Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative

Cave Johnson here. Whenever I look at our scan chamber construction line, i am reminded of my father. Now, he wasn’t a scientist. Only a easy farmer. A professor of farming on the regional farm school. On no account farmed a day in his existence. But his theories on farming are the spine of this company. Do it from scratch. Spare no price. And not ever cut corners. Well, that is a- nook-chopping computer, we obviously reduce them there. Point is, we have constantly done matters the best way my father did. And his father before him, And his father before him, and his father before him, And his father earlier than him, and his father earlier than him, and his father before him. And we are almost bankrupt. So: time for a more cost effective approach. Allow me to introduce… THE MULTIVERSE. Infinite Earths, with an unlimited number of Apertures. And as of now, they’re gonna take over all test chamber building. And more importantly, all purchasing experiment chamber building. Why are they agreeing to do that? They may be not, we’re tricking them. Here is the way it works. One: Design a experiment. Two: Slip the mole monsters or what-have-you the blueprint when they’re no longer looking.Three: once they construct it, steal it again. Appear at that unhappy little octopus. [Laughs] Heh heh. That’s the place you come in. We’d like blueprints. We’re about to run the greatest con recreation in the history of the multiverse, and you’re the bottleneck. Yes, you! Get back to work. [Begin inspirational music] [Continue inspirational music] [End inspirational music].

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