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Hello friends and family! Welcome to our channel If you're new here, my name's Sarah, and I'm Ashley, and we're sisters If this is your first time joining us, thank you so much for coming onto our channel We really appreciate it, we hope you stick around So currently we're in a cut and our goal is to be in a caloric deficit and our goal is to maintain our strength in the gym. Yeah Being said, it's Thursday January 24th or about 16 and a half hours fasted We just finished up some work this morning and now it's time to hit the gym We've got deadlifts and a little bit of some glute work and we'll take you guys through with us and then head back home and show you what we eat in a day and a full day of fantastic keto food But now it's the best time of day to drink our pre workout Really feelin my velour jumpsuit today, you know I'm also going with some Vaniлla SKI flavor for pre-workout Just finished up deadlifts.

How did it go for you? Deadlifts felt amazing and then all of my accessories are really connected with my glutes today which is always a win for me. I got that mind muscle connected with my tush. And I just finished with my deadlifts so I am happy for the strength on this cut so far Yeah, it looks pretty awesome. Something I've struggled with lately is pushing myself with deadlifts cause they have in focus, what I did was spend like 2 to 3 blocks, 2 to 3 months of working beltless So, I'm really happy with that.

That being said, we've been here way too long Still need to get our cardio in but we're gonna have to come back and get steps up About 18-19 hours fasted at this point. Ready to eat. Are you ready to eat? Honestly my energy levels are totally fine right now Ketosis is amazing for me but I'm not gonna turn down the food time These gains is ready to eat.

Y'know what I'm sayin? Yeah Alright, just kidding. We're getting some steps in now cause we got a little bit too many to make up later and I'm not, I'm not willing to field today Today's gonna be a W. And it's cold outside so my Gucci will sit back So we're probably gonna walk for about 15 minutes total… We have returned from the gym and look at who's here Gus boy, yes Gus boy, awh good boy! We got Mrs. Marshmallow. Mrs. Marshmallow, are you not excited? Not excited? Aw Gus boy Mrs. Nelly. Come, aw come Mama, come Mama, good Mama. Yes, Mama Come on guys, go go go. Go guys. Not that entertaining, never mind Alrigth, we just got back from running some errands after the gym We're about 19 and a half hours fasted, ready to break this fast What are we making, huh? Feeling a little bit of a Mexican vibe… Spicyyy We picked up some of this shredded lettuce from Target earlier We've been up on a spinach kick but we wanted to switch it up a little bit, so gonna make a nice Mexican bowl and show you what we make.

Let's go So this is one of our favorite staples, these are cup noodles This entire pile here she's cutting up – it's 3 grams of carbs total So one thing about the keto diet is that it's not very volume friendly, so fats are obviously higher in calories so you're getting less food from like the same amount of calories, compared to if you're eating a high-carb diet So cup noodles are an excellent volume hack for the keto diet, very similar to pasta Mmokay, I'm not gonna lie to you the texture's not pasta, but if you put it in the oven, bake it, get it a little bit crispy – very good And then these are one of the best low carb vegetables – bak choy We'd be having bak choy, like how much have we got? Everyday, like everyday Everyday a bak choy and cupped noodles.

Volume eating is not a game It's not, it's a lifestyle. We don't mess around Outvolume us. You can't, you can't Alrigth co-chef, what are you up to? Preparing the ground beef for the salt, the top of the Mexican fiesta, with some sea salt and pepper. We like doing Butcher Box, 85% lean it's grass fed and finished meat, which is pretty cool. Make sure you look for that 'grass fed and finished' label in the grocery store Did you guys know that just the term 'grass fed' isn't regulated and so a cow or meat can be labeled as 'grass fed' if the cow touched grass one time in its' life. So if you're– Just once?– and then just nibble on a lil bit of grass– Nibble, nibble. It's messed up, dude. And so that's significant cause I was watching, oh I'm up here, um Thomas DeLauer's youtubes and he was talking a lot about how if you're on a ketogenic diet it'd be best not to eat a ton of meat if you're not really paying attention to the quality of your meat, because what happens is a lot of the toxins that the animal eats will go into its' fat So if you're eating really high-fat slices of meat and you're not getting high quality meat, you're getting crappy fats put into your body So that's why we pay attention to the meat we buy.

It's just a personal preference there. Otherwise Tom, he, Thomas recommended – and he's a really great source for all thing keto – he recommended that if you aren't gonna pay for like the extra fine meat to eat leaner sources of protein and then just get your fats in with your avocados and your nuts and your seeds It's just find what works for you, you know. It's a balancing game, you know You can't always be perfect Alright, so we're here with our Meal #1 – Big Mexican Fiesta bowl We've got our shredded lettuce topped with tomato, avocado, some cup noodles, ground beef, bak choy, over easy egg and these bomb keto biscuit-type muffin things we made the other day. And then top it all off with some sea salt Can't forget the mini utensils. Mini forks, mini forks Big bowl. Big bowl, little fork. It's a lifestyle Two keto pro tips for you we've come to find on our journey so far; cup noodles, lettuce, spinach, bak choy – all of your friends, good friends right there. Also, eat with a little fork – it makes everything seem bigger.

