FOCUS is the #1 KEY to Marketing Your Brand

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is that they try to become everything To everyone while the companies who focus on getting really good at one thing are the ones who truly become successful Stick around and I'm gonna tell you why There's a reason why brands like Amazon Apple and Tesla To name a few have become some of the biggest brands in the world Focus they all got really good at one thing Now you might be thinking. Well Apple sells electronics, but Amazon sells everything which is true, but it's not the point I'm trying to make Amazon might sell everything from toothpaste to fashion. But what they got really good at is delivering a consistent Frictionless purchase experience so that you can literally order something in less than 15 seconds and now with Alexa power devices You don't even need to type anything into your computer or your phones focus in your product or service and get really good at something that your competitors are slacking on that could be customer service or Quality of the product but whatever it is You need to pick something and focus all of your efforts into that and build the brand around that Tesla for example got really good at making a sexy and fun to drive electric vehicle And I mean the most popular selling car on the market in this category before Tesla was a goddamn Toyota Prius for crying out loud, which looks like a refrigerator on wheels So if you want to have success building your brand find an area that you can focus it and own it.


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