2 CRUCIAL Strategies to Convert Target Audience into Sales

did you know that 60 to 80 percent of your target audience that you're spending a ton of money to be able to get them to pay attention to your business or not gonna buy from you the first time the second time the third time even five to ten times on multiple different touch points the question is how do you start that communication process with them and have them ultimately turn into customers and clients new business now buy more from your business that refer more people to your business how do you get that process started that's what we're sharing with you today is how you can basically start that whole process by having them come to you and be able to indoctrinate them so that they be able to convert them into lifelong customers it's not enough that you're only able to convert the three to five percent they're actively looking for you and be able to solve the problem or achieve a result how do you maximize on the 60 to 80% there are not buying from you today you to Queenie first thing I want you to do is I want you to comment below let me know how are you dealing with the sixty to eighty percent that don't buy for me the first time in multiple different touchpoints how you starting that communication process with them what any questions are in such that you have comment below as you're watching this video the second thing I want you to do is I want to make sure you stay until the end of this video because even though it's short there's gonna be expanded full walk through step by step post on my website that's gonna share with you how you can solve this biggest problem in your business now one things that you don't know is that every single year we generate 100 million dollars for our clients but whenever we sit down with a client the first thing that we do is we focus on where is the revenue coming from we understand how long did it take for them to convert the target audience what's the process that they have in place to be able to convert the people that are on their specific communication channels then we can measure to understand are they coming from the three to five percent that are actively where their needs they want to solve their problem or achieve a results and they have urgency or for example there is 60 to 80 percent that aren't aware of their needs there's a lot of noise they don't have the urgency they have multiple different types of things that they can do and it's just not relevant to them at this time but they understand that eventually for business that starts the communication process with them early indoctrinates that 60 80 % adds value will eventually win in the end because the target audience will only think about that business when they want to buy their practice or or more specifically when they want to solve a problem and achieve a result in their business and that's what I want to share with you the first thing that we want to do the strategy number one to be able to understand how to maximize on 68% is to understand your current customers and clients all the transactions all the conversions that you have we want to understand where are they coming from how long did it take for you to be able to convert them into a customer and that whole time process the way we do that is twofold we want to locate your CRM and we want to look at your automation or marketing automation platform combined with whatever analytical platform you have that you're tracking revenue so we'll want to see the breakdown of three to five percent to breakdown the sixty to eighty percent if you're not doing this now you can implement this is we want to see when someone enters into your world before they buy before they start that communication with you in the first one how long is it taking them to be able to convert when they enter and start the communication when they join your email list when they have when they're joining your messenger list when they're on their text messaging platform one specific well how long is it taking you to convert them it's taking one month is it taking two months three months six months one year what you want to do is you also want to interview your best customers and clients to understand what is it looking like for them to be able to buy from you what change in their life or what change in the world to be able to start that communication with you or even spend their hard-earned money you want to understand that once you understand that then we can actually intentionally use what they gave you your target audience and purposely put it out there through the indoctrination process the second area that we want to do is that's important is we want to make sure that we have the communication channels set up to indoctrinate them and warm them up as they become elite because as I mentioned the 60 80 percent they will not buy from you right now and they might not buy in the next few months and maybe next four years but eventually when their time comes to have they need they aware their need they want to solve a problem or achieve a result and it's urgent for them to take action and they're gonna think about you we want to make sure we set them up so that at that time they're gonna be able to buy from you and the way we do that is gonna be threefold we want to make sure the communication channels that we use you can use email you use a marketing automation platform Infusionsoft activecampaign HubSpot the second thing we can do is use messenger on the Facebook messaging platform using mini chat using all these other chat bot building types of platforms so a mini chanson want to recommend the third one is using a texting platform we're just really powerful and intimate when you were using texting as well you can use Yeti text or you can use fixture funnel com2 be they build these texting platforms and communication with your target audience so at the top what we want to do is we want to have your specific email and your messenger so you want to use messenger and email as the regular communication channels as time goes on when it's ready for them to convert we want to use texting to be able to convert them and move them down the funnel or move them down the process to be able to get them to buy from your product or your service now through the core marketing donations that we want to have to be able to convert that 68 80 percent and warm them up so when it comes time for them to consider buying your product or service they're gonna think about you and your brand first thing we want to do is called the Welcome indoctrination now the Welcome indoctrination is gonna be focused on how do we adopt them with the values how do we welcome them into your process into your world and how do we associate that and build that resonance with them the first touch because the first impression as they say is the most important but we want to do is we wanna focus on just that one top of the funnel layer using email or messenger and what we wanna do is we want to share with them three core things the first thing is what is your business about why do you exist what are the values that are most important and how can they tie to your specific target audience your audience cares about who they buy from so you want to make sure you establish your values your company values that matters to your target audience that's the first thing the second thing you'll focus on is you want to indoctrinate them with value and assets that help them solve a problem or help them achieve a result it directly in the welcome sequence but that's what we want to do we're gonna provide them some value either that be through videos or either that be through content whatever it is you can use it to your target audience the third thing we want to do is you want to bridge that with your existing community you want to talk about what is the community that you're building who is the target audience that you're surrounding yourself with and how have you helped the existing customers of clients that you have what are they saying about your business those are the three important basically messaging or themes that you will have in the welcome sequence the Welcome indoctrination you want them with those three things the second thing that we want to have is we want to have a long term engagement sequence the long term engagement sequence is focus on for the 68% that don't convert every single week and you can set this up as a timeline I recommend one week you send them a relevant message or an update that they can get interested into and it keeps some up-to-date on what's happening with your business this isn't something that you send like a newsletter or some kind of update or a special sale this is just specifically done to keep them on an interesting specific thing that you're doing in the business for example you can share a video about how you're building the community or interesting project that you're working on or specific thing that you have within the business another customer or client testimonial or a story that you can share or happen or the successes in the fields that's happening in a business a gozar another thing that transparency that you're sharing with your target audience you want to make it as personal as possible because one of the things that when someone sees your business they focus on just a business level you want to make sure that the business is seen as almost like a person so that's how you do through the communication process the third that's important is a segmentation sequence a segmentation sequence is going to be focused on how do we segment your target audience based on what they're coming for your business for either the problem the result or different types of segments that are unique to your audience so give you a tangible example for example you go on war train calm you're able to see that they segment and based on the beginner or experienced trader because they know that in thin the target audience they're people that are new and they're people that are experienced already so that's where they space and personalize the journey for your target audience you to committee I want your comment below let me know what's one inside of a question that you gain from this specific video the second thing I want you to do is I want you to like this video and make sure that you're subscribed to channel hit that subscribe button and also as promised there's gonna be expanded post on the bed some calm it's gonna walk you through step-by-step how to actually implement this and maximize on the 60 to 80% that aren't buying from through a multi-step communication processes and the exact emails they need to have it's gonna be available on the website so thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one

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