Party In the U.S.A: The American Future

Party in the U.S.A: The American Future. In Modern America where racial and social discrimination is evident citizens are passionate about promoting equal representation: a value our ancestors shed blood to uphold. Honorable Americans have embarked on a journey to establish national unity by verbalizing what many people have forgotten: all people deserve fair treatment Years ago, our national anthem was established to remind citizens and leaders of this truth, yet the values America was established upon are now mindlessly forgotten. As we progress into the future, our proud citizens will continue to make their voice heard as injustice is a disgrace to the American name, therefore, demands immediate emphasis.

To effectively enforce the fair treatment of our citizens, I propose a peaceful and simplistic method to convey our country's values: an exchange for our national anthem for a ballad that promotes the future of justice in our country: "Party in the U.S.A" by Miley Cyrus. As a traditionalist, proposing an alteration to a historical figure provokes concern; however I am willing to change a song that is rarely displayed in order to symbolize the future of America: acceptance and love for all people regardless of race, social or economic identity.

"The Star-Spangled Banner", written in 1814, resembles fighting for military Justice Yet slavery was not abolished and women were treated as inhumane; social justice was not conveyed. If I were to continue to exclaim that our national anthem exemplifies the values of my country, I would be diminishing my strong beliefs in equality, and that as a sacrifice I cannot force myself to make. Similarly to author and speaker Maya Angelou, I believe the future of America is unity. "Party in the USA" perfectly represents this harmony by portraying Nashville roots coexisting with the less traditional society in Los Angeles. Lyrics such "All I see are stilettos…I guess I never got the memo… I throw my hands up and the butterflies fly away..", convey that even though across America our societies differ, these differences allow us to broaden our knowledge and , therefore, thrive.

"Party in the U.S.A" displays the unity of our nation that we have been hungry for while "The Star Spangled Banner" glorifies separate between our cultures, therefore, discourages us from exercising our American duty to honor our fellow citizens. Personally, I have yet to be exposed to social discrimination; however, when my fellow brothers and sisters are experiencing injustice, I cannot permit it Although I valued the history of our nation in the highest regard, I cannot ignore that "The Star-Spangled Banner" dwells within the past by glorifying a flag and not the people whose rights are symbolized by it.

My mother was raised outside of Fort polk ;furthermore, I have been brought up in an environment that recognizes the sacrifices our soldiers make for freedom yet agree with all sensible individuals that war is an unfortunate occurrence. I agree that "The Star-Spangled Banner" provides a more direct description of our courageous soldiers; however, this firm language is incomprehensible as well as impassionate, therefore, the honor soldiers deserve are not given. We cannot continue to live in ignorance of our freedoms: freedom of speech religion and equality; our soldiers deserve to receive the justice they are fighting for. Through the lyrics," I hopped off a plane at Lax with a dream…", Cyrus refers to the "American Dream, a distinct image of these freedoms taat all individuals of all ages can understand.

Freedoms cannot continue to be limited to those with a high socioeconomic status when the brave have sacrificed their lives so every proud American can make the American dream a reality. We could continue to do nothing, we could continue to go to war; however, by merely changing our anthem, we can restore these American freedoms without resorting to violence America is a country of justice, yet It is also a state of joy where individuals can celebrate their privileges. This joy represents our country, our people, and our families; It's a distinct representation of our American identity. While I believe that the lyrics of the national anthem are crafted to provoke an inward expression of patriotism, I know that the American voice deserves to be exemplified with utmost passion.

When attending a party last july, "Party in the U.S.A" was playing, and not an Individual in the room was quiet. As a comparison to nations chained by a oppression, American rights demand passion and gratitude, and people tend to emphasize their beliefs when given an enjoyable way to do so. "The Star-Spangled Banner" is a disgrace because these strong emotions cannot be conveyed in a song that demands minimal effort, if any. On the he other hand, "Party in the U.S.A" is designed to create a jubilant mood that naturally provokes our American nature to strive to uphold values. Exclamations of, "I know I'm gonna be okay" and "The anxiety flies away", affirm the hope of an American future of justice; an American future of equality; an American future of pride. We only have two options: to continue to allow " The Star-Spangled Banner" to minimize our privileges to a minimal effort, or to embark on a journey to establish a future our ancestors would be proud of.

America emanates justice and freedom, and our national anthem has been a symbol of these values for centuries; however, events have occurred in the past that our nation is not proud of; slavery, reservations, and the struggle for women's suffrage are just a few. As a nation, we have learned from our history that all Americans deserve respect , yet alterations of our law codes have not changed racist and sexist attitudes. "The Star-Spangled Banner" belittles our freedoms by regarding them in lofty language that only the privileged can understand. On the contrary, "Party in the U.S.A evokes a burning passion of our nation through exuberant tones with lyrics that portray all cultures uniting: a perfect image of the American Dream. If we exercise our responsibility to declare change, this dream can become a reality. We can either continue to let history define our values or let our values define history. "Party in the U.S.A" is the future of America, a future of joy, and a future of equality "The Star-Spangled Banner" fails to emanate our American spirit while disregarding social justice.

"Party in the U.S.A", on the other hand , will guide us toward unity by allowing all Americans to declare our inalienable freedoms with pride, contrary to the National anthem that coexisted with slavery Party in the U.S.A displays cultures living in harmony, and this harmony will bring peace among our nation. I f we allow this anthem to represent our country, we are advocating to neglect our people, our citizens. As the future progresses, the proud Americans will demand a change for our country, not only as a citizen, but as a human with morals

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