Jumlah Customer | Digital Marketing 101 EP3

Hi, guys! Finally, the 0.33 video! So, for you, who didn’t follow the first a part of this video,.. Ok, seem at right here, correct?! First video.. That determines what your business is. What do you up to, truely? What market do you need to serve truely? What predicament do you want to clear up? That’s what the first video is all about! Well, in the final 2nd video,.. You might have already established how so much your intention clearly. Well, genuinely, in building a business, there are 2 paths! The best way,.. There are 2 paths within the mind-set. At first, more often than not, what taught available in the market is easy methods to search the items. The way to study product,.. Then, learn how to promoting..! That is it! While for me,.. I’d select extra to high down! So, i might decide upon, where do you wanna go first? That’s why in video 1 and video 2,.. I defined first, what the heritage used to be like. So, we did not simply.. "ok, let’s search the product, and sell it correct away!".. After that, when the product doesn’t sell, carried out, and search once more!.. Okay, let’s publish fb commercials! After that, obtain nothing however loss! Small revenue, but loss once more! Counted overall, loss again! So, i don’t wanna be that means! I wanna construct a industry thoroughly, ok?! Good, now, you may have already had your goal, correct?! You’ve written it like, "I wanna have this quantity of millions……Or this quantity of billions rupiah every yr," like that!.. Well, we’re starting from there now, ok?! And in this video,.. The duties that you must do under are,.. Wrote on the remark! Remember, k?! Your product, how so much does its price? Okay, so, users transactions, how much does its worth? Then, how much does its margin? So, how a lot does its revenue here? We’d like to grasp that first! Then, you determine,.. If only you have had a industry already,.. However no longer a start-Up! When you’ve already had a industry,.. You examine on each and every transaction per 1 consumer, how a lot the complete is? That’s called "Basket size!" So, we rely after they come to a decision to buying, averagely, whether they..Like, for instance, my "main oil".. Persons most often do not buying only one! Humans quite often purchasing 2-three bottles, and many times with its diffuser! So, although my "principal Oil" fee is best Rp.198 thousand,.. However, on traditional, men and women would buy as much as Rp.700-800 thousand! On natural, less is more around that! Good, from there, we count how much our profit is. How a lot our margin is. Okay, so, your project is,.. Trying out one product! How so much your margin is,.. How much the rate is,.. How so much your margin is,.. 2d is checking the transactions! Do you suppose, in every transaction, they purchase just one..? If they just buy one, it way the rate is the same, proper?! But if they buy either 2, or bundle, or package deal, or else,.. That implies it’s going up! That is what known as as your "Basket measurement," ok?! So, once transaction, how a lot is the worth? Then, how so much the margin is,.. Good, then, the next is..You ought to rely.. How much money do you want to attain in a year? Well, if you want how much cash a yr like within the last video,.. Some say this is earnings, (gross) earnings,.. Some say, "that is my profit!" I want a profit of Rp.1 billion! Or, "i need (gross) earnings of Rp.1 billion!" they’re distinct, okay! (Gross) earnings of Rp.1 billion, the profit might be handiest Rp.100… …Or, Rp.10 million, might be! As much as you, from final benchmarks, which one you’ll pick to use. The point is like this,.. To make it simpler,.. To make it less complicated,.. Let’s speak about (gross) income first, k?! So, no have to count on this question so particular, okay?! Third,..Count first, how a lot (gross) income do you wish to have in a yr. Let’s assuming, you wish to have Rp.1 billion, like that! You want Rp.1 billion!.. Or, you want Rp.10 billion!.. Well, divide this.. Divide this quantity with the rate of your object! So, if, for illustration, your (gross) earnings is Rp.1 billion, and… …Your each object prices Rp.1 million, you then want one thousand buyers! I need you to jot down beneath.. How many shoppers you have to attain this purpose in a 12 months. K?! So this quantity you divided to 12! So you understand how many customers you need to have in a month. Well, if you need Rp.10 billion, let’s damage it into a couple of steps! Rp.10 billion.. But your product simplest prices Rp.10,000.- for every object.. It means that you must sell one hundred thousand objects for 1 whole year! 100 thousand objects divided by using 12, what number of? 10 thousand?.. Well, less is more, if divided 10, the effect is 10 thousand! If divided 12, possibly 8 thousand anything..How will you get eight thousand customers in a month? Okay?!.. Your mission is obvious, proper?!.. So, verify how much your fee is,.. How a lot your margin is,.. Then, how so much your "Basket measurement" is,.. How so much your margin is,.. Then, how many patrons you want are,.. That is your mission on this video! K, thanks a lot guys, for staring at this video! I’m going to see you guys within the next video! Bye.. Bye! .

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