25 Reasons Why Google Pixel 2 XL Is Better Than iPhone X

What's up guys it's David here and if you like me two phones that you have been heavily considering since like back in November are the Google pixel 2 XL and the iPhone X I mean these things are among the best of the best when it comes to smartphones and choosing between the two isn't exactly easy so in this two-part PhoneBuff style video series We're gonna be going over 25 reasons why the pixel 2 XL could be considered better than the iPhone 10 in this video, and then we'll be doing this same exact thing in favor of the iPhone in the next video Which I'll be linking for you down below after watching both videos and be sure to watch both videos Don't be close-minded vote over here for which phone.

You think has the stronger reasons all right. Let's get right into it Tunnel bear is the easy to use privacy app that helps keep the activity on your phone private from hackers and ISPs while also letting you browse a more open web from over 20 countries go to TunnelBear.com/phonebuff or click on that link down below to try it tunnel bear for free reason number one Google assistance in In general the Google assistant is just smarter than Siri and while you can technically get the Google assistant on the iPhone it doesn't work anywhere near as well as it does on the Pixel on the pixel to the assistant is easily accessible by squeezing the edges of the phone It comes with google lens Which allows you to search for things using just your camera and because it's better Integrated with the system it can do things like check What's on your screen to give you relevant information and it can even troubleshoot problems that you may be having with your phone it's seriously next level.

Two better VR, with hundreds of apps already Available through Google's daydream platform the pixel 2 coupled with the daydream view headsets offers a much better VR Experience than anything you can currently get on the iPhone 10. Three – Fast charging adapter. both of these phones technically support fast charging But unlike the iPhone the pixel actually comes with a fast charging adapter in the box whereas on the iPhone Yet
The cop up in extra 70 bucks in order to get the same functionality. Four – multiple users, with support for multiple users You can create a completely separate user account for someone like your kid so you can install the games and apps that your kid wants To use on their own profile and keep all of their stuff separate from your profile That way you can just hand them your phone without having to worry about them getting into your text messages into your emails and you Can even prevent them from making phone calls.

Reason number five Quick camera launch from any screen on or off you can jump right into the pixel twos camera with a double press of the power Button this not only makes it less likely that you'll miss a great photo because you were fumbling around looking for the camera icon But it also kind of encourages you to take more photos at least it does for me six free unlimited photo storage And there's no reason not to take a bunch of photos because with the pixel 2 you get Unlimited photo and video storage at full original quality something that you'd have to pay a monthly fee for on the iPhone with iCloud 7 better selfies the pixel selfie cam has a wider angle lens which lets you fit more people or background into your photos it has front-facing flash even while you're recording a video in low light conditions and Despite not having all those special sensors in the iPhone 10's notch, the portrait mode on the pixel 2 Just looks cleaner with it doing a better job at not blurring the top of your head in like your ears which tends to happen A lot more on the iPhone 10.

8 – smaller camera hump, alright, so this is the last point I'll make about the camera on the pixel 2 and that said it doesn't have a big ol protruding camera lens like the iPhone 10 Does so when it's lying flat on a table you can actually use it without the phone rocking back and forth like crazy 9 File Manager on the pixel 2 you Actually get a real file manager compared to the limited one that you get on the iPhone Which not only allows you to manage the folders and files on your phone like you would on a computer But you can also drag and drop content from your phone Onto a computer when you connect it reason number 10 bigger screen the six-inch screen on the pixel 2 XL, is not only taller and wider than the 5.8.

Inch screen on the iPhone 10, but it also doesn't have a notch That's cutting into it making it feel even bigger when watching videos or playing a game 11 multitasking taking advantage of that bigger screen the pixel 2 XL has two different Multitasking modes the first is split screen where you can run two apps on the screen at the same time split across the middle with a second being picture-in-picture Which allows you to run certain apps like? apps in YouTube to run in the corner while you jump in and out of your other apps allowing you to do more than just One thing at a time 12 default applications You can set your own default applications on the pixel 2, allowing you to Permanently replace a system app with any app of your choosing for example if you decide that you'd rather use Firefox as your main browser instead of using Chrome.

