KPI and storytelling strategies for content marketing: interview with John Miller

– Make difference guys! Today we are talking about content marketing and now we are discovering which kind of KPIs are important and why a company should externalize the storytelling of its purpose. – Which kind of KPIs do you think that are most important for content marketing? – Well, it depends on where you are in the journey in terms of making it. Ultimately you want to collect as many leads, marketing leads, as you can. But there are some leading indicators you have to focus on whether it’s the size of your audience, if you are electing people’s information through gated forms, What’s their job title? You know, I wanna get the right people in my audience so it’s a cumulative audience which is both numbers and also specificity of audience in terms of what their job is and that’s kind of a leading edge it could get all the way down to keep mapping on blog posts, what they’re actually reading versus what they’re skipping, what is the time on site they’re spending, how often they’re coming back to our site… There are many different KPIs and it depends on each specific businesses and particular circumstances.

– A story of a company is very personal, don’t you think that a company should internalize this activity in order to be more effective, because it’s obvious that if I tell my story by myself I can be more emotional, I can be more passionate, I can be more effective, why should a company externalize this activity? – Well, for some companies that is the right answer and they should do it by themselves. But every company is a little bit different. Sometimes what the company believes that is the truth, is not the truth. And they need someone outside the wall to tell them a better version or to help them translate that story for the external audience. We also come out form a journalistic perspective, most of our team has a journalistic background, we were journalists, so we do the things journalists do and really the primary skill-set of a journalist is to take a set of discrete facts, weave them together into a compelling narrative and create something that the audience wants to consume. It’s sometimes really hard to do that when you’re inside a company, sometimes you need an external view point.

It’s the same reason why you hire a management consultant, sometimes you need an external view point..

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