The Best Alternative to Google Ads (My #1 Growth Hack)

Google ads are continually rising in costs but what if I told you I have a really cool solution that'll give you a much better ROI in the long run than Google Ads hey everyone I'm Neil Patel and today I'm gonna share with you the best alternative to Google ads what most people don't realize is you don't have to spend money on Google ads to create a multi-billion dollar company have you heard of Dropbox of course you have the chances are it's on your computer did you know that when Dropbox first came out they try to grow by doing Google advertising and what they found is even though they had a product that costs around $5 a month which is around $60 a year per customer they were spending roughly two to three hundred dollars to acquire a customer from Google Ads can you see how those numbers don't work out in order they spending more to acquire customer than what they're paying in the first year just because someone's paying you $5.00 a month it doesn't mean that five dollars is pure profit either so what a Dropbox – they leverage growth hacking they figured out a way to get users to come to their site and generate more customers they did this by creating a free product or service and that's a better alternative to Google ads if you look at Dropbox you look at slack heck even look at Amazon Amazon's not really doing free but they're doing with Prime membership you get free two-day air shipping by creating something that's free are such amazing offer think of it as like your carrot that you're dangling you're gonna get so many people over to your website that then when you upsell them into your paid products or services it's so much easier because they're already using your product or service you've already built that brand loyalty that connection that rapport with them it's much easier to get that upsell and here's what most people don't understand they like whoa Neal if I spent all this money you know getting people over to my website by having a free product or service it's gonna cost me a lot of money and it does I recently released a tool called ubersuggest if you Uber's suggests I'm spending a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month releasing a lot of the features you see in tools like buzzsumo or SEM rush for free 150 grand a month that's my cost my cost isn't going down is continually rising but you know what if I had to do paid advertising on Google to get those visitors my estimation shows that I would be spending a bit more than 600 thousand do you see how giving something away for free that cost me a hundred and fifty thousand a month is much better than spending six hundred thousand dollars a month on paid ads you do not have to spend money on Google ads to create a big business again look at Dropbox leverage growth hacking and then as you have these free tools these free products these free services and it may not be the best ones out there but something that people are used to paying for what you can do is do things like create invite flows Dropbox has it you want more free space invite more users I can do the same thing with the uber suggest I don't but I can say want more free usage and invite more members you can get creative with your marketing leverage growth hacking just don't put all your money into Google Ads and the reason I say that it's not because I don't like Google ads ideally you should be doing both but the reason I say this is the moment you stop Google Ads you don't have any more traffic but creating something that's free and it doesn't have to continue cost a ton of money like HubSpot they have this free email signature generator it doesn't cost much money they only spend a few thousand dollars creating it they don't even spend any money maintaining it each and every single month but they found that it can drive over seven figures worth of revenue to their business per year not too bad from one free tool so if you have questions on what you should be releasing for free leave a comment below I'll answer it I'll give you some ideas and hopefully that'll get you off to the races thank you for watching feel free to like subscribe comment and share thank you very much

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