Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2

FORKY: Woody, why am I alive? EVERYONE: WOODY: You are a toy. ♪♪ WOODY: You belong to Bonnie. These are your friends. EVERYONE: Hello! Hi! TRIXIE: Woody, I have a question… ummm…well actually not just one, I have ALL the questions. ♪♪ BONNIE’S DAD: Who wants to go on a road trip? BONNIE: Me! BUTTERCUP: Vacation! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: You need help with that? WOODY: No no, I got it. WOODY: I know this is a little strange, but we all have to make sure nothing happens to Forky. FORKY: Woody! HAMM: Uhh, something happened to him. WOODY: Buzz, we gotta get Forky! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Roger that! ♪♪ REX: The panic is attacking me! WOODY: Change of plans. Jessie, Hamm, Buzz, Bo, Rex, Potato Heads. MR. POTATO HEAD: Hey! Watch it buddy! MRS. POTATO HEAD: What do we do?! WOODY: Let’s go save a spork! DOLLY: Do I need to be worried? WOODY: My guys are veterans, they’ll hang in there. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: On my way Woody! ALL: BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Ooof! WOODY: Oooh! BO: I know the perfect toy to help. DUKE CABOOM: Duke Caboom, Canada’s greatest stuntman. Huh! Oh yeah! WOODY: Huh? BO PEEP: He’s posing. BO PEEP: Duke, we need to…

DUKE CABOOM: Hold on, one more! Ooooh yeah! BO PEEP: Hold on! WOODY: Huh? WOAH! FORKY: Woody will save me… I’ve known that guy my whole life… two days. ALL: Aaahh! BUNNY: Is that how we look on the inside? DUCKY: There’s so much f-f-f-fluff! BONNIE: We have to find him, Mom! WOODY: Bonnie needs Forky. BO PEEP: Awww Sheriff Woody, you always coming to the rescue! That’s gonna be quite a jump for you and Duke. WOODY: For me? DUKE CABOOM: Let’s Caboom! BO PEEP: Go! ♪♪ BO PEEP: That’s where Forky is being kept. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: How do we get that key? BUNNY: What about the ole’ plush rush? DUCKY: There ya go. OLD LADY: Ooohh! Where did you two come from…? BUNNY and DUCKY: The keys! Give them up now, where are they? The keys! Give us the keys! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Well, we’re not doing that.


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