Google Featured Snippets: How to Rank “0” on Google

– Alright, so, in this video we’re gonna talk about how you can rank #0 in Google. Now there’s a really fantastic post done by one of Moz’s employees, his name is Dr. Peter Meyers and I’m gonna go through this post right here to get through to the meat really quickly so you don’t have to go through, read a really long post you can just listen to this on your drive or listen to this while you’re working out. So basically when you’re ranking zero, and we’re gonna go through, we’re gonna look through this post right now, when you’re ranking zero, when you’re searching for something, let’s just give you an example, let’s say, what is, what is football, for example, you know, basically, Google has ability now to show you a snippet of the answer, so they’re trying to give you the answer as quickly as possible. And the reason for that, imagine if you’re searching from mobile, or if you’re searching from a device that you have internally at home, it might be like Amazon’s new product, I don’t wanna say the name right now ’cause she might turn on. So basically you’re looking for something that’s gonna be able to give you an answer very quickly it’s very concise, k? Now the idea behind this is that if you have an answer like this, you can see this one right here where it says What is SSL, you can see it’s very clear and to the point, it’s very concise, right? So the question is why should you care? Well the thing is this: It’s the same thing as when you’re running pay per click ads, you’re occupying more paid, you’re occupying more real estate, so when you’re running paid advertising to your brand name, well guess what, you get to occupy more site links, you get to have reviews in it, you can change the headline, you can change the copy, as well, you can do a lot more with it, you have a lot more flexibility in general.

So when you’re able to occupy double the real estate, well you’re gonna get more conversions at the end of the day. Now, when it comes to ranking #0, well, these spots are actually higher than organic spots in many cases, so if you’re able to occupy that real estate. This article basically reports that the idea behind these Featured Snippets is that basically Google has been testing this for the past couple years, and you can see it’s getting bigger and bigger over the period of time, you can see Featured Snippets, % of Featured Snippets on Google over the last 12 months over here went from 4% to 12% and it’s only gonna get bigger and bigger because again, they’re trying to create the best experience for the user, it’s not necessarily trying to get people to click back to your site. So even if you can get people to continue to, you know, show your Snippets, they’re gonna remember your brand over time, and here’s the thing, if they click through on a Snippet they’re going to come back to your site. Now, you’re question is probably, how much of these people are actually clicking through? You know, what is the actual difference that you’re gonna get if you’re actually able to occupy these Snippets? Well, guess what? Here’s where it says right here, in this section you can see when somebody lost their Featured Snippet, over a two week period they lost over 39,000 clicks.

So that is a very big number. And right here HubSpot did a larger study of high-volume keywords, and it showed that the ranking zero basically produced a 114% Click Through Rate boost, even when they already held the number one organic position, so this has huge implications. Now, the question is, what are you gonna do exactly? You know, this article talks about where do they come from, it’s just showing you different Snippets right here, that’s not really what’s important to me, now that we’ve established the importance of Featured Snippets, question is, how do you go about getting one? So it shows you right here, Featured Snippets by Ranking Position, the number one, when you’re ranking organically number one, you have a you know, 30 to 35% chance of getting that snippet. Now, two and three, you still have a pretty good chance too, you know, two and three basically has about 35%, and it goes lower from there. So, that just shows, I mean, you don’t necessarily need to have the number one organic ranking spot, if you’re on the first page you have a shot at this, so keep that in mind.

So basically what you need to do, and Moz did a case study right here which I think is really interesting, we should cover this portion, Moz basically coined the key word Page Authority, that’s one of their key metrics in their tool, and here it’s showing a Featured Snippet done by somebody else that was ranking number two, and they occupied that Featured Snippet. Why? Because they are more concise with the answer, and they just had a better answer in general, so drumBEAT Marketing right here was talking about page authority, they had a number one Snippet, so Moz wanted to do a test, and see if they can take that spot away because Moz occupies the number one organic position.

So what they did was, they made sure that h1 tag answered that question, what is page authority? So what is page authority that specific question is there, so they weren’t answering it yet, I’m sorry, just back tracking a little bit, and they changed their answer to be much more concise and they made it a better experience overall, and they took that Featured Snippet away from drumBEAT Marketing. So that shows you the power of making these adjustments. You have to have h1 tag that addresses the question and you have to have an answer that’s concise. You have to write something that’s better than what’s out there already. So if you aren’t familiar with the term skyscraper content, well you can search Backlinko skyscraper content, you can figure out what skyscraping other content actually means, and take that concept into Featured Snippets and then you’re gonna be able to own more Featured Snippets out there, and you know this is something to take over, this is a free win in 2016, take advantage while you can ’cause I guarantee you other people are gonna start looking at this 114% Click Through Rate as no joke, losing 39,000 clicks in two weeks is no joke.

Take a look at Featured Snippets, you can Google this post as well, this is Moz Ranking #0, and you should be able to find it. That’s the number sign, I forget what that’s called and yeah, just search it up and you’ll find it and let us know what you think in the comments. .

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