Welcome to Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals from Google Cloud #1

Hi, I’m Valliappa Lakshmanan. Everyone calls me Lak. In this first course of the Data Engineer track, you will gain an overview of the data and machine learning parts of Google Cloud platform, and not just on cursory overview. So, what we’re going to be doing is that in each module, everything is going to be two-pronged. At one level, we will look at some products that help you accomplish certain things on Google Cloud, but at the same time we’ll look at very specific use cases, very common use cases that involve machine learning, that involve data processing, that involve data analysis.

So we’ll look at how to accomplish those use cases using these particular products, and we’ll do this over and over again. And by the time we’re done with this course, you will have gotten a good overview of all of the moving parts of the data and ML parts of the Platform. So let’s get started. .

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