas i will be able to get it to run, and erm, I wish to have fun by trying to make a new one. So i’ve been occupied with this a littlebit. No actually i’ve been thinking about this alot. And i have started to work on a design. A design established upon the OpenBuilds platform. I have used their C Beam and V wheel extrusionsin the earlier to making improvements to the normal x-carve. However this time I want to work with their platformto design a computer. I did some study and located three leadscrewCNC computer that I appreciated and even as lead-screw CNC computing device are just a little slower than beltdriven ones, they’re much more correct.The primary is from OpenBuilds Korea and iscalled the Rovo C-Beam. You’ll discover numerous work has gone into producingthe ingredients which have a extensive variety of purposes. The opposite two machines are versions of theoriginal plate design which I feel Mark Carew and his staff designed. The first being the CB3030 with the aid of UltiBots andthe R7 CNC by SMW3D. Unwell put the hyperlink in the description: As these are all centered on open supply designs,i will be able to in finding normal source records and began editing them to produce a computer myself. I consider the lead-screw design is excellent enoughto produce plates with birch ply, and for those plates to be just right ample to then routernew plates out of a harder or more durable material. So i’m going to cut a couple of pieces on my CNCmachine, spray them with some lacquer to try scale down any warping or swelling of the fabric,and once a few OpenBuilds ingredients arrived in the publish, i’ll assemble the plates, andcheck their match against a pieces C Beam.I want to resolve as many problems on this initialstage, and create iterations of the plate designs which slash elements and cost. I additionally wish to make a laptop that may cutplates thoroughly and at a reasonable pace. So some openbuilds components have arrivedand i’m now striking together the larger Delrin v wheels and checking the accuracy of the6mm birch ply plate. Having three wheels on both aspect imply theholes have got to be more correctly aligned than what my belt pushed CNC machine can produce. Both that or the laptop screws have becomeskewed and should not sitting at 90 levels in opposition to the plate.So these holes are a bit bit tight. What i’m going to do is just put a nut onthe reverse end and simply tighten it up in order that sinks in. So i will must resize these holes justbecause they are somewhat tight. And that i suppose in fact what i’ll do, is designthis so that these are going to be flange machined screws as an alternative of those domed socketones. Just so there’s a bit extra buy to thematerial i am utilizing as a plate. I mean i’m gonna double these up eventuallyusing much longer desktop screws so there will be much more aid. Again that is going to be the reverse sideas well and… So i’m going to be in a position to have a proximity sensor hooked up onto here if you want to sensethe plate. I’ll add some v wheels onto this sectionand see how it matches on the C-beam as good. 17mm and 15.8mm So considering that I have got to recess these eccentric spacersdown this higher v wheel is absolutely a few mm bigger than the mini ones.And it is forcingthe plate to come out. Slightly bit from the C-beam. So that’s goingto have to be the primary change to the design that i am going to do after these tests. I nonetheless opt for the concept of constructing this with12mm. And i have already cut some out but i am ina little little bit of a predicament considering I ought to be certain I get the correct computing device screwsso they do not scratch into the inside of the C-beam. What I would emerge as doing is purchasing largermachine screws then i want, and chopping them down after they’ve been secured.It’s now not idealbut at least in order to grantee that the machine screws are being held securely in the Nylocnuts. And as one can find now these ones are actuallya little bit shy of the place the nylon virtually is. 20.84mm So i can get 35mm computer screws, and whatI’ll have to do is percent out the back with some washers.It’s no longer superb however that two additional mm is enoughto hit the inside of the C-beam. Adequate I’ve labored out the spacing for the 12mmbirch ply, and 12mm birch ply is lovely bang on 12mm. I’m now not definite how much version you get overdifferent stock, anyway. And that feels really just right and that i still haven’tput the highest portions on considering that I nonetheless have to recess the following plate however I consider i am goingto go with the 12mm. It can be just much more sturdier and it’s going to produce a significantly better machine in the long term. The additional fabric protecting the computing device screwssquare quite makes a change in comparison with the 6mm ply. I also dont believe sick want as many miniv wheels as I was planning on this part. So I will be utilizing 4 mini wheels plus twolarger ones on high of the C beam for both plate. In order that i can provide an explanation for a bit of bit about thedesign, this is the place the nut goes and you’ve got an opening here to entry that.I’ve additionally introduced a grasp down here so a pieceof aluminium extrusion can go across the bottom of the waste board. This situation will be supported with the C-beamat the top and a bit of extrusion at the backside so it will rectangular it up fairly well. The ultimate factor I want to do on this videois investigate the spacing for the XL C beam gantry plate which i’m planning on doubling up. Some greater computing device screws came within the postand i’m going to collect this and assess the spacing. The holes (for the heads) on this plate arewrong (slim) however these are a bit bit longer so I will have to be capable to mock up thespacing at the least.What i’m going to do is use the washer justto make certain the head of the computer screw does not accidentally pop into the holes. I’m handiest going to do the outer ones in thiscase, after which headquartered on this drawing here. I’ve bought the spacing and design of the wheels, the spacing and the shims in order to make the distance i want. Is there going to be one other plate on theother part? Yeah the layout is like that one there.That must be pretty accurate in terms ofwhat goes between the wheels. Good yeah that is the object, I observed the spacinginstruction somewhere. I believe it was once on Martin Barfoed channel – hedid anything where he had a close-up so I kinda did a drawing of that. Virtually it will be the equal for the Ox and all the different open builds machines. Yeah. So if I sink the heads of the laptop screws5mm into the ply on one part, I dont have got to make any recesses on the opposite piece,and the computing device screws will lengthen out the identical dimension because the nylon locking nuts. So i am speedily discovering that so much ofthe plates that I cut are absolutely useless however since i have whatever to play aroundwith i can gain knowledge of classes from these checks. The opposite thing I need to what holes I wantto keep, given that there’s not fairly any factor having this many.I also have to position the laptop screws throughthe gantry plate which would hold the z axis, and examine if the heads scratch or hit ontoanything. There is a 1 mm hole between the laptop screwand C beam, which is ultimate, so now i will be able to return to the laptop and amend the platevector records. So for the foreseeable future, I can be focusingon building a new CNC laptop on this channel. If youd wish to follow the method youcan subscribe, or if you are already a subscriber please don’t forget sacrificing a thumb and lettingme recognize what you think of the video in the remark part beneath.If youd wish to financially support thisproject and channel that you could additionally find me on Patreon, the link to which is on screen andin the outline. Anyway thanks again for staring at and IllCNC you sooner or later..

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