Well, you can do that whereas on the iPhone Apple Just won't let that fly and instead locks you into the apps that they want you to use as default Which pretty much always are their own. 13 – Notifications, the pixel 2 does a better job at handling Notifications with a grouping notifications per app instead of having one app take over your whole lockscreen And with a giving you the ability to turn off certain categories of notifications within an app instead of having to disable all the notifications outright 14 2 hour return policy The pixel 2's app store has a two-hour return period where you can return an app easily Right from the phone itself, so you can try a new app, and if it turns out that you don't like it you won't be stuck with the purchase and you don't have to go through the headache of going through iTunes on a computer just to get your money back reason number 15 fingerprint scanner unlike the iPhone 10 the pixel 2 still has a fingerprint scanner which not only allows you to unlock your phone faster than face ID But it also works with special gestures that allow you to reveal and hide the notification shade with just a swipe 16 two year warranty the pixel 2 comes with a 2-year warranty from Google that protects you from any manufacturer defects that you may encounter with the phone Which is twice as long as the one year warranty that apple provides for the iPhone 10 17 cheaper At eight hundred and fifty dollars the pixel 2 XL is a hundred and fifty bucks cheaper than the thousand dollar iPhone 10 which is enough to buy you a case for the phone a chromecast for your TV a Google home Mini and still leaving you with twenty bucks left over to buy any apps that you may need from the Play Store 18 Ambient's display both the iPhone 10 and the pixel 2 have a feature where when you lift the phone You get to see the time and your missed notifications But the pixels ambient display feature takes this one step further allowing this same information to always be available When the screen is off which can be a lot more convenient than having to pick it up every time 19 Battery indicators now only can you see the battery Percentage right there in the status bar which due to the notch on the iPhone 10 you can't but the pixel 2 also gives you Estimate for how long he thinks the battery will actually last you and how long it thinks it will take for it to fully charge After you plug it in reason number 20 longer battery life while the difference in battery life Isn't quite as drastic as maybe the spec sheet would have you imagine the bigger battery on the pixel 2 XL does seem to last longer on average with it typically having an extra 10 percent or so at the end of the day compared to the iPhone in my own personal daily use 21 repairability nobody ever plans on dropping their phones But accidents happen so one thing worth noting is the pixel 2 is significantly cheaper to repair than the iPhone 10 a broken screen costs 220 dollars to fix on the pixel compared to 270 dollars on the iPhone while a shattered back can cost up to a whopping 550 bucks on the iPhone compared to just 160 dollars on the pixel 22 sharing not only This is a pixel 2 give you more options to share content from one app to another Like being able to take a photo straight from your gallery to be edited in Photoshop But it also learns from your sharing habits over time and starts to put your most frequently used options Conveniently front and center 23 front facing speakers both the iPhone 10 and the pixel two have stereo speakers But one area where the pixel 2 has the edge is both of its speakers are front firing Whereas on the iPhone 10 only one of the speakers is front firing while the other is bottom firing Which isn't really a problem when you hold a phone in portrait But when you hold it in landscape like when you're watching a video or playing a game that bottom firing speaker can easily get covered Up by your hand which is something that you don't have to worry about on the pixel 24 USB OTG with the included USB C-to-USB A adapter in the Box you can easily connect USB peripherals like a USB flash drive a Keyboard or even a mouse and have them work.

Just like they would on a desktop computer Reason number 25 now playing the now playing feature on the pixel 2 can automatically show you what song is playing? Nearby so this for example. You're at a restaurant and you hear a song that you like playing in the background You can just glance over at your phone and see the name of the song and who it's by Right there on the lockscreen alright So those were some of the best reasons why the pixel two could be considered better than the iPhone 10 if you think I've missed any reasons let me know down below in the comments, but before I jump out here I want to give a big Thanks to Tunnel Bear for sponsoring today's video so a few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for CES and pretty much all week.

I was using Tunnel Bear on my phone because Naturally, I was connecting to a lot of public Wi-Fi hotspots and using Tunnel Bear I was able to encrypt all my web traffic making it harder for anyone monitoring these public Wi-Fi hotspots to track my Activity now using Tunnel Bear itself is easy all you have to do is open the app select the country that you want to browse from and Tunnel bear will securely tunnel you to that country hiding your IP address in the process try Tunnel Bear for free by Visiting Tunnelbear.com/phonebuff or by clicking on that link down below in the description Which speaking of, I'll have the link to the iPhone 10's video down there as well so be sure to check that video out if you Haven't already, but anyways that is it for me in this video. Thank you guys for watching and as always I'll see you in the very next episode.

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