Apple AirPods Pro Unboxing

[Music] hotly-anticipated now of course they use the word pro with these these are the air pods Pro it certainly is more pro than the other version nonetheless here they are they’re sitting in front of us they come with the pro price tag this is two hundred and forty nine dollars two hundred fifty dollars you skip the one dollar makes it look like less what are the differences well obviously with the pro name you’re expecting to have improved sound quality here by nature of the design that should be a given you have interchangeable ear tips so maybe the one is pre-installed is not perfect for you you swap it out in fact apparently right within the pairing process through apples proprietary chip and software there’s even a fit component to the setup process of course active noise-cancelling in here you get none of that action with the regular air pods and you have the transparency mode which lets you use the external microphones typically used for noise canceling to hear your surroundings I’m a big fan of that well are you benefit so they wanted to make it clear on the retail packaging the pro also capable of wireless charging you’re not giving that up look at this frustration-free packaging [Music] wow it’s a two-handed I wonder if that’s intentional you come with the next hand so it can’t slap on the table and the things go flying I’ll pull you jobs there you would wouldn’t you if you were Apple that’s incredible there they are that’s it look how simple the unboxing experience is they’re protected they have plastic on there we put them down for a moment oh look oh holy so there’s the little indicator hey your tips are in here and you lift and it’s just wow it matters because it’s your initial impression of the product how much you like it much like another relationship in your life depends on this initial impression you see there’s the handshake that you make with the product the product is as cool as in boxing it’s not the other way around as well hmmmm you can see the large ear tips and the small ear tips that of course means that the medium ear tips are pre-installed on the headphones we have a lightning to USB type-c cable batteries last for a while here 4.5 hours of listening time on one charge and 24 hours if you’re using the wireless charge case of course a lot of that has to do with how much you utilize the active noise-cancelling that’s a battery hog alright sweet okay we have a comparison when you hold them up like this you can see it’s just ever so slightly taller and almost the same width so it’s not a huge commitment extra commitment to carry around compared to standard air pods this feels like a finished product it feels like something you want to put in your pocket you just want to slide it in your pocket we’ll what I think convenience is a major feature with these style of earbuds more so than say a high fidelity over ear style headphone convenience is a major contributing factor to how you select this and an Apple is really a step ahead in my opinion in that particular department so and we pop this one open and it’s a much bigger ear but it’s a different look the stem portion is a bit shorter as you can see there the ear bud portion is larger on the Pearl model alright so here’s the magic part the h1 chip at work you flip it open it should see it right away look at that oh and it spins around oh I love the fact that I just spent 249 yeah no I’m not angry at all spent 249 it’s spinning somebody made it spin all that anger just washes away look at it’s all happening and they look the way they jump around and about they’re so happy noise control press and hold on either air pod to switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode no secondary app necessary well have Siri read out messages without having to unlock your phone that could be convenience ok we pull them out we’re done pull them out oh ok cool so I wanted to show this part off as well the ear tip fit test there is an ear tip fit test so I’m gonna try it out alright I would say it’s a good fit this medium I would say is an instant it’s already a good fit and also the noise canceling he’s active immediately and it’s a huge difference when compared to standard air pot oh all right it’s happy that’s it I was right medium works you can control your noise control from here also noise cancellation whoo now I’m gonna try transparency mode okay now oh this speeds audio from the microphones inside of the the earbuds typically used for noise cancellation it feeds it through to you so it’s almost like an amplification of your surroundings and your own voice so you speak to me right now well so you get high definition yeah I got you right now this is a killer feature some tunes here okay Oh louder way louder ah apples good apples gonna make a lot of people happy this is the approachable improvement in sound it’s the type with its familiar its integrated you already have the iPhone so many people have it to begin with you walk through the store they say here’s the pro model give it a shot it sounds great you take it home you have that experience you never previously would have been in the market for that product because the pre-existing version of it is intimidating to some buyers not to me not to everybody who’s watching you guys know what Sony’s up to you’ve seen the other products you saw the Galaxy buds and so forth but that’s not the mass market that’s not the retail store window shopper this is gonna suck some of the purchases from the current air pods and ultimately sound wise this is a whole different story I’m not saying they’re the best thing I ever heard in my life but the combination yeah I guess you could complain about the price you could say look it’s not for me it’s too much money for sure you could but you put the transparency over here you put the package over here like this I understand the power beats bro they got good batteries in there but you look at this package deal you pop this in the pocket you flip it open it’s all part of the experience well look this is gonna bring way more people into the noise-canceling realm in the first place but I also hear your argument if you’re saying I can do better for 249 yeah maybe yeah probably but I think where this whole package comes together is when you look at all the elements when you look at the case you look at the h1 chick you look at how your iPhone interacts with the product all the little icons and animations all the little thing it adds up to the overall package Apple’s gonna sell a boatload of them and you might buy them

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