Google Pixel 2 XL + PixelBook – First Impressions!

Hi, I am Dave2D. The Google launch conference has just ended, and the number of new hardware released by Google this time is unexpected. Several products that are interesting to me In fact, Google Home (Google Smart Home) Mini and Max Both products are more eye-catching than I expected. I am not keen on smart home. I generally don't buy this type of product. But the low price of Google Home Mini makes it a product that many consumers might buy and use. And many people are already using other Google software. I think this is a turning point in the development of Google Home and the entire Google Home ecosystem. At a price of $50, it is sure to attract many buyers. This will change the way people think about Google Home. Google Home Max is a bit of a surprise I am impressed by its appearance It’s a pity that this equipment is expensive and sells for $400. but For me, this device has cut off all my interest in Apple Home Pod. I don't like Home Pod, but it's $350. No mention of sound effects and other things I think their sound quality will be top.

But the service that Apple Home Pod can connect to Only Apple Music There is absolutely no reason to buy that equipment. Unless you are in Apple's ecosystem and spend a lot of money, have a lot of equipment Google Home Max is generally a better product I really like the fact that it can be lying or standing upright. I think it's good to say that its sound quality is not exaggerating expectations. They will sell much more than Apple Home Pod devices. Because in contrast, the use of Google Home devices is very diverse. Several other Pixel products include Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL The one that interests me the most is Pixel 2 XL. Not that Pixel 2 is very poor Because of the thickness of the border, I think XL looks much better. This is a mobile phone that you will use and carry with you. It must look good, and Pixel 2 does not meet my requirements. Mention the black technology on the new phone They showed AR (Augmented Reality) All mobile phone manufacturers are joining the AR feature this year. AR is really impressive, and definitely needs some more powerful hardware to support it.

But it’s not attractive to me, maybe it’s attractive to you. Out of curiosity, ask, when you see these things Will this make you excited and will let you say, "Hey, I want to buy this phone." Apple did, Google did, I am sure that some other mobile phone manufacturers will also join the AR function in the newly released mobile phone this year. I don't know much, maybe I am too old. The idea I saw this was: "Who would want to see this thing?" Who would want the creatures in Stranger Things to run around I don’t understand, it’s still very strange to me. The part that excites me on this phone is the camera.

It is said to have received a DxOMark score of 98, which is the highest I was surprised by the fact that the phone on Pixel 2 responded to your environment. It recognizes music and doesn't even require you to touch the screen or some other operation Many times, I want to know the name of a song, but I am too lazy to open Shazam. Or when it was too late when I opened Shazam, the song was finished. I really like this feature, I hope it will not have much impact on the phone life. I think I will use this feature more frequently. a device that I can't wait to find more information No doubt, it’s PixelBook If you don't see the press conference, PixelBook is a $1000 ChromeBook. The price is really expensive The first question is: "When you can buy a pretty good ChromeBook for three or four hundred dollars, why spend $1,000?" I think the answer to this question is: you can always find a cheap ChromeBook very easily.

The market is full of two or three hundred, three or four hundred dollars in the ChromeBook If you want to buy more expensive equipment, there are some Samsung and Asus products. But this device is taking it to the next level. I really want to get started with this machine. I want to know if the things I bought for a thousand dollars are really worth it.

One more thing, the most important thing for me. Even if you have a thousand dollars you can use it for shopping. Really worth it? You need to think about it. One thousand dollars is a lot of money Buying PixelBook without buying or LG Gram 13 is worth it And some high-end laptops with similar price points I think this is a very interesting question. The quicker and more natural response is: "No." Doesn't exist. You can do too much on a Windows laptop or an old MacBook. These devices are used more than ChromeBooks. Right? This is the first reaction. But existence is reasonable. I hope I can test this device specifically. I will go to Toronto today to see the press conference. If I find something interesting, I will make a follow-up video. In addition, I will do the evaluation video after the product is available. I hope you like this video, please pay attention to it, see you next time.

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