Google Pixel 3a: Real Talk with 2 Chainz and Awkwafina (Full Rant)

I love Two for Tuesdays at the salon 2 Chainz. that's how we do it Awkwafina real money don't spend money. everybody know. Every time I want to get a … I ran out
of storage. yesterday I had to delete a picture of my grandma. why? so I could
take a picture of my grandma. Deleting Nanna? That's cold. ice cold I'd show you but
I'm already at 2% and we're 98% better than that Awkwafina. yeah
and for $1,000 I just want a phone that gets me you know? knows my schedule knows my
taste knows my music knows how completely ambivalent I am to all
superhero movies. For a thousand dollars I want to be like hey phone, show me pics
of my dog Trappy and it does I'm talking all of them. like Trappy at the club
Trappy at the dentist. Trappy on ice. Trappy in the studio
Trappy shooting music videos Trappy on a pj. pajamas? private jet. oh yeah sure
want a phone that like knows where I can get sea bass when I'm craving it mm
I gotta have it right gotta have that that sea bass I want a phone that knows how to spell my
name it's not Awkwafina it's Awkwafina – and mine is 2 Chainz with a Z bro not a S how about a phone that doesn't make you
have to over enunciate like hi phone and how about a phone that knows what I want
and buys it for me yeah I should be like phone, what is that and the phone is like
2 Chainz, it's Mount Fuji and I'm like buy it bam bought, bam your phone just bought Mount Fuji yeah are we asking too much for a phone that does the dope things we want
without paying for the dumb things we don't want? no we are not Awkwafina
I'm over the hype.

super over it let's say goodbye to this thing. How you gonna do that? are you just gonna? Oh okay I see what you're doing Google.

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