Google Cardboard v2.0 Review! (Star Wars Edition)

What is going on everyone. Muwen360 is here today to give you a quick
review of the Google Cardboard 2.0 Star Wars Edition. So if you don’t know already, Cardboard
is a virtual reality platform developed by Google and it’s exactly what its name suggests,
a piece cardboard. Google intended this to be VR system that
is fun, simple, and affordable to encourage interest and development in VR and VR applications. In fact, I got this one for free at my local
Verizon store because they were giving them away to Verizon subscribers as part of their
marketing efforts for the upcoming star wars movie, the force awakens hence the Verizon
branding you see here. I went with the R2 D2 design and it looks
pretty dope. So let me take the actual cardboard out of
its protective sleeve. And here is the cardboard itself. On this is side is the two pieces of glass
for your eyes see through. And this big hole is for your nose when you
put it on. And this mechanical button here is for you
to interact with the touch screen because you can’t physically touch the phone with
your fingers while it’s inside.

As I’m pressing the button, a small piece
of cardboard on the inside will hit the touchscreen of your phone to interact with it so very
very clever. And again what’s so awesome about this is
that all it is is a piece of cardboard with two lenses. And just like that you can enjoy virtual reality
in a simple and fun way. Assembling the cardboard is super easy. It’s a three step process and it even gives
you instructions here as well. All you do is stick the black strips together
and just like that we’ve built the viewer and we’re ready to experience reality. Now what you do is download the Google Cardboard
app for Android or iOS and follow the instructions to pair the viewer with your phone by scanning
the barcode at the bottom. Through the Cardboard app, you can choose
between a couple of the pre-installed apps or download more. And when you are ready, just drop you smartphone
on the front, seal it up nice tight, and put it up to your face to enjoy your VR experience.

And to be honest, I was blown away. With just a smartphone and cardboard, it makes
the screen so much bigger to give you that immersive experience. You can explore different places in Google
Earth, watch YouTube videos on a seemingly massive screen and so much more. It’s almost as if you were in another world
so the experience was very cool and pleasant. It also uses your phone’s motion sensors
like the accelerometer to track your movement as you’re moving your head around to explore. A couple of days ago, google even announced
a new app called Cardboard camera which turns the smartphone in your pocket into a virtual
reality camera. It’s simple to take a photo: just hold out
your phone and move it around you in a circle. Later, when you place your phone inside a
Google Cardboard viewer, you'll get to experience something new: a VR photo so you can now literally
step inside your photos.

So the possibilities for Google Cardboard
and virtual reality as a whole and endless. And so I highly recommend you to go pick one
of these up wherever. You can find these find these online for a
couple of bucks, or even build your own if you have the materials. Or many companies give these away to use them
for promotion so a lot of ways that you can experience virtual reality. I can’t describe in words how awesome Virtual
reality is so you’re really gonna have to try it out for yourself. So what do you guys think about Google cardboard,
virtual reality, or perhaps you even own pair of VR glasses, what has your experience been
like. I would love to hear from you in the comments
section down below. Thank you for watching and have a wonderful

Take care..

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