Hvordan bruke video i markedsføring?

Hi, my name is Espen and I am a digital advisor in Iteo And today I’m going to tell you what five things to keep in mind when using video to promote your business. First of all, you should understand what goals you want to achieve with your video, what story you want to tell and what impressions you will give. Want to engage new prospects or existing customers? Want to gain greater visibility, awareness, or maybe increased sales? Think about who you want to reach and customize your content accordingly. It can be residence, gender, age and interests, That can be pretty good starting point. Stick to one clear message throughout the video.


You should preferably be able to capture the attention of the recipient within 3-5 seconds. And the recommended length of videos, social media, is 15 seconds to approx. 1 minute. And since most people look silent in these channels then it may be okay to add subtitles. Good and engaging content is more likely to be viewed. And the video should tell a story that has value to the recipient. Whether it is solving a problem or teaching them something new. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is to measure the effect of the video. That way you will find out what works and what doesn’t work. And so you can improve your next video based on the facts and not gut feeling.


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