Hard use testing: Cold Steel Recon 1 old vs. new

Hi all! Subsequently we obtained to the cold metal products with a hard Use long awaited fight between a brand new change of Recon 1 mannequin and an historic amendment of the equal model In preliminary survey, the huge majority made a gamble on a brand new Recon And now we’ll see how it justifies the hopes anchored to it. Each knives are without doubt new both were furnished by way of my pal Ilya And let’s Checking of preliminary sharpness New one cuts paracord conveniently and an ancient one the identical Sharpness is kind of the identical i am warn that this trying out will take longer than often given that each and every one of the most knives will do the a full work and not divide the work between them opening with a cutting edge trying out – cable It was once somewhat extra tricky to cut with an ancient one however each coped cutting edges are good enough coating is also good enough next opening a cans we will right away see what taking place to a blade coating Coating comes off very rapid cutting edge…On a brand new one… The chip can be noticeable i’m going to unlikely be obvious on digicam however a small chip in this area Chipping or a deep bending And now appear on an ancient version Coating comes off the identical but on innovative No chips here Some dulling is reward but no such damage as on a brand new maybe we will appear closer on this in macro at the end of the tests. Next Shave some aluminum The control is much more comfortable on a brand new Recon Thee rounded edges make it higher to keep in hand And right here on an historic variant the handle is extra square it pushes in the palm a lot more difficult. You will see that a shavings here i don’t see any extra damage on a cutting edge however the chip remains to be there and here on a backside looks like a burr has been broken off that’s my impact whatever unusual On an old one the whole lot is okay, conveniently good, now an awfully predominant moment trying out of the locks This ultra-lock on an ancient variant is regarded to be an extraordinarily safe lock And we will determine it now And a Tri-ad lock is nothing to speak about i’m going to hit very tough a brand new one comes first, 5 backbone whacks right here you can find a strikes Lock is held up No any play, nothing.WOW. Well, now a turn of an historical version Folded Folded It folds when a strike is hard enough Vertical blade play appeared well, continue with a entrance part strikes Very large vertical blade play New variant, hitting with a front part 5 strikes. No even any shadow of any blade play it is simply monolith Now an historical one incidentally, the timber began to break Folded Folded Folded 2 times and held 2 times i.E. It is obvious that a lock didn’t "died" for a a hundred% however upon a "effective" hit it folding and a blade play is elevated extra next we’re going to punch a metal Galvanized metal 0.8mm New one comes first A tip is gone it can be obvious the way it’s bent It made a giant holes Now an historic one It was tougher to punch a steel with an historical geometry Chipping appeared on this secondary leading edge i hope it will be seen And a tip can also be beaten at very very apex but a fundamental difficulty are chips right here on the edge despite the fact that on a new variation they’re additionally present good, relocating to 1mm 5 strikes A damage on the cutting edge is became worse each chip grew to be bigger and a tip is bent just a little more Now with an old variation The identical on an historic version All chips expand, tip end up extra blunt nevertheless it stayed intact well, next we now have 1mm chrome steel overall it holding good enough i don’t see any massive harm Tip is just a little bent Now an historic one by the way a lock…That’s all, it is long gone… After hitting a metallic… Right here it closed again strange And a tip, is okay total Now proceed with a tip checks we are going to pick a wood here is how a new one is selecting let’s have a look at what the old you’ll be able to do old one is not worse The tip is broken On a brand new one the ~zero.5mm of a tip is broken it is exciting The tip is broken more Holy shit! I did not anticipated that well, all hopes are anchored on an historic one that’s all, an ancient one can also be broken What information… It sits there improbable There you’ve a tanto and a cold steel I feel that a fundamental obstacle right here is AUS-eight there’s some line right here, probably we are able to say that it can be a knot but it’s no longer critical.Comprehend or no longer, it broken right here at the facet WOW! It is just a unhealthy shit So what… Let’s do some slicing A lock is retaining dead tight historic one A lock is folding in such work Why they ought to upset me so much… Batoning a new one has a lock in best condition historical one a brand new one enters higher well, a lock right here…. Is folding On a new one a lock is maintaining exceptional A remaining sharpness… I consider it’s more often than not not reward considering a cutting edges are heavily broken No push-reduce Can nonetheless reduce aweight, pretty typical Now we will look at hem in macro and start to make our conclusions Lets look on what we acquired A coating is started to come back off right away after contact with difficult substances leading edge used to be damaged on this spot we will see this colossal chipping And of course a tip that has been broken Small piece broke off first and then a tremendous one A lock on a new version has made me pleased there is nothing to say right here, it can be just…No play, no loosening, nothing simply super handle can be held the whole thing it’s when talking about commonplace G10 without liners On an ancient variant a drawback is an identical Coating started to come back off There are damage on a innovative but they are kind of smaller than on a brand new one. Perhaps a warmth healing was distinctive however a tip broke off exactly the same most commonly, once I was once making ready for this checking out and the knives had been in my palms We mentioned our expectations with Ilya and i told his again then that a tip is seems to me as a weak point on each of these knives when a tip on a new variant was even thinner I told that a tip of a new one will destroy earlier however finally an historical one didn’t withstood also. Furthermore to all this we’ve a significant vertical blade play And a lock started to slip A control has no damage And on this wood, there used to be such interlayer I consider that many can to make doubts and inform me things but here’s a piece of wood that I selecting almost always and right here is the identical interlayer it is not a knot it is simply more darker timber on small depth however again a recommendations have been damaged here apart I cannot find the specific spots now however they broke in a white a part of wooden that’s a narrative that we have got i’m hoping it used to be fascinating to you Thanks for observing See you, bye bye Restoration of these two knives is an extended approach which will not end up a part of this video but a couple of days have handed because the checking out and that i made some conclusions which I wish to share type a handles I’ve cleaned them And it may be evidently noticeable that a handle withstood to all hundreds surely conveniently.As a consequence all doubts regarding missing of steel liners in a new variation are vain This handle is very very hard And it is doing well with out metal liners I even begin to consider that actually metal liners on an historic variation was because of the ultra-lock mechanism which needed a metal liners base Now concerning a locks Tri-advert lock after checking out and with none pivot tightening most likely no blade play, no vertical nor horizontal Monolith Functioning nice extremely-lock big vertical blade play No horizontal play seeing that it is eliminated via tightening a pivot screw but this vertical play Says that this lock has a vulnerable phase And of path the fact that this lock has folded beneath masses I doubt very a lot on a discontinue pin we will see when a center of attention will set This discontinue pin is simply bent I feel it can be obvious, it can be bent or even cracked And this hole is causing this gigantic play as a consequence in a locking mechanism I provide a colossal plus to cold steel the advance is apparent next A blade coating i will be able to say that it did not trade It came off fast on the ancient version the equal as on new with out changes right here And a final thing that I need to talk about…No! Previous to that I need to pay concentration to the ergonomics of a brand new manage A undeniable fact that these corners listed below are rounded makes a tremendous change in work historic variation has a thick control however very "square" with nearly sharp edges at 90 levels. And on a new version it can be all executed far more ergonomically and this control is sitting perfect in a hand. Regardless of of it is little curvature it is more commonly a first knife with such sort of manage, about which i will be able to say that this knife is comfortable in rough work New manage pleased me very a lot And now move to a final factor which is the most tricky on this case it is a metal And simply, the damage of a leading edge began on a basic leading edge exams As quickly as we reached kind of rough substances like opening a can and shaving an aluminum AUS-eight on a new Recon is solely started to pour It acquired chipping, crumples, bending and what not and i need to admit that an historical Recon is held significantly better in phrases of a leading edge.I didn’t touched it, no longer sharpened, it is simply as is after the tests Yea, there’s an apparent damage but no such horridness that used to be on a brand new version On a brand new variant the entire length of a leading edge is busted And right here, it’s commonly the only side when i will be able to make a praise to an historical variation. But after that we had a tip testing and each knives both knives smash roughly on a equal top Tip was broken And a proven fact that guidelines damage, it emerge as an unpleasant shock to me And forced me to believe Of path in the beginning I began to find a intent in a validated material i.E. In wooden I inspected it inside of out watching for some knots or timber awareness but I saw that it is only a regular piece of pine-tree therefore after that I began to check out the blades itself closely but watching on the breaking floor I failed to seen whatever suspicious The area is beautiful small right here and it needs to be checked beneath a microscope and you have got to comprehend what are you watching for however I failed to saw any inhomogeneity however watching on a blades just a little extra i spotted an awfully disagreeable factor And it used to be a following…On a each blades, on a breaking spot there’s obviously no, even any little deformation i.E. These pointers snapped like a pitcher even though we consider chinese language knives or SMILE which had their suggestions broken they’d a tremendous plastic deformation previous to tip breakage here it is no longer gift in any respect And for me in my view it says that warmness healing of this metal may be very negative The AUS-eight is a typical stainless steel and it have to be plastic Even Ontario RAT 1 or Spyderco Tenacious have the same stage steels and so they bent very so much before a tip has broke right here is not any even shadow of deformation simply "click on" and a tip is gone This upset me very much and convinced me that a weak spot of cold metal is their metal Even besides the fact that children that they use simple metal however this simple steel would not made to have surest characteristics individually of direction…But total the conclusions concerning the 2 adjustments based on what I saw Lock, manage ergonomics, no liners, relief in work I feel that a new Recon is a particular evolution and a giant step forward I favored this knife higher than an old one ancient you’ll have more charisma, be extra exciting, elaborate but I particularly see that proposal was put on this knife and it was once quite elevated I felt that and i appreciated that but in terms of steel, there is nonetheless bloodless steel has an extraordinarily big issues. It’s shown in rope cut testing achieved through RuslanKiyasov and this difficult checking out is verified that. Metal simply chipping and breaking And an "Achilles’ heel" of bloodless metal is it can be steel. That’s all, i hope it was fascinating, Thanks for observing, see you, bye bye.

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