I Didn’t Do Cardio For 4 Weeks. This is What Happened To My Physique.

*Generic Music* I didn't do cardio for four weeks after a 16-week cut What happened to my physique? Before starting this video. I'd like to thank yo dois. Chah's for sponsoring it and hosting my very first giveaway. They'll be giving away a $180 credit for a watch just like this one All you need to do to enter is to check the link in the description below for more details These are wooden watches.

They don't run on batteries, and they have a very clean aesthetic I wear this one to all of my business meetings The code below gets you $25 off your order and the free engraving on your watch they also Ship worldwide Typically I haven't accepted sponsors in my videos, but this is something that I like and use very much So thanks so much for the opportunity to share it with you be sure to check them out. Yo watches in the description below I'm up, but just a few pounds Do you remember those first 5 pounds that I lost in the first week of my diet? Well? That's what came back Pounds, that's all it was it wasn't fat And that's what matters you see putting on fat is a lot slower of a process than you think At least if you did what I did over these last 4 weeks, I didn't do any cardio But I also didn't have any cheap meals no Chipotle no fast food and no bags chips I did have more fruit.

I did have some cans of soup It added up to me having more carbs in total But I didn't go out of my way to eat anything different than I normally did on the diet I'm technically still on the diet Just taking a short Refueling break if anything did change I just ate a greater amount of the same Foods the second thing that happened is I'm a little bit stronger now than I was at week 16 of the diet you can check out that video in the description below But the reason is obvious doing cardio is doing extra work and not having to do it means that I save my energy and more capacity for Lifting the progress and strength isn't too substantial though. I learned a long time ago. If I want to be strong I need to weigh at least 200 pounds this even includes a fat 200 pounds so I can fill out my leverages more information on that video if you click here You see where my mind is right Now is part of the reason why I haven't put on that much fat after not doing cardio for this long.

Yes I did extend my cut to 24 weeks and My mindset is that I'll have to continue the cut and that's actually where things get kind of tough you see for a time I was starting to revert back to my older self ever so slightly that when I had no choice while traveling for work that I Did want to eat more of that bread at times when I shouldn't have but it didn't amount to anything Because I actually didn't eat the bread I was still eating the same five or six meals a day controlled as I could during times of travel and yes I do know that you can get fat from eating oatmeal You can get fat from eating chicken breast and broccoli But you'll have a harder time getting fat from eating those foods compared to eating chicken nuggets and nutty bars So here's what I've been doing when I told my coach shall be starting that I wanted to extend the diet to 24 weeks at week 16 He told me to revert back to how I ate the first week of the cut six meals a day 50 grams of Protein 30 grams of Carbs 15 grams of sets Except for the last meal where there's no carb this has been the same for quite a while At week 17 I increased the carbs from 30 grams per meal to 40 grams per meal and a week 18 we went from 40 grams per meal to 50 grams per meal then at week 19 We went to 30 grams of carbs per meal on days that I listed which was four days a week And then on days that I didn't list which was three days a week.

I had 20 grams of carbs per meal No week 16 17 18 and 19. We're all done with no cardio. So I was at the gym Four times a week instead of the diet peak of 13 times a week four days a week is so much more Sustainable now to the point of sustainability working out 13 times a week is Unsustainable, it's nuts. It's crazy. Nobody wants to do it. Nobody can keep up with it That's going twice a day for 6 days a week and on your rest day on Monday You only go to the gym once that day rather than twice no one can keep up with that but there's times during a training period That you To push the limits in all competitive sports that I can think of when people train they will push the limits of their body just Before the competition and then give themselves some time to rest before the real thing I can tell you from my experience in Powerlifting even down at the state level of competition I Usually Peak my training about three to four weeks out from the competition day The three to four weeks time of rest allowed my body to recuperate from the training and I experienced something called delayed Transformation where from the rest my body was stronger on competition day You can read more about it in this book So in a diet after you push very hard for a few weeks at the end your body will rebound a little bit Being a natural guy who definitely doesn't train 100% all the time hate to admit that it's nice to have a little rest But more importantly it's nice to keep the cleaner eating habits from the diet Afterwards you see for me the main goal of the diet was to learn how my body has changed Since I first did my cut with Shelby starnes ten years ago and how to cut fat in these change? Times the second goal was to get my life back in line And I knew if I could get my diet and exercise habits back on point I'd be more disciplined to tackle bigger problems like my work life which I was very unhappy with at the time I hated everything about my life in 2016 from my work to my relationships to my fun Hobbies even something like YouTube You can tell in the videos near the end of the year that I just wasn't happy with what was going on I didn't like the situation that I was in and I was going to do something about it I wasn't going to settle for the terrible situation that I was in across all fronts Didn't matter what it was if it was for fun, or if it was for work I was going to make sure that I got myself out of the hole and then I was going to stop making the excuses and Being okay with just having everything in my life.

Just suck. I made excuses for why I wouldn't pursue other opportunities. I made excuses For why wouldn't pursue better opportunities And I made excuses for why I was in the state that I was in feeling sorry for myself my habits values and expectations Are back in line now after this diet during this diet. We're still on it And it's up to me to keep true to that. I want to let you know this I've already talked to Shelby We're continuing after week 24 because I'm moving and everything is insane right now I wish you could see the room right now.

I'll show you the room it's a disaster, okay This place is a mess Right this is the room that I live in I'm going to put this at the very end And I think only like 10% of people will actually see it But the reason that we're going to continue is because I really dropped the ball near the end And I shouldn't have really extended it 4 to 24 weeks is what's going on? I'm like being honest with you I know when it comes to the fat loss blog.

What's going to happen to it? I'm not sure I at least want to like have a good topic when I to make a video like this because I want to be talking about stuff that people would be interested in random things like Traveling while on a diet. I don't think too many people really give up to be quite honest So we're going to have it at that, whatever video. I think would be the best appropriate I'm not quitting and I'm not stopping I dropped the ball And I dropped the ball in that I didn't go to the gym when I needed to go to the gym And I actually ate way less than what I normally needed to eat for refuel those 50 grams of carbs per meal I'm lucky if I got 35 to 40 on some of those days because I was at a medical conference for nine Days in Chicago So I'm just a regular dude like can we just put it like that Thanks so much for watching this week, and I would say see you next week But I don't know if there's going to be a flatlock video next week there might be one the week after or after that Chris endings way too long people just click out of there, so

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