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There are so many useful life hack videos out there. This is not one of them. Useless life hacks! Or I mean, who knows,
maybe some of these could be useful. Make your own tricky jigsaw puzzle
by shredding UNWANTED FAMILY PHOTOS. UNWANTED. What Follow To My Friend On Twitch iDXNOH Check Him Out You know, if you got into a fight
with Aunt Margret over Thanksgiving, take y'all's pictures, shred em' up. You got yourself a custom puzzle! Life hacks! Having a Halloween party? Add a pair of googly eyes
to a tampon to make it a ghost! Make a few and string
them up on the night. They'll be the talking point of the party! A scary idea! IT'S MAD Bitch, it's scary because
you hanging up tampons as ghosts! Everybody gonna be talking
about how you a nasty b****.

Yeah! Let me make tampon
ghosts with little googly eyes! You could have just bought
a string of ghosts from the dollar store. NO! You're gonna take
the extra effort to open up every single tampon,
and then really open it up. Put the eyes on it. You can even get creative,
and put some bloody ghosts in there! It would be extra spooky. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °) Y'all nasty! Do you ever have a hole in your sock? Specifically, on your nail? Paint your nail in black. No one will ever know that
you have a hole in your sock. Perfect! Nothing to see here. Just a regular black sock. No holes no nothing. ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) We Gucci. Avoid wasting time
brushing your teeth by simply adding
toothpaste to your food instead. Oh my god! It saves you so much time! Just have your breakfast with toothpaste! In 3018, we putting toothpaste
on our burgers.

'Cause ain't nobody got
time to brush their teeth. How to kiss a boy. 1. Grab his waist. 2. Slip your hand in his pocket. 3. Steal his wallet. 4. Don't even kiss him. 5. Just run. ┌( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)┘ Why kiss a boy when
you could take his wallet? Life hacks! If you're up really
late studying for finals, try swapping your contact solution
with coffee for a quick pick-me-up. Life hacks from dennys.

Do not try this at home. Yeah, why drink coffee
through your mouth when you can just
absorb it with your eyes? You know, the thing
that needs to stay awake? Y'all wild for this. Don't have a bookmark? Try using ketchup instead. Yeah. I mean a bookmark, it just might fall out, if you bend the page,
it might get unbent. You know, the only real way
of making sure a hundred percent that you will remember
where you last finished reading, is squirting some ketchup. Any condiment will work. Including toothpaste. Lord, help me with these life hacks. Turn all those extra
plastic bottle caps you have laying around
into fancy orange holders! 乁( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)ㄏ Ooh, I've got a couple of these right now. Who knew? Life hack – instead of doing the dishes, print out a picture of a clean sink,
and place it on top of the dirty dishes. Oh look, you can almost not
see all the dirty dishes under there. It just covers it almost perfectly.

Now, every time you walk past that sink, and take a quick glance,
it's like there's nothing in there. Just a clean sink. 'Till you turn on the water. Cutting your tennis balls in half allows you to store
two more balls in each can, saving space. Oh my god! You could fit two more balls
into the container at the low price of cutting them in
half making them useless! Just like this hack. We struggling for space out here. Did you buy a nice hot cappuccino
from Tim Horton's three hours ago? Is it cold? No problem, just put that shit on the stove. Comes with a free house fire. Oh, better call 9-1-1. If you always spend ages
hunting for your car in a massive car park, simply attach a brightly
coloured balloon to your aerial. You'll spot it a mile off. Yeah, all of us got a spare balloon
just sitting in our garage just take that, put it on your car.

Now, you'll always be able to find your car. Clean keys. To avoid spills and
drips on your keyboard when you're eating
and drinking at your computer, put cling film over to the top of it. You can still press
all the keys just as easily, but it stays clean and coffee free. 'Cause if you're like me, and you spill your damn drink
every single day on your keyboard, this is perfect! Will protect it, I mean, somehow, my keyboard,
it has survived several spills.

It's still working. This is kind of stupid. Popcorn makes great emergency
packaging for fragile items. Wow, who would've knew. If you sold a glass on eBay for $2.99, and you trying to ship it,
just throw some popcorn in there, so they get free popcorn,
and free glass protection at the same time. No. Instead of using crumpled up
paper, newspaper, packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, nah, bitches gonna put
some popcorn in the microwave, and then put it in the box. If you're pregnant but still
want to wear your jeans, extend the waistband with rubber bands. Alright, this is all good
until that s*** snaps! On your skin. What a wonderful Dad I have. My mom was bed bound
after hurting her foot, and unable to reach the bathroom.

Dad cut a circle in the
seat of an old dining room chair, placed the bucket underneath,
and made a commode for her. It's comfortable
and just the right height. Wow! Instead of like lifting her,
and carrying her to the bathroom, helping her go to the bathroom, no, just right by the bed make a toilet! Just so, she could get off
the bed slide her butt down. This gonna stink up the whole damn room. Y'all didn't think this through? It'd be easier to just put her in a diaper. Do you have a lot of
change and nowhere to put it? Wash a mushroom container, it makes a handy
place for a loose change.

