【Google愛台玩第1集(上)】老中青三代Youtuber一起出任務囉!(feat. HowHow、阿滴、千千、蔡哥、陳彥婷)

Auntie asked me to practice People Call me a box What? Auntie Come to practice group Why do you come to Hualien to practice so far? Neuropathy, good mountains, good water, good practice Are you practicing well? Holding the box, what do you think I want to take? I do not know Just one person ran over Give me a box Just say 诶HowHow is holding It’s very heavy, it’s very heavy. Very heavy is not to see Mai A Eh Good things Can this be taken? The marriage certificate is so hot and so Hey, I didn’t bring this, it’s not, I didn’t bring it. It’s amazing No, this is not what we have? Sell I think there must be a task We can go home when we are sold out.

When you are sold, you can go home and sell and sell here. Hualien station people come and go Should someone buy it well? One 199 is good one 199 two 500 Coming to come handsome guys two 500 Come and come three 70 Beautiful women and beautiful women came to the beauty Handsome guy how to sell One 199 two 500 three 70 Beauty is coming, we are pretty Beautiful girl has a handsome guy Beauty Oh, but this seems to be exactly the same.

You have a pinch, you have a horse. I can’t go back if I’m not sold out. Two people who are laid off, two do not know who There should be two more people. So there are two beautiful women coming. Beauty is sorry, we are here in the video 喔 Own cue beauty two are us two Beautiful girl, I am coming. Can Cai Ge exchange it? My team member, I am a member of the team. Not what we have, we will eat very much. Some are teaching English What are you doing? Very handsome, the value of the face Because I see that your general public value is a bit low. Hahahahaha Go home and talk, let’s raise it. Have a car Go up and have a look.

Go up and have a look No one is yeah Where are you going? We are inside the car now Have hidden a mission letter Can't find letter Can't break the puzzle You don't have to leave. Don't go too far. Looking for a job letter In the pocket J, this one. Mission letter is not this Not this mission letter. En, here is cold and cool. Air-condition is not looking for a letter AC, Please turn on the AC Letter Not this car envelope Oh oh oh Letter Lonely burning Morse password Password today's funding It’s not that the notice fee is too small. 23 and a half 23.98 Good work, thank you Wait a minute, isn’t it, isn’t it? This is latitude and longitude I am coming to the map to I am coming to Uncle Mima, really fake. This is why my password is Secret code It should be latitude and longitude Longitude and latitude and longitude should be latitude and longitude We believe this knowledgeable youtuber I didn't get it to Can be lost to Google Maps 喔喔喔喔 Did you hear it? You say it again, you can read it again.

To add S to add S There are some that we all talk about Google Maps yeah Enter Google Maps Ok Is there any? Is there really? The tide is so hot Is this what you just entered? Or the input that was originally checked out ran out. No, I just entered it. Go and see it. Go and see, you will know to go to see the driver. Kuroshio Ocean Culture and Education Foundation The disaster victims I don't know what you are Don't do it first Driver big brother, I teach you, you use your Google Maps, Maps 嘿Maps, teach me, teach me Driver big brother Let's go first Kuroshio Ocean Culture and Education Foundation By route At this time, please click on these three points.

We need more navigation Go Go! So funny, hahaha. This is a black tide The Kuroshio really has a good tide in this place. Is this a good tide? right Hip hop Kuroshio? This is the Kuroshio Ocean Culture and Education Foundation. Hey, I got it right, are we here? Right, right, right welcome everybody Everyone came to Hualien today. Right, so we are actually Hualien is in the ground for a long time Long-running NGO Do you know what NGO is? Does NGO know? know Non Governmental Organization So we are actually Established in 1998 This foundation is like everyone Maybe come in Will see some ocean Marine related Oh, it’s going to be Don't bother, don't bother In fact, our foundation is called Kuroshio. At that time, taking this name was actually hope. We can be like the characteristics of this ocean current Warm and clear That warm and clear It’s not warm, it’s Like us, we are all Are the black tide of the YouTuber world We started from the whale and dolphins investigation So what do you know about the east? After the whale and dolphins resources The type of work above is included Like a scientific investigation then there is This piece of environmental education That much work Do you have a lot of employees? We are six staff members Work in six jobs, do so many things I still have a normal commute That feels at this part of the work I will encounter some difficulties in training.

Is there any way to inherit Difficulties in these experiences So the amount of information actually passed down In fact, it’s quite big, that’s how to say Can let new friends join They can be faster Learn what the foundation is doing Then we care about the direction Systematic to convey this knowledge This will be a challenge for us. But passing this should be our expertise. Right? We are coming today I can help you learn a favor. Because we are the most powerful It’s right on the web platform. That’s right. Here is a trick to teach the sister Its practical minimum and minimum strength Then maximize the data Come and come There should be mobile phones, there are So why don’t you add it? Isn't it not? This is better than inheritance.

Why are you passing it on to you? Don't pass it on to you, no. Teach a Google feature I don't know if I have used it. Google Photos Photos Chinese is the album We Google should have a photo album function. Actually We usually just take pictures Then there may be an album but it’s right Many people don’t know Google albums actually have it Share what is passed It’s too much You do not know I don't know how to use it on my side. After the photo has been taken, We can create an album This album can be used for sharing purposes. Share this side to get the link You can paste this link to Like Lai’s group Then with those Trained volunteer friends Make a share The most powerful thing is Every photo it can be described Yes, although he did not come But after he read this album He caught the wow catch Technology CEO You think that only these Is recommending to you Is powerful Open our Google Chrome first Search my map to get started This time you can build your own map I will show you optimistic about it.

Let's search for the Kuroshio Ocean Marine Culture and Education Foundation These locations have been added You can add it Then can you put these places? Share all to others They know that This is the Kuroshio Ocean The map pair introduced is Map of Hualien must go If you come to Hualien to play You can see this map like this If there is a place here, Is to advertise our non-plastic pair Advertise our love of the ocean Love Taiwan loves the ocean We have arranged a match here. Not everyone's warmth Meet friends in class So let's go up now Go Go Go Come here This battle How are the books in the decisive battle? Let's battle is here We have to compare so many books in Fujian and Taiwan. Where are we going to have so many books? The nature of knowledge is good for knowledge It’s us, it’s us.

Knowledgeable YouTuber is good for us. Timing to time pass it to me Countdown timer is so difficult Countdown timer, can you stop? Hello We have a relatively quick way to listen Listen to Ok listen. Hurry hurry up Hurry up Countdown to two minutes喔 Look at it and count down for two minutes. Countdown two minutes Good time starts in two minutes.

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