Episode 9 | Marketing Matters | Engagement on LinkedIn

hi I'm Sally Parker and welcome to this week's episode of marketing matters and today we're going to be talking about LinkedIn and connecting with other people I've read a lot of articles and posts recently about how people feel that they're being sold to buy peep from people that they've never spoken to before on LinkedIn so we're going to give you some tips and hints as to how to best use LinkedIn to build relationships and potentially go on and promote your products and services to them in the right way okay so visualize this we're on a bus and we're coming along and we're coming up to the next stop and somebody gets on and they sit next to you and they put on their headphones and there's no engagement okay so this might be somebody who's created a LinkedIn profile but not really done anything with it so they're on the bus but there's not really much going on so we're just arriving at the next stop you just on your way to work yeah yeah I have a shop in the city center we sell children's clothes Wow I've got three friends have just all had children yeah we've got stuck in recent okay I think I'll come in and have a look yeah enjoy you day Thanks oh hi so we're coming to the end of our bus journey just stopping at the bus stop now and everyone is getting on hello hi how are you I'm good thanks yeah how are you I'm good thanks you guys what's your name I'm Sean Sean which I'm Sally that's me Angie and what do you do Sean and I run a shop in the city center actually no children's clothes oh wow Wow gosh do you like Ethan we have a brochure right do you not do any social media Ross you know no oh god I can help you I do social media I do marketing PR were award-winning you know what's up Bridget have you got no very much money at the moment I definitely just think we could have do that we could make you know we could help promote your business get you more customers okay have you got a card you know can I contact you okay so there you have it that that's how you feel the customer potential customer connection is completely disengaged in the conversation probably feeling a little bit overwhelmed a little bit oh don't really like that feeling and that's how people feel so what we're basically saying is use LinkedIn as you would use in person when you meet people at a networking event it is networking it's just that it's online people buy from people so just be you be authentic don't send people connection requests with a promotion or sales message send a connection request to people that you genuinely see there's an opportunity to either help them and add value to their business or vice versa that's how you build connections and that's how you'll get the best use of LinkedIn so thanks for watching our funny DIY style video I hope you found it interesting please leave your comments below and we'll get back to you if you have any questions

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