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Hey it’s jeremy renner hey what’s up I’m Don Cheadle I’m Scarlett Danai gurira chris hemsworth and this is Wired’s 50 most asked questions about the Avengers what is the purple infinity stone I think it’s an amethyst not the yellow one what language do they speak in black Mantha who directed infinity war a couple of guys named the Russos Joe and Anthony cute kids it’s a known who can pick up Thor’s hammer Captain Marvel toys yeah Knightley 10 Captain Marvel beat Thanos that’s the question we all want to know the answer to yes sure why not no stronger than hope why was the Red Skull in infinity war I think it was like a contractual obligation what for the god of heavens nobody says a lot I think it’s actually fun or I can assembly is thatis a god no but Josh Brolin is have you seen this area of daños the gods don’t look like that who’s stronger than fan OHS Thor yeah what does avenge mean I thought that said one is average me and I was like my my answer is to make right by what happened to phones I got stabbed out by a sister it’s Black Panther Marvel is this even a sentence is the other one is Black Panther DC that’d be like the alternate question of that how strong is Captain America stronger than 400 can a lightsaber cut through Captain America shield that question is entirely too geeky for me to answer why are we trying to do like the Star Wars versus Avengers think there’s room in the universe for everybody to exist enjoy your Star Wars thing and then enjoy your Avengers thing we don’t care how old the story I don’t 73 come on now what is an Iron Man what is an Iron Man it’s a man made out of iron I don’t think that we have to you know exclude women from this there can be iron women if you want to be made of iron your woman why does Thanos want to destroy half the universe again this area he’s angry traffic if you look like that you would have a chip on your shoulder and a ball sack on your neck how did Captain Marvel get her powers crack how old 173 as well yeah how strong as the Hulk so strong there is a bo element to Hulk more aromatic than a regular person but what does each and things just don’t do different things there’s like a purplish one and like a red one and a yellow one and a green one and because of a new one hold on you know party tricks how many Infinity stones Thanks it’s not how tall is the Hulk so tall so seven four plus about a foot give or take what are the Infinity stones Christmas decorations which Avenger are you how dare you I mean really what is it a name of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir really to say what to watch before infinity war Ricky like all of the other movies get yourself a buttload of popcorn and juju beans cuckoo bears jujubes get some of those things when was black panther created the comic book I’m imagining I’d say this what is Captain America shield made of oh it’s made out of what is it it’s made out of I think it’s my brand-new by vibranium what does the end of infinity war mean this is a very philosophical question honestly infinities looks like doesn’t that just go on like in like for infinity it can be a cautionary tale for asthmatics I get a broom thank you how powerful is Captain Marvel how many Avenger movies are there 1 to the 3rd birds kind of one in 2/4 got them right how old is Captain America hundred seventy three or something 1665 how strong is Spider Man so strong he is as strong as a man would be worthy to be imbued with the strength of a spider do that calculus is Jeremy wettest a nose is he an alien the mutant when didn’t Vinnie will come out that’s the question when is it Vinnie will come a lusty people who are the Avengers that’s a pretty deep Western dudes and chicks just kind of hanging out saving the world how did that us get the Power Stone he’s a dude just how it works what happens in a few what I don’t know what are captain Marvel’s powers all of them I guess the question is what aren’t Captain marvelous powers in spider-man Marvel or DC Marvel what was the symbol at the end of infinity war Chris Evans beard I believe it was the same symbol that Prince used to use who is blacc panther2 Chawla yeah the amazing Chadwick Boseman Wright who survived infinity war spoiler alert go sanphet anymore what happens after infinity work the next movie and gained that’s what we’re here promoting Hoover at these questions when does the business bull come out how to draw the Avengers that’s a good but carefully and take a lot of time when you’re drawing war machine because you want to get that one right there’s a lot of detail pricing you know some would say that’s cheating I would sites we gotta crush the efficiency there is a lot of shading a lot of people miss that there’s subtlety there’s a family of Grey’s you can’t just go gunmetal gray and be done with it don’t rush through your war machine drawing of Avengers who all dies in infinity world I didn’t who all dies in defending this thanks for watching wired in movie

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