Strongman Robert Oberst’s 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet: FUEL

You have to bend. Turn. That's how girls pack up in the gym. Strongmans help people find out who is the strongest man in the world. We're pulling planes, lifting cars or huge Atlas stones. My body is like a machine designed to work. If you want high performance from your car, you put good fuel in it. So is the body. AGE 29 YEARS, HEIGHT 203 CM, WEIGHT 181 KG. I eat 6 meals a day. If I don't eat enough, I'll start shaking and I'm not comfortable. My body is now used to quality fuel. If he doesn't, my body resists it. I eat this all by myself. I travel the world and pick up strange heavy objects. That's my job. On a normal day I practice Super Yoke, Keg Toss, Tire Flip and Atlas Stones. We try to lift and carry all the rough and heavy weird items around the gym in the yard or barn. This brutal tire weighs 544 kg. We call her darling because we try to have nice names for something so uncomfortable.

I measure two meters, weigh 180 kilograms and look like a squirt just next to it. I'm the strongest man on the West Coast. Right now I'm the second strongest in America, but I work like a horse to be first. In this position, it suits me best. Perfection. I have an American record in the log lift. It's 206 kilograms. In fact, I push much more, but I haven't done it at the competition yet. I've collected this since I live in this house. I got this from Washington. This is from Russia.

And this is from China. Do you eat before exercise, boys? Yeah. I just ate a mountain of rice and meat. But Tommy doesn't eat. Trying to maintain a good figure. I hear they're starving. They eat after exercise, but vomit immediately after eating. But it benefits him. Show your belly, Tommy. Show them their belly! Just in comparison to yours. It's good if I ate like you, it would probably look better. But I'll try. When you go exercise and your body is well saturated with all the nutrients, so even if you get to the last repetition in the training, you can't do it, so there's something else you can do. Instead of running out of fuel, you still have energy left. We are going to eat. I go through the shop, buy vegetables … Spinach is my favorite vegetable, when it works for Pepek, it can also work for strongman. I supply rice. I have this bag for about a week. This is a lot of fatty food, but why not. This is Miley Cyrus's ass. That's exactly how it fades.

When you do this, you have her video clip right away. On a normal day, I process 15 to 20 thousand calories. Eggs! This package will last for a day. I have 8 – 10 eggs for breakfast. I have boiled eggs for snacks. I eat a lot of them. There's not much to do. We have to buy a ton of meat. I eat two of these for lunch. Four of these. Very nice. Basically I'll take all the pork. Even all turkeys. This will be my meat for today. I knocked out the shelf of meat. All right? All right. I guess I took all the meat out there. Nothing happens. A lot of people want to take a picture with me. I'm such a local monster. Should I put you on my shoulder? – Just pick you up. – All right. Here we go? Great. Does it hurt you? No. They pay me to be a monster. I don't mind if it feeds me. But people can't throw nuts at me. I'll be a monster for money.

Maintaining a healthy diet is as difficult as racing in strongmans. In strongmans you have to be physically strong and resilient. You have to work on it. But your eating depends on psychic strength. It took me quite a job to be happy, that I eat healthier food. – Do you eat all this? – Yes. You must be a bodybuilder. I'm strongman. I just came from the gym. It is well. You basically do what I do, just don't eat so much meat. I'm much older than you. No. How old are you? 25? 26? Oh my god, I like you.

I'm 64. That's amazing, I appreciate that. – Thank you. Have a nice day. – You too. She would go. Here we go. The worse part is that you have to pay for the food. I often pay hundreds of full shopping carts. It makes $ 450.59. – It's quite a lot. – Yeah. But it is needed. I'll cook pasta for my family today. 2 kinds of noodles, 2 kinds of sauces and 2 kinds of minced meat. It's a mummy. I think I can cook well. I've been doing this for a long time. My dad cooked it for me as a kid. And his father cooked it for him. The recipe always changes a little when passed down from generation to generation. I'm grilling it now. Meat is nice to me. Everything goes like butter. Tradition does not consist in the food but in the fact that we all meet. That's how we always do it. Amanda prepares baguettes. Otherwise, everyone is preparing dessert, just Wendy prepares drinks. This was done long before I was born. – I've been doing this for a long time.

– Yeah. – Since you've been here. – Exactly. Everyone has improved somehow in their own and now we will all combine it into one meal. It's about family meeting. This is the tradition. This is my sweetheart. Go to your mother. When they watch my races, Emily sends me a video of a little screaming on TV: "Go on, Bobby!" Because I'm Uncle Bobby for her. Go away, fool! Worse for cooking with a beard is that you sometimes have a beard in the water. It smells great. I love the smell of ground. The most fragrant meat. It must taste good and have a lot of protein. This is really good food for strongman and thanks to good taste it is unrivaled for me.

Robert doesn't even know he's eating 7 meals a day because he has a midnight snack at night. My wife eats 350 grams of food a day. I eat about 1.5 kilograms a day. I basically eat what he does, but I don't eat so much. For me it's too much food and calories. I eat about a quarter of what he does. Can an ordinary person eat like that? An ordinary person can certainly eat like this, but he becomes a picture. You will have a good navel. My father says something like, "Why do you have two kinds of noodles?" "You know you have to do this and that." "Yes, Dad, I know." Wait till he sees it. He calls me a few times and says, "You know you didn't cook well?" It looks good.

This pot will probably be small. It will probably be a trick. Wendy, do you have something bigger? – Probably yes. – All right. She wanted to mock me in front of the camera. And when she did, suddenly we got a bigger pot. This is a pot for strongmen. Great! Now we just add the sauces. I guess we're done. Going to eat! This is Sean. He looked just like her half a year ago. Half year ago! You have grown this beard and look at it! He is not doing well. Nor can Pasta Roni do it. So this quite surprised me. But the meat was baked. Excellent. I worked out well and now I have meat with pasta. I will eat it, I will feel good and have a nap. Then I wake up and feel like a superman. This is super food for superman. Great. Translation: Frantisek Brejcha .

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