Griffith Leadership Center Advances Leadership for Current and Future Health Care Executives

(mellow music) – I feel very honored to have the opportunity
to come back to Michigan, to join the Board as well
as an excellent team, to advance the mission of the John Griffith Leadership Center. The mission of the center is to train future leaders of healthcare. Also, we want to work with alumni, create opportunity for them to continue to learn professionally
throughout their career. On average, we host a
pretty big size symposium, once every two years. We talk about important
topics, i.e., healthcare. This year we'll talk about improving population health management. Strategies, policies,
challenges, opportunities. We bring together practitioners
in various spheres, including reimbursement policy, people working on the ground trying to improve population health, to share their experiences. And also separate sessions to
focus on more specific topics. The Center is created, in
part, based on the belief that to train future leaders, curriculum, and book
learned knowledge itself is not sufficient. And we need to add to
that experiential learning to enhance the development
of leadership capacity in our students. (mellow music).

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