And #2, Pro tip #2 – eat your egg yolks ARAP, as raw as possible So we've got em over easy here, and that is because the unsaturated fats in the egg yolks are extremely fragile and have low heat tolerance, and so they can get destroyed at high temperatures and then the nutrients aren't as bio-available, so eat them as raw as possible Yeah, but you can't always be perfect, cause my favorite way of eating eggs is definitely scrambled,– Lightly scramble them.– lightly scrambled, but when we do have our raw eggs the best way – get this, get this You already know what's happening Those are not destroyed there, those are bio available So we're gonna feast, and we'll check back in with you guys when it's time for our next meal All that was left was a tiny little fork. How did you like that meal? Fire.

I honestly, like, we should do that more often. That meal was really good We haven't had taco roll in so long But until I wait for the next meal, I'm gonna sip on some bubbly… I probably have this every single day – sparkling water, S. Pellegrino Yeah, this is another pro tip – honestly, if you're ever dieting or you're hungry have the bubbly, fills up the tummly. Yeah, yeah So it's about 6:45 PM. Every day we have a goal to get 12.000 steps in, it's like our thing. Catch us on Instagram with the #StepSquad, but I've got about 3.000 more steps until I get that, and that is just one part of our cardio that we are doing in this cut.

To be honest, don't always feel like doing steps and it's very cold outside, it's not that easy to be active I think especially towards the end of the day, end of the night, you know when you get food before you go to bed and it's really easy if you've got something left to do to just not do it, and that's kinda been where we've been stuck. We end up sitting in between meals and then we don't get all our steps in when we have this goal to get 12.000 a day. And so committing, starting now, I'm getting up.

I've got 3.000 more steps to get till I get 12.000 I'm gonna get them in. And that goes for doing your cardio, that goes for when you're lifting, that goes for doing just general activity If you've got a goal and you've got something that you've committed to, don't let yourself down. I've been letting myself down, I haven't been getting my steps in and that ends right now No more sitting on your ass, no more waiting.

The time is NOW So that being said, we're gonna go hit a little bit of a walk, fast pace Try to get some LISS cardio in, low intensity steady state, um with our dogs, they kinda pull us down the street, so it's a little bit fast. You ready? We gotta bundle up though, cause it's like negative, feels like negative something Yeah and to be honest it's really hard to go outside. It really is, but I know we gotta do it, gotta commit to these goals.

We got dreams to chase It would be easy to go to the treadmill, but we have those three precious dogs and they don't deserve to just sit on the couch, so they're gonna go on a walk Let's get it. And then when we come back in Yeah shoot, these doggies need to go outside. They're going absolutely insane You are insane, ohho, ooh Back in the kitchen making meal #2, we just have to show you this absolute thickness of the protein ice cream. We have this every single night Thickness, thickness. For us the only, uh, flavored protein powder that has worked this well for making the thickness is Truenutrition's Egg White.

And tonight we're trying their Cookies N Cream, which we have not tried Sarah, let's give a little taste test Wow that's really good. Pretty pumped. That's like up there with the Salted Caramel Our favorite flavor is Salted Caramel, but this is pretty up there I'm getting hungry, so let's finish making food. Yeah It's about 7:15. We got our sassy blue light blockers on So these bad boys, they're kinda like construction shades, they block the blue lights which significantly helps, or at least for us We wear them 4 to 5 hours before bed and it helps us get better sleep Because blue light stops your body from producing melatonin.

Correct We'll link them in the description below if you wanna join club Okay, so we eat 2 meals a day. So we're gonna show you meal #2 It's kind of a big spread. It's a one two three four five, a 5 and a half bowl-kinda night. So let's look at what we havin' Alright, scrambled eggs and bacon. Don't really go a day without eggs Cream cheese and almond butter, which we froze for a little bit, like yum Um, so we've got coconut shreds, cacao nibs, hazelnuts, which we'll make into La Mousse Lait with some almond milk, our favorite pecan cake – just tastes really good What does it taste like? You can't really tell, it looks like a…

Like brown sugar cake, but with… It's like high protein, high fat, low carb It's phenomenal. And then obviously of course the #THICC protein ice cream Cookies N Cream flavor tonight. Yum. Let's yum Before we eat, wanna come on here and say thank you for watching. If you've made it this far in this video, please, please don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel We have to include this because our first meal was absolutely bomb! Everything was dressed in this Primal Kitchen Ranch dressing, so it was like a Tex-mex ranch keto taco bowl. It was fantastic The macros for this are just 13 fat and 2 carb, and that's all Behave like an angel

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