What the hell? This is so ratchet! You know those things that
you buy ground beef in, oh, these are not meant to be reused. Somebody rinsed it off, they're like, "Oh, I'm gonna put all
my change in here." No! An old plate will work just fine. You can either use a cardboard box. Why you gotta use
a mushroom container?! Cut crusts off sandwiches,
harden them in the oven, and eat them with dips
for a delicious snack. No! What the hell? Honey, that's what chips
are for, not sandwich crusts. Yeah, I'mma put them in
the oven after I cut them up. Nah, that just going
straight in the trash. Turn your old fleece jacket
into a trendy gilet by cutting off the sleeves. Wow, grandma you are so stylish! Nordstrom is canceled. Lottie, she knows her shit,
she know what the boys like. I'm often in a rush in the morning,
and I don't have time for breakfast. But I now tape fruit to my door
to remind me to start the day off with some of my five-a-day, plus I'm always
greeted with a smiley face! You could just like leave it on
the counter like a normal human.

No. Tom is going to tape
some fruit on his door every single night so he got this creepy-ass
smiley face looking at him, and he's like, oh, it's on my door. I'm going to take it,
and I'm going to eat it! This is so dumb. One of the best places
to hide valuable jewelry is in a toilet roll, according to my dad,
who is a retired policeman. Oh, thanks for the tip, Jackie! I'm sure all the robbers
watching this video, or reading that magazine
with that tip in it will appreciate it as well. Can we talk about how stupid this is? So, you going to the bathroom,
you taking that toilet paper out it's all done. Somebody doesn't
know you hide in jewelry in there. They just throw it away,
chuck it in the trash.

It could fall in the toilet,
it could fall in the trash, nah, of all the places
you could hide it in your house, in a toilet paper roll! I think a cereal box would be better. Tip of the week! So this magazine does tip of the week, and that's where a lot of these
are from like these are legitimate life hacks from Grandma Gertrudes
all across the country. My granddaughter was going
to a fancy dress party, and wanted some glittery shoes, so I spray painted her Crocs gold. She loved them. M Green? You will rot in hell for this. The poor girl wanted some fancy shoes,
and she spray painted her Crocs gold! Nothing says fancy like spray painted Crocs.

Have company but not much space? Create a buffet table by covering
your ironing board with a tablecloth. This is so f****** ratchet. Just let me put an ironing board up with a fancy tablecloth
from the Dollar Tree on top where you could serve your mocha Cola,
and 99 cent store seltzer water. So fancy. To prevent my children from hitting
their heads on our bath taps, I fixed a pair of old armbands over them.

Not only do they look fun,
they also keep my children's heads safe. We love children with safe heads. I wanna know what kind of kid
hits the head on the tap like turn them the other way,
have them sit on the other side of the tub, like what if you make it too hot,
and the kids like, Mommy, it's too hot in here! Oh, it's okay son. At least you're not
hitting your head on the faucet. Sarah Dunn, more like Sarah dumb. Breakfast combo. Don't waste those last bit of cereals. They could be mixed
together to finish them off. My grandchildren always
call it "Granny's cereal".

Granny's cereal more
like granny's shit real. Who trying to eat Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran,
and Fruit Loops at the same time? Nah Helen, I don't want it. If you're short of space
when exercising indoors, simply cut the rope off your
skipping rope and just the handles. Wow! So if you don't have space
to do your jumping rope, just cut off the rope
so it's just handles. What is the point? I might as well just use my hands,
and pretend I'm jumping rope, right? I'm not very curvy,
and I have no hips, so, I pinned sanitary towels
on the side of my knickers, then put my clothes on over the top. Instant curves! Yo, what kind of life hack is this? Ya'll wearing pads on your hips
to make it look like you have hips? What a fab tip! We can shake our hips like Shakira now.

If you're hosting a dinner party,
and don't have a lot of cash, make alternative after-dinner mints. Simply freeze a tube of toothpaste. Then cut it open,
and then slice it into wafer thin pieces to produce your very own treats. They will look cool,
and leave your guests with fresh breath. You're hosting a dinner party,
and don't have cash, don't host a dinner party. Bro, you are giving
people frozen toothpaste. I'm pretty sure that's
not what mints are made of. Just so ratchet. If you can't afford navigation, don't panic. You can still avoid
getting lost before you leave, write down each direction on a post-it note. Stick each post-it note
on your steering wheel starting with the
last direction at the bottom. As you drive along,
you can peel it off as you go. Cheap and easy. Wow! Carly says this is a wicked idea. I hate navigation as
I like to plan my own route.

So, this is ideal. What year is this? Back in the day, we had MapQuest. We had to print out directions before we go anywhere,
and read them as we drive. New shoes are guaranteed
to slip on the floor on a night out. So save your blushes by carrying
a small potato in your bag. So every few hours,
take that small potato, and rub it on the soles of your shoes, and the starch in the spine
will stop you slipping so you make sure you don't slip.

Well, I mean girls carry so
much shit in their bag already. What's a potato? I mean, some girl's got some
questionable things in there. But a potato?! But anyways, that's all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment below if you would
actually use any of these. Are you gonna try any? Let me know in the comments. If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that
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