Why I don’t use my real name

all right I’ll pick you up later at carpool make sure to listen for your name okay mom have a great first day of kindergarten oh it’s pronounced Alisa all right got it Elijah your mom’s here hmm Elijah that sounds like an incredibly mangled version of my name ah must be a coincidence two hours later in case you didn’t know my real name is Alisa ILY SS BAE a lot of people for some reason think my name is Lily or maybe it’s just Otto correcting illy but your name on YouTube is alienation not alum nation how do you expect anyone to get your name right that’s just the thing with the name like mine I don’t expect anyone to get it right so let’s talk about that first why was I named Alyssa with an AI years ago a member of our family was on their deathbed my mom and dad were with them during their last moments and she told him I promise we will name our firstborn child after you and if I was my dad I would have said why would you promise that and okay I know I names exists but tell me how many of these you hear every day look this one’s just idiot without the team English American names are few and far between so their conversation wants something like this hmm maybe Isabel no that’s too girly for me okay I know I’m not really feeling it how about wait no I’ve got it we’ll take the name ELISA but make it ELISA mm-hmm no it’s still ELISA just with an eye at least that’s what I’ve been telling everyone for the past 22 years my family has never called me ELISA or ill Lissa actually it’s now that I think about it they really only call me Liz crisis time how do I pronounce my name one double chocolate milk a two-pump cream ariana grande with no whipped cream for oh that’s me it’s weird I know but I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced ELISA and I do feel bad when people misspell it not on YouTube though I’m aware of my identity here is Ellie I mean in real life and before YouTube like when my name is printed on the roster for class or already written on my homework or I don’t know in my email address that you already typed in I just find spelling someone’s name right when it’s already spelled out for you is the most basic level of decency you could offer someone especially when my name is write to their professor I’ve been in your class for four years is it some kind of a sick joke another problem beyond spelling has been pronunciation which again I totally understand on the level with you guys here I’ve never seen that on a monkey Disneyland either so so far what I appreciate though is when people say oh I’m gonna try my best with this one oh I chose sure they said it wrong but they knew that and they tried their best what I don’t like is this Oh Elsa oh no it’s Alisa no that’s too hard I’m gonna call you Gail yeah I like Gail yes our slash that happened this teacher refused to use my name told me so and renamed me on the spot high school driver’s ed class ladies and gentlemen and of course because I’ve never been called Gail in my entire life this happened how soon should you break to stop at a stop sign Gail Gail I’m talking to you Gail this is unacceptable behavior answer me right now big trouble Gail oh wait that’s me now with everything that I’ve said I’m sure you’re wondering why I haven’t just changed my name if I’m so upset with how others handle it but that wouldn’t really fix the problem either I’ve always answered to Alyssa and my driver’s ed teacher proved it would be hard for me to get used to a new name nicknames though are a nice common ground before all of this I was just Alisa but when I started my youtube channel and as my channel has grown and I’ve made a bunch of new friends more and more people started calling me illy I do find it interesting though considering no one else in the animation community has a nickname I mean no one calls life noggin life II noggin boy we know maybe a little bit no as a treat no anyways thanks for watching my videos my name is Alyssa with an AI and as always stay safe hey guys thanks for watching my video thank you to Jimmy Hannah and noggin boy also known as Pat for voicing lines for me in this video please check out their fun new channel called undo circle I was just in the video of theirs over there actually and you can watch it right here I’ll put a link in the description I did not script this part of the script also if you got tickets to our pen pals tour and very sorry but we have cancelled it due to what is happening currently right now I’m really sorry like we we have absolutely no control over this I do believe it was the best decision to be made so I will let you know if we decide to do a tour later when it is safer do you want to say hi don’t you eat if you like what you heard from Junie you’re in luck because my next video will be about